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Nursing Care Plan



Subjective: Risk for injury Making sure that After 30 minutes of Make sure all the Promotes proper After 4 hours of
related to the client’s nursing interventions tubings are locked functioning and nursing
‘’Ikabit mo ng accidental treatment is free the patient will have properly and double prevents blood interventions the
mabuti kasi connection from any decreased risk for check. leakage. patient was able
dati maluwag accident hazard injury as evidenced to have
pala yung is a must. by continous smooth Anchor tubes with Prevents decreased risk for
pagkakakabit Machines that flowing treatment micropore tape. unnecessary injury related to
nung tubo, have tubings and absence of movements of the accidental
tumagas yung connected to the disruptions in the tubes. disconnection.
dugo ko, baka patient is treatment and any
maulit,” as susceptible to accident report. Observe proper Open/causes blood
verbalized by cause injury opening and clamping flow.
the patient. especially if they of tubes.
are accidentally
Objectve: pulled away. Use appropriate fitting Ensures that the
Upon pulling, it tubings to the right tubings are
-facial can cause pain, machine. used and is locked
expression tissue trauma, securely,
showing and even
concern and leakage of body Never use tubings that May cause
worry fluids, for are broken, or in doubt loosening and
example, blood. of condition. therefore cause
or any leaks.
effects. Make sure that the Promotes ease, and
patient is placed on a places all the
comfortable position. connections safely.