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Getting Along on the Job

B.A New Friends I Acquired

• Ms. Musni- Branch Manager (BM) - Officer in charge in the bank.

• Ms. Yolanda K. Velasquez - Sales and Service Head (SSH)- In charge in sales
and service of employees in the bank

• Ms. Mila Grace DM Escoto – Sales and Service Operator (SSO)- in charge in
accounting department and back room

• Ms. Rowena Juan– Relationship Marketing (RO)- in charge in any marketing

aspects of the bank

• Ms. Anjelie Tuazon-Senior Clerk(SR)- in charge of remittances from other


• Ms. Ybett Princess Ibale Galang- Senior Clerk (SR) - in charge in new
accounts of new clients and also a bank teller if one teller is on leave.

• Mr. Ednel Payumo- Senior Clerk (SR) - he is the one who makes transaction
in every client who wants to deposits, withdraw, and exchange checks and
paying bills.

• Mr. Rodel Zaringan- Senior Clerk (SR) - he is the one who makes transaction
in every client who wants to deposits, withdraw, and exchange checks and
paying bills.

• Mr. Jose Marie- Utility Personnel- he is in charge in maintaining the

cleanliness of the bank.

B.B Rules and Regulations of the Office

 For the Employees

 For the Student Trainees

• Students should ware Polo shirt and slack pants.

• Students should ware ID in operation Hours.

• Students are not allowed in the vault unless they have been

• Students are not allowed in inventory room unless they have been

• Students are not allowed to use the system of the bank.

• Students are not allowed to receive phone calls.

• Students are not allowed to engaged any transaction to customers.

• Students are not allowed to engage in ATM machine.

 The Floor Plan of my Office

V. An Evaluation of my Training

A. Office Procedures I learned and applied

Marketing Management

a) What is the Organizational set-up of the department?

Ms. Luz Musni

Ms. Rowena Juan Branch Manager

Relationship Marketing

Ms. Yolanda K. Velasquez

Sales and Service Head

Ms. Mila Grace DM Escoto

Sales and Service officer

Ms. Ybett Princess Ms. Anjelie Tuazon Mr. Ednel Payumo Mr. Rodel
Ibale Galang Senior Clerk Senior Clerk Saringan

Senior Clerk Senior Clerk

b) What are the different sections and functions of each section?

• Teller Section- where customer can make a transaction like deposit,

Withdraw, paying bills and exchange checks.

• Accounting Section- in this section they balance the money that was
withdraw and deposits of a clients and also they monitor the money
that is incoming and outgoing. They also make statement of account of
the clients.

• Customer Service Section- in this section customer can complaint or

suggest about the performance of the bank and also ask question about
how to loan, exchange money to dollar, how to open an account or

c) How are Sales conducted?

The sales is being conducted by means of direct personal selling, sales

promotion and advertising

d) What are the Marketing aids/Promotional gimmicks used?

e) What sales records are kept in the department?

• Remittances

• Dollar Exchange

• Deposits accounts

• Loan accounts

• Withdraw accounts


• Corporate Accounts
f) What reports are made by the department?

• New Accounts

• Closed Accounts

• Negative Accounts

• Dormant Accounts

• Statement of Accounts

• Trial Balance Sheet

• Cash flow Statement

B. Office Equipment Operated

 Computers

 Printers

 Photo Copier (Xerox Copier)

 Cabinets and Vaults

C. Duties & Responsibilities/Work Done in the Office (Photos of Work performed by the
intern during his/her training. This must de done for purpose of documenting his/her
VI. Observed Organizational Values

 Interpersonal Relationships

In that bank they don’t only focus in conducting sales and make profit but also
they consider their employees how they feel or what the needs of their employees.
They build strong relationship like friendship, as family to reduce conflicts
between them.

 Working Relationships with the Executive & Co- Workers

To reduce conflicts between them they build strong relationship to each others
like bonding after their duties and also construct an open cubicles organizational
set up.

 Teamwork

I observed in the Philippine National Bank that every body are trained cross-
functional because when someone are in leave they are not borrowing in other
branch but instead one of them

 Quality of Service Delivered

In providing good quality service to their clients they have standard procedure
that should be followed the 5’S

 Punctuality

Punctuality is important to them they should be in the bank 15mins. Before the

 Personal Grooming

The employees in the Philippine National Bank in Clark Field branch are well
groomed because they always dealing with their customer especially foreign.

VII. Problems Encountered During my Training and How I Solved Them.

• How to handle stress during my training.

To handle stress during my training I just did some of the stress relievers
in manual like have a good laugh which we always to with my co- intern students,
stretching, find a friend to talk to, and by taking a breathing exercise to remove
the stress and close my eyes for 5mins. To take powers nap so that I don’t feel
drowsy during my training hours.

• Handling multiple Tasks

I handle multiple tasks by means of doing it step by step till I finish

everything while enjoying doing it.

• How to manipulate their office equipment

I’ve learned to manipulate their office equipment by means of teaching

them how to used and set it.

VIII. Recommendations/Feedback of the Students on the school’s Practicum Training Program.

It was a great experience in getting in an actual field or in a corporate world because lots
of experience and learning’s you would get like meeting new friends, learned how to handle a
stress, learned the Organizational Culture of the company, learned what strategy they used on
handling their clients to build strong relationship to retained and commit with them and also how
they maintained they’re relationship to each co- employees to reduce conflicts between them. I
don’t have any recommendation in the school’s Practicum Training Program for me it was a
great experience and I enjoyed it.