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January - February 2011

Dear Friends, Shawn Saved

Recently I was out knocking on doors with a
Thank you again for all of your prayers and support pastor from Clio, MI and we knocked on Shawn’s
on our behalf. We are excited about our plans of leav- door. After forty-five minutes of talking with her
ing for language school in Costa Rica at the end of Shawn accepted Jesus’ Christ as her personal Sav-
April! We started making our plans for leaving back ior. We pray that she will grow and that she will
in September when we were at 61% of our support. bear much spiritual fruit in her life.
Since September, we have had many churches vote Family Updates
to take us on and promise support, but as of Febru- - Nic is being ordained on April 20 and is preparing
ary, only three of those churches have actually started for the council.
giving. Please be in prayer that our support starts - Susan is organizing and planning what she will be
coming in soon. The month of October, we were in putting in the eight suitcases we are taking with us.
nine churches, November -five, December-three, and - Jocelyn is excited about starting kindergarden in
this coming spring we will be in fifteen churches. The Costa Rica.
schedule has been busy, the churches have been good, - Evangeline is excited about whatever Jocelyn is
and now we are waiting on the Lord and preparing for excited about.
- And last, but not least, this is our new niece - Skye
His work. We have purchased our airline tickets and
Isabelle. Congratulations to Thad and Rach!
in the end we know that it is God that provides our
every need. God has shown His faithfulness time and
again throughout deputation, and we will continue to
see Him do so as He has promised us.

Prayer Requests
- Safety as we finish up deputation.
- Promised and new support to start.
- Preparation for leaving for Costa Rica.
- Preparation for ordination.
- Shawn being saved
- Schedule is full