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Meter Comparison Statement

S.No Features Digitech HUTI Meter Other Meters

1 Wide current range Wide current range short ranges –
(0-100A) on a Single meter Different meters hence
more Inventory
2 Accuracy Class 0.5s for entire range Class 1.0 accuracy
with minor variation with varies with aging.
age. No much loss to utility Revenue loss to utility
(whole current model)
3 Recording harmonics: 5-7% of Up to 52nd order Standard Up to 7th order –
harmonics Energy is not (More revenue to Utility Standard (4 to 5% of
recorded by existing sensor supplier) Energy is not recorded)
4 Meter CT performance Innovative sensor used, Ferrite core CT’s are
therefore free from used, decrease in
performance problem (first performance level with
time in Asia) aging, hysteresis loss,
core saturation
5 Terminal block Made of High thermo plastic Bakelite (Fire Risk
(long life) during high current
6 Current Sensor saturation No Yes – Does not record
7 High Frequency / DC injection No effect Influences- Does not
record the Energy- loss
for utility
8 Self power consumption Low Because of ‘Burden
resister’, power
consumption is more.
9 Power consumption of the Meter Less than 3VA More – loss for Utility

10 AMR feature expansion-default Yes No

Standard protocol-Lower Non standard protocol-
costs to utility costs more to utility
11 Download speed GSM/GPRS modem More time for
supports download of all downloading
data (including LSR) in 6-7
min by PC or CMRI
12 Cost to Performance & features Low High

13 LCD brightness control (to By software, Day & night Not available
improve the lifespan of LCD and control
reduce power)

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