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| Lady with a Mead Cup Ritual, Prophecy and Lordship in the European Warband from La Tene to the Viking Age Michael J. Enright B 213 EbT 1976 A FOUR COURTS PRESS ones 13388 Sein on 1 pit Es fr 1 Ln, aoc, Co, Dei, roun cours rarss CONTENTS io 805, os NE Ha See, Potand OR Ot ABBREVIATIONS & © Micha J. Envi 196 1 Ritual, Group Cobesion and Hierarchy nthe Germanic Warband A catalog sad fo ei ie is aa onthe Bish Leary TL Warlords, Hezeinen and Sibyl 3 IIL The Liquor Rita and the Bass ofthe Lordy Power to Command Flowers % sow Ssitaib0 IV The Archaology of lntoiton and the Const of Transapine History 7 de ser pe pin siteemere nites ) Rohemntaes 7 mactenntaemeey ree 2 Morin fou cme a cnt pee lah Sete oa ae tnd ai ei te ema ec ge 7 2 Wealhtheow 189, | Remade kiette edb ; Somer S {Sota eons xs ; Memon = er rtscmonettintattngy 25 1 Seas 2 — “ ‘by Anny Rowe Lad, Gippenham, Wis ory parents, Michael and Esther Enright And in loving memory of “gran”, Patrick Kenneal, ‘dof “daw”, Madge Mac Mion, inher wonderful ide howe under th il Oe e sSgESTSSgSZONgREOS Hy ABBREVIATIONS ca Artncologia Hua ‘Art Ecos, Soe, Ciao ‘abun nd ne Arter Generac: ‘Rec Hina erie ‘REGGE de tnrptn Peles Letes (Comptes Reds) ‘aera oul of Ancestor ‘rchakgches arepondesta ‘Atma Medevae ‘reblog Nec aus Baden assy und Nile deinen Wel, ‘eclings ote als Confrence on Ango-Norman Sts ‘Anpo-Sem gland Buln fe oud of Ci Stes Dutt ofthe luo Arcaalogy (Universo London) Boner atic a real of Seco Betta de Laon de PAsociton Frans Arbtsoe ‘Contd Mesias Seas ref cg ios Enel Lengo: Nowe dormant Forschungen on Ree oti ura Gs deasheneteaslcn Insis ‘oul of Epi snd Gorman Pio Journal of Pay toy Journ of ndoburopens Studies Sate of Msc! History Senta meldouce Vorgecicte