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The Red Pyramid

Sadie and Carter Kane lived a great life with their mother, Ruby, and father, Julius. One
day Ruby dies and the two children are separated. Sadie must live with their grandparents and
Carter with their father. Carter and Sadie didn’t know what happened to their mother, but six
years later they need to find out how she died.
During one of Julius and Carter’s visits with Sadie, who lives in Britain, they go to the
British Museum. When they see their father being captured by the Red Lord, Set, they come to
realize that he released other gods, Set’s siblings, into the mortal world. As they start to hear the
voices of the gods inside their minds, they realize that they have now become godlings to Isis
and Horus. They find out that both their mother and father were magicians and had the blood of
the pharaoh. So now these two young magicians must travel everywhere from Phoenix, Arizona
to Paris in the hopes of saving their father and all of North America from the chaos that Set
brings. Unfortunately, they also have the House of Life, a foundation of magicians, on their tail
because it is against their law to house a god. They won’t stop until they can capture Carter and

~ Author of this book is Rick Riordan