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3 My Family 1 of 2

A Before you watch

1 Add as many family words as you can think of to this list.
Then compare your list with a partner and add more words.
mother (mom), father (dad)

2 Match the verbs and phrases 1–6 with the pictures a–f. 1 cook lunch 2 watch the children 3 do the laundry
Which ones do you do every day? Tell your partner. 4 eat dinner 5 do the dishes 6 take a walk

a b c d e f

B While you watch

1 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

do eat go send stay take watch work

Dad’s off to work in the city. He 1 in a big company. Mom 2

home. She 3 the children to school. She 4 the housework.
Dad’s ready to take a break. Just ten minutes, then it’s back to work. When Mom’s housework is
done, she 5 a break, too. She 6 out with friends. She’s there when
the kids come home from school, and they all 7 dinner together. On Friday,
they 8 TV.

2 Make questions in the Simple Present. Then listen and write the answers.
1 A: Jennifer and Billy/have/jobs? 4 A: How many hours a week/she/usually/work?
Do Jennifer and Billy have jobs?
B: Yes, they do. B:

2 A: What/Jennifer/do? 5 A: When/Billy/work?

B: B:

3 A: When/Jennifer/spend/time with her daughter? 6 A: Billy/usually/do/the housework?

B: B:

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3 My Family 2 of 2

C After you watch

1 Make true sentences. Write the correct form of the verbs in the box.

do  go  read  spend  stay  work

1 Billy home during the day.

2 He to work at night.
3 Jennifer usually the housework.
4 She all day with Lucinda on the weekend.
5 They to Lucinda every morning.
6 They on the weekends.

2 Write more sentences about Billy and Jennifer’s lifestyle.

Billy doesn’t go out to work in the day. He…

D Language points
Complete the phrases with the words in the box.

back  a  as  of  off

1 Dad’s to work now.

2 After the weekend, it’s to work for dad.
3 Only 20% married mothers work.
4 I work 40 hours week.
5 We eat dinner together a family.

E Your viewpoint
Circle the option that is true for you, then complete the statement with your own
words. Tell your partner.
I think / don’t think Jennifer and Billy have a good work-home balance because…

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