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Large Pipes : main Diameter 16 inch up to 24 inch

1. Steel Pipes:

a. Seamless
b. SAW
c. ERW
d. ???
e. ???

In Abu Dhabi:

Al Jazeera Pipes Industries: www.jpios.ae

Al Jazira Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co. (JPIOS) has been established in 21/12/2004 as LLC. Company based in Abu Dhabi , United Arab
Emirates , for providing the Energy oriented services in the field of longitudinal submerged arc welded pipes, Hot bends and Corrosion
protective services to the companies in United Arab Emirates , Gulf and the Middle East


Al Jazeera Pipe Industries and Oil Services was founded in 2005 and is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Founded in 2005

b. Al Mansoori Hilong Petroleum Pipe Company: ICAD-1 : www.almansoori.biz

Innovative leading oilfield services provider AlMansoori Specialized Engineering (MSE), has signed a joint venture agreement with Hilong
Group of Companies of China to establish a drill pipe manufacturing plant, internal coating plant and an Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
finishing plant located in ICAD 1, Abu Dhabi

c. Abu Dhabi Metal Pipes and Profiles Industries Complex : ICAD-1 , 02-5500470


d. Dghjf

2. Fiber Pipes:

In Abu Dhabi:
a. Future Pipes Industries: ICAD-1 : www.futurepipe.com

Global leader in the large diameter fiberglass pipe industry.


- Oil and Gas: In

the Oil & Gas end-market, pipes are used in refinery piping, exploration, crude oil
transmission, line pipe, flow lines, injection lines (water and gas), gas transmission lines,
offshore platform piping, floating production storage and off-loading, sub-sea piping and
marine piping on vessels.

Over view of core filtering

Oil & gas Water Infrastructure Industrial Petrochemical Desalination
Distribution & Municipal & Power

(a) Fibermar is specialised product used in marine applications

(b) Fiberfloat is specialised product primarily used in dredging applications

b. Anabeeb: http://www.ghc.ae/anabeeb.htm

Anabeeb Pipes Manufacturing Factories (GHC Group)

c. Cosmoplast Industrial Co LLC : http://www.cosmoplast.com/

ICAD-1, 02-5515364

d. Bin Mansour Plastic Factory : http://www.bmg-global.com/plastic/index.html

3. ???

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