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Two Minute Pantomime

Lesson 1:

Moving around the space and freeze in various emotions. Use love, fear, disgust,
horror, happiness, boredom... Move around the space and then freeze as a
policeman, doctor, cleaner, fairy Godmother, prince/princess, wicked witch...

When you froze as the different characters, did you create a realistic or stylised

Discuss stereotypes. What stereotypes do you expect to find in a pantomime?

Assign the class into 2 groups and give 1 minute to choose a well known pantomime

Allow 5 minutes to pick the top 5 (can be less) moments in the story that have to be
told in order for the story to make sense.

Create 5 freeze frames of the top 5 moments and focus on the use of body
language, proxemics and facial expressions.

Draw a storyboard of your 5 scenes in your books


Complete the storyboards and bring in any props or costumes you may need for
your performance next week. ONLY BRING WHAT YOU NEED FOR THOSE FIVE

Lesson 2:

Play “touch something...”


In your groups, recreate the freeze frames from your storyboard and then come up
with a maximum of 10 lines of dialogue to move from one scene to the next.

The challenge is to make a 2-minute pantomime complete with “he’s behind you”
and “boo” moments, but it must be NO LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES!! After 2 minutes
the play stops.

This will teach economy of speech and movement.

Perform and evaluate

Play a game to end off.