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Wednesday Unit 5: Here, There, and WB pg Video Activity 5 Due: Grammar to go 1 there is and there

, March 2nd Everywhere 28 and Wednesday, March 9th Ing.g/B/032 are

- Pre Self- 29: There is / there are
evaluation Section Reading activity: Blue Fins Page 11, 12 and 13 there is and there
- Language use: 1 and 2 due March 10th. with some and any
listening to a Countable and
news report. uncountable nouns
- Grammar: there Hand in: Elementary Language
is / there are with - Self evaluation Unit 4 Practice with key
some, any, - Reading Activity: Ing.g/B/047
several, a lot, Lucky Numbers Pg 100 and 101
- Places and
attractions in a
Thursday, H O L L I D A Y
March 3rd
Monday, - Pronunciation: WB pg Hand in: Writing Activity 2.1 Advice , agreeing/ should and
March 7th compound nouns 29 and disagreeing shouldn't
- Reading: reading 30: apologizing
for the main idea Section Elementary Language should and
- Grammar: should 3 and 4 Practice with key shouldn't 2
Pg 114 and 115

Can and should

More Grammar
Ing.g/B/35.1 pg 102
and 103

Tuesday, At the computer Lab WB pg Writing 2.2: Choose a place Locations asking and giving
March 8th - Vocabulary: 31: of interest in your town or Elementary Language directions
locations and Section city. Give reasons why a Practice with key
directions 5 and 6 tourist should visit this Ing.g/B/047
- Speaking: attraction. Then write a list Pg 218 and 219
repeating of things that you should
directions to and shouldn’t do when you
check visit this place.
understanding Due: March 14th
- Writing an e-mail
Speaking: Record yourself
and speak about directions.
Speak for max. 2min.
Record yourself at and send
the recording to
Wednesday Lifeskills: Thinking and WB Hand in: Video activity 5
, March 9th problem-solving: page 32
establishing priorities. and 33 Self evaluation + reflection
in Spanish Unit 5 due
Language Wrap up Thursday March 10th

Test Unit 5