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Break Break Break
This poem is written by Alford lord Tennyson in this poem he expresses his sorrow over the death of
his friend Arthur Hallam the poet is sitting on the seashore. He is in a very dejected mood. He appeals to the
waves of the sea to strike against the stones so that he might be able to express his thoughts.

When he looks around. He sees two happy persons. The son of the fisherman with plying with his
sister and is shouting. The son of the sailor is rowing his boat and singing a sweet song.

He also sees a huge ships coming towards the seaport but he laments that he will never be able to
touch the hand of his friend or listen to his voice.

In the last stanza the poet once again appeals to the waves to strike against the rock. But he says that
the pleasant time which he has spent with his friend will never come back again.

The Blades of grass
In this poem the poet Stephen crane personifies the blades of grass to express the ideas that truly
virtuous are those who are virtuous, not for free of punishment of hope of some reward, but for the love of
virtue only.

The poet says that once some little blades of grass were standing in the heaven before the God. God
asked them about their good deeds. All expect one little blade of grass started narrating the stories of their good
deeds the little blades of grass was standing silently. It was feeling as well.

Suddenly, God asked him about his good deed, he replied that his memory was unpleasant he
remembered his bad deeds only He did not at all. God was so much pleased with his answer that he declared the
little blade of grass as the best of all.

In this poem the Eimily Dicken talks about the role of hope in human life she compare hope to a bird
which lives in the soul of man it sings a very sweet songs But its song is not composed of any words at all its never
stops stops singing.

The little birds keeps on singing in strong winds is will. It keeps people happy through its song but if such
a strong wind blows which can disturb the little bird and compel it to stop its songs that storm must be a very bad

The song of this bird can be heard in the coldest regions of the world as well as on the far of the sea but
it never asks for any kind of reward for its sweets songs.

This poem is written by Rober frost he says that once he went in to the garden in order to turn the grass
he saw that all the grass head been out off. He tried to see the person who had cut the grass but he could not see
him, so the poet thought that human beings work alone in this world as everyone has to do his work himself.

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Suddenly he saw a butterfly had rested upon some flower there the previous day now it had come again
in search of those flower but is those flowers had cut off, it few a away after a moment, it came back and flew to
words a tall tuft of flower which had survived the poet also saw the tuft of flowers.

In last stanza the poet says that he got a lesson from that morning now, he changes his initial opinion and
says that human beings work together even if they are working separate their feelings are always the same, so
they never fell alone.

In this poem the poet describes the feeling of grief mingled with hope, he says that when he carried his
son for the first time to school, his son started weeping. The poet remembered his own first day at school he says
that children face a lot of hardships it school they have to learn numbers and alphabets which are very difficult
for them.

The poet alludes to the story of prophet Joseph who dreamt that the starts and sheaves bowed down
before him when he narrated his dream to his he father his step brother’s hatred for him was much aggravated a
lot of hardships come into his life due to his dream but in the and. God showed great mercy towards him.

In the last stanza the poet once again comes back to his son and says that he was entered the classroom.
He does not know whether he will be able to see his completing his education or not but he can only hope and
pray for his bright future.

In this poem Gabrial compare the sincerity and truthfulness of the past with the hypo racy and
materialism of the present age he says that people were very much sincere and loving in the past whenever the
met each other they used to shake hands with a lot of sincerity and love for each other.

But people have become hypo critic and materialistic in the modern age. They do not have only love for
each other it all. They want to accumulate move and more wealth.

The poet says that he has also become a hypocrite due to the effect of this modern age he behaves
differently with different people he does not fell any love for other people but it does not learn that he is happy
with present situation rather, he hates hypo racy he wants to become a sin care person just like his little or win
he himself was a little boy like him.

In this poem Langston Hughes presents the picture of an idea world. The present world is full of a
miseries but the poet is hopeful that a golden age is about to start. He says that is that perfect world people will
live in perfect peace and harmony. All the people will be free. People will not be greedy and materialistic.

In that ideal world, there will be no class distinction. There will be no difference between black and
white or rich and poor. All the natural resources will be equally distributed among all the human beings there will
be no poverty in the world all the people will lead a prosperous and happy life the poet is optimistic about such a

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