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Name : Nanda Finisa

Class : 8B

Absent : 22


One day there was a funny mistake when Kimo worked as a reporter.

Kimo as a reporter went to an island in the Pacific Ocean for the holiday. The day after
he arrived, he visited the island in the lye was a great earthquake.

After the news reached the office, her editor sent a telegram to Kimo : "SEND NEWS
WITH IMMEDIATELY, " and let one part of the front page of blank paper to fill out a report
that will be received from the correspondent.

Next day, After her editor get it, he looked reply telegram and angry. When Kimo came to office,
Her editor say "What are you doing there?" Kimo answer "I spent a holiday in there when the
earthquake struck” Then, her editor angry “I've sent a telegram to you, why do not you send
news?” Kimo say “Sorry I've sent a reply telegram”. “That's not what I meant, I asked you to
send news event of an earthquake”. Kimo wasn’t understood, he Thought that replay telegram
was correct.
A reply telegram from Kimo : "Do not worry, I'M HAPPY, and I’M SURVIVED."
Kimo was fired from his job and he would read the telegram to the end and he
understands his duty.