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damaging effects in the brain and

central nervous system.

Cause diseases, including cancer,

lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and


Higher levels of background

radiation have led to an increased

incidence of cancer and mortality
associated with it worldwide.

Bad air quality can kill. Ozone

pollution can cause sore throats,

inflammation, chest pain and

Oil spills can cause skin irritations

and rashes. Noise pollution induces

hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress
and sleep disturbance.

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ion caused by
can have
Example: carbon monoxide, sulfur
dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
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affects 20th-century discoveries in atomic
oceans and physics.
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0175357355 (Mr. Daud) aircraft noise, industrial noise as
well as high-intensity sonar.
organic and inorganic
Pollution is the release of chemicals, heavy metals, light pollution includes light
chemical, physical, biological petrochemicals, trespass, over-illumination and
or radioactive contaminants to chloroform, and bacteria. astronomical interference.
the environment.
soil contamination often occurs when visual pollution, which can refer to the
PRINCIPAL FORMS OF chemicals are released by spill or presence of overhead power lines,
POLLUTION: underground storage tank leakage. highway billboards, scarred landforms
Example: hydrocarbons, heavy metals, (as from
air pollution the release of chemicals MTBE, herbicides, pesticides and strip
and particulates into the atmosphere. chlorinated hydrocarbons.
mining), open storage of junk or
municipal solid waste. We inhale 20,000 L of air/day.

Pollution causes 150,000

premature deaths per year worldwide.

Acute health effects: can be life

threatening within hour or days or

irritate preexisting conditions such as

Some pollutants are known or

suspected carcinogens (cause cancer).

Diesel fumes are presumed carcinogens
since they contain carcinogenic

Pollution can kill plants and

animals and destroy buildings and

outdoor artistic/historic structures.