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The CIA and the U-2 Program, 1954-1974 Gregory W. Pediow and Donald E. Welzenbach History Staff Center for the Study of Intelligence Central intelligence Agency 1998 This volume has been prepared fer the use of US Governm and the format, coverage, and conten: requirements. rt officials, re designed to meet their Requesters outside the US Government can purchase subscriptions to. or specific editions of this ané some other unclassified CiA publications by contacting. Documents Expediting (DOC EX) Project ANA Division/Government Section Library of Congress 101 independence Av: Washington, DC 20540-4172 Phone: (202) 707-9527 Fax (202) 707-0380 or; National Technical Information Service (NTIS) 5285 Port Royal Road Springfield, VA 22161 Phone: (703) 605-6000 or 1-800-553-NTIS Fax: (703) 321-8547 Publications are not generaily avaiizble to the public directly from the Central Intelligence Agency Queries on the availability of this volume can be directed to the DO CEX Project or the NTIS Office of Customer Services via the addresses or hone or fax numbers indicated above. Any opinions expressed in this volume ate those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Central inteltigence Agency or any other component of the US Intelligence Community This document is released under the discretionary authorities of the Ct; deletions have been made under the following exemptions of Executive Order 12958: 1.5 (a) (c) (d} (g). % Chapter 1 Searching for a System ‘The Nood for High-Altitude Reoonnalssencs 1 Early Postwar Aerial Reconnaissance cae 2 Now Approaches to Photoreconnaissance Saas sea ‘The Air Force Search for a New Reconnaissance Aircraft... & Lockheed CL-282 Supporters and the CIA sew me 18, Sciontists and Overhosd Reconnaissance The BEACON HILL Report. Concern About the Danger of a Soviet Surprise Attack... 19 The Air Force Intelliganca Systams Panel... . m2 British Overflight of Kepustin Yar. 23 ‘The Intelligence Systems Panel and the C282...» m4 The Technological Capabiltios Panel. 26 Project Three Suppor for the Lockheed CL282 sa ‘A Meeting With the President. eae CIA and Air Force Agreement on the CL-282.. © Chapter 2 Developing the U-2 ‘The Establishment of the U-2 Project Funding Arrangements for Project AQUATONE ‘Major Design Features of the U-2 The Development of the Camera System Proparstione for Testing the U-2 Security for the U-2 Project. ‘The CIA ~ Air Fores Partnership Technical Challenges to High-Alitude Flight... Delivery of the First U-2 Imitial Testing of tho U- U20, UFOs, and Operation BLUE BOOK.