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Jacques Derrida Dissemination ‘Translated, with an Introduction and Additional Notes, by Barbara Johnson ‘The Athlone Press London aed 8 Tn Pa “Ts en pals yanmar ‘teh The Um Chaage Ps © Lat by Te Ui fC Desi Jcgee _Ateghs ren Nope lh bla ye pine ‘elitr twntel yon sed no a) ‘necxace mean pocorn Wit ‘su yrmananin wo om Contents ‘Trantor lneradction ‘Outwork, prefscing Plato's Pharmacy Pharmacia “The Father of Logot ‘The Pharnoa ‘The Pha 0 6, The Pharmakon 7, The lgeediens: Pheu, Feral, and Bits 8, The Heritage ofthe Plarmakon: Fuily Ste 9. Play From te Phattakon tothe Leer arom Blindes 0 the Sopplemene ‘The Double Session 1 ‘The Filial Incipion: Theat, Hermes, hth, Nabi, Nebo a 6 6 % 3 120 a 136 m3 15 27 HEses Dissemination 1 ‘The Tinger ‘he Appataas oF Fame The Sesion “The Double Bottom ofthe Plpasene leeiTing, encAstng, creeNing ‘The Attending Dacoure 0 “The Time before Fit The Column ‘The Crore of he “Ea” Gs, Retrn © Overeating ‘The Sipermumery a 35 a 330 340 307 339 Translator's Introduction ‘A exit ny nent po vy fig ‘ean wh cp gue Wali? per ‘Apert a gy ‘Afar wc mkey te, Mati Nason, Os Taming pe One Jncquss Det, born in Algiers in 1930, ache pido ate Boke [Normale Sopéiar in Pat. His remendaus impacto Contemporary theoretical ehoughe Began in 1957 with the snaltzacous publication of three major plop! works: La Vase phim an orton © (he pear ofthe vg io Hume's phenomepley, tase by Dav Alon as Spb und Phase (Evanson: Nrshestern University Pres, 1978p, Lira dfn (a cllecton of exayon the problemas of ting in itera, pluton, poychoualyss, nd anthrpology; ans lacy Alan Bassa Writing ond Differ (Chicago: Universe of Chie Pres, 197) and Del ranma sustained nay the represen, writing ia Western toi of language and clue ed a metho ‘al and thecal oulne of + new "alee writing nse by Gayati Chakavore Spivak Of Gramma (Bmore Jos Hopkin University Pee 1974, ive yet ae, in 1972, ame another epi Denies Puss ta election of igerviens; east by Alan Bas a Pastis (Chiceg: Univesity of Chicago Pen, 18, Marge le bapa collection of esays ton the “margins of pilaophy linguistic, and erature (easton in prepurion, Livery of Chia Pres), a ot