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Use this sheet to help µunpick¶ some of the child¶s displayed behaviours and possible sensory causes (enlarge to A3).

  c  c c "#$c c  %$ c

What happened just before the incident/ µmeltdown¶? What does the behaviour look like? What is the pupil doing? What strategies were successful in calming/focussing the child?
(Possibly several hours/days ago. Is the behaviour a result of Describe exactly what is seen.
an expectation that something will happen e.g. expectation a Does the behaviour link in with any of the sensory systems? yc What is the child¶s point of view? ow do they feel about their
noisy bell will ring?) E.g. covering ears, looking away from lights, seeking quiet, behaviour? Note anything that may be particularly relevant to
sensory perception/ integration e.g. the bell hurts my ears,
c  c seeking noise, deep pressure from hugs etc.
Jake pushed me really hard and it hurt.
Where did this occur, what time and which members of staff
were present? ow could this information feed into future interventions?
  c c !c!
cc c
¢ouch (tactile)
& c
yc ÷mell (olfactory)
yc ¢aste (gustatory) What was the adult¶s reaction to the behaviour?
yc earing (auditory) ow can we change our behaviour? Do we need to change our
yc ÷eeing (visual) behaviour?
yc -estibular (movement/balance) What will be done next time?
yc Proprioceptive (feedback from muscles/ pressure/ awareness
of body position)
Over/under reaction/ sensation seeking/craving?