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Thursday, Unit 6: Different WB pg Hand in: Present Continuous Present Progressive

March 10th Strokes 34 and - Self evaluation Unit 5 Elementary Language

- Pre evaluation 35 - Reading activity: Blue Practice with key Present Progressive
- Vocabulary: Section Fins Ing.g/B/047 questions
lifestyle 1 and 2 Pg 14-18
adjectives Present Progressive
- Language Use: Spelling the ing-form Short and
reading personal More Grammar Contracted forms
profiles Practice
- Grammar: Ing.g/B/35.1 pg 64
present and 65
Monday, - Listening for WB pg Hand in: Writing 2.2
March 14th numerical 35
information section
- Pronunciation: 3
stressed verbs
- Language use:
talking to an old
Tuesday, At the computer lab WB pg Writing 2.3: Write a More Grammar Present Progressive
March 15th - Vocabulary: a 36 and paragraph describing your Practice vs. Simple Present
green lifestyle 37 daily green routines. Contrast
- Grammar: Section Due: Thursday March 17th between the Present
present 4, 5 and Continuous and
progressive vs. 6 Self evaluation + reflection Simple Present.
simple present in Spanish Unit 6 due Ing.g/B/35.1 pg 68
- Writing simple Wednesday March 16th and 69

Wednesday SPEAKING EXA Video activity 6 during the

March 16th M speaking exam

Hand in Self evaluation Unit

Thursday, Test Unit 6 Hand in: Writing activity 2.3
March 17th