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Spiraling is recommended for the following topics since they reappear in most Spanish 2

curricula (including the Montgomery County one)

• Identifying numbers and months
• Asking for and providing a name
• Asking for and stating origin
• Asking for and providing physical and non-physical descriptions
• Conjugating -ar,-er, and -ir verbs in the present tense
• Identification and question words (e.g., ¿De dónde…? ¿Cómo….? ¿Qué? ¿Cuál/
Cuáles…? ¿Adónde…? ¿Quién…?/¿Quiénes…?)
• Conjugating irregular verbs like ser, tener, estar, and ir in the present tense
• Applying the structure tener que + infinitive
• Distinguishing formal (Ud.) vs. informal (Tú)
• Gustar + infinitive
• Present tense conjugation of stem-changing verbs (e.g., querer, preferir)
• Direct object pronouns
• Subject-adjective agreement