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The Battle for Middle Earth II (BFME2)

Nazgûl’s ”Special Extended Edition”

Installation Instructions for Beta 4.5


1) Set your Windows Explorer to show hidden files by using:

“Tools/ Folder Options/ View/ Show hidden files and folders”.

2) Copy the mod folder “SEE” into folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files.

NOTE: “Chris” in this case will be named something different in your computer!

3) Copy the shortcut “BFME2 – Special Extended Edition” to your desktop.

4) Please note that the Shortcut is a copy of my shortcut and I have Battle for Middle Earth 2 installed somewhere different than in the default path! My path is:

"E:\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II"

and the default path for installation is:

"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II".

So you need to open properties (right click) of the shortcut, and change the “Start in” box to where you installed the game. For example, if you used the default installation folder, you just need to set it to the default path:

"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II", like above!

Then also change the first part of the “Target” box (before “\lotrbfme2.exe”) in the same way, but ad the –mod command at the end, like this:

"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\lotrbfme2.exe" -mod SEE

5) (OPTIONAL) If you really like this mod, feel free to insert the EnglishSplashscreen into the main game folder (where you installed the game). Move the original file to some backup place (in case you want to revert back), and replace with this one, and you’ll have a nice S.E.E. boot screen too ;)

>>> Now use this new shortcut to play the mod, and the regular shortcut to play the unmodded original game. Have fun!!!

///Nazgûl, of The 3 rd Age forums