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EBSY 500

Job Study – 25%

This coursework component consists of two parts.

Produce a job study – max 2000 words.

You should research current job market and find a

job that you are interested in. You should produce a
report regarding that position covering the following
a. Job Tasks/Responsibilities
Here you should refer* to job tasks/responsibilities
and describe why are you interested in those.
b. Entry Requirements
Here you should refer* to the entry requirements and
describe how you think you meet these requirements.
You should relate to your past experience to bring
proof of your suitability
c. Terms and Conditions
Here you should refer* to terms and conditions and
reflect on these to see if these reflect your
personal requirements. Are these terms and
conditions compatible with your personality? Do
they pose any difficulties to you? If so, how will
you overcome them?
d. Training Opportunities and Prospects
Here you should refer* to training opportunities and
prospects. Reflect on these and give an account on
how they fit with your personal career development.
e. Environment, Lifestyle and Corporate Culture
Here you should give an account of internal
structure, culture, environment of the organisation.
How do you feel about it? Does this company suits

EBSY500 Job Study – A. Begoyan 1

version 1
15 November 2010
*You should include the job advertisement document as an
appendix and cross-reference to the relative parts in
your coursework.


• You should include job advertisement as an

appendix to your coursework.

• CV, displaying your suitability to the job

• References – you should reference all sources that

have been used for the production of your
coursework. Failure to do so will result in
plagiarism offence. Use Harvard referencing system
for this purpose. Information on this is
available from Library.

Your work should be submitted to Campus Office by 16th
December 2010. Make sure you check Campus Office closing

EBSY500 Job Study – A. Begoyan 2

version 1
15 November 2010