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Ref Tec [| INTERNATIONAL, INC. Lovac ™ R11, R113 & R123 Refrigerant Recovery System OPERATION MANUAL Version 3.0 (rev date 10508) For Lovac Models: CRI-IIS-E & CRL-240-E Foeunits ith serial numbers starting: 34639 Table of Contents ‘Seaton Ince ts PreduetDeserpton Sate operation os Evacuatng Hoses an Lov sawing [og Pus Pal procedure an drawing ‘aperrcovery procedure an caving [Recovery compton’ Swing retigerat ype Chating tr Changing Procesr ana uentcaon drug / Seca pals ean Elsa eck stage Repacoment pars ist nd crowing Troubleshooting 9.0 SPECIFICATIONS: Beil pone requrancal GRITS NGGST TTSVAC, SOBUTE piaea, STAnoSTeE TOT [GRL240 Moose 230VAC SIO He phate 20-Anpores, 20: Dimensions wah Binazrne in Weare ‘golei73tg eniping dootesr6149) Recovery Fates Vapors oe-tmn Posnul = 100-0" Safety ime swaches ign pressure = 20 ps) towrgessure 2008 19 condenser ate cooled plate exchanger ORDER NUMBERS: CRETISE SGOT, TTOSOT, TORR. 20 ERLAA0-E 20220807, 20HP, 208 INCLUDED ITEMS, "SBE ch Her Saar 9 Tas TORK To oma fe Wg wa vay 2 I2e Spntanetoateabie —$ One 20-03 i hoses (on farting weal vals) So-power cor, TiS 858-12 eh ng ACCESSORIES DST TLE WA TRE SP SRT Noico Racine epee a a8 HVAC ncn ng fT ay maracas pct [sper ra toon, eraon mare coin aagemant Aways cna eeone Waring Toni iy rch ln ose eros a, baat cosa ow ety roca reroad me lun stay Sa Ses oth gaa ar one Exvanrs Caran peceres conn eer outa ae ay ete persed “Spore ohowont PRODUCT DESCRIPTION RefTe's Lovee stam pois ecient a safe fecovery of ow ross refgerans Rv? Rs ‘The nt const ote flowing components 22 ip open sve compress ‘nie cole pate eanger Tanks syst pressure gauges Vato sytem Say va. o tan vate, 2- Mate Roe mit a ott prs wit To pata a complet recovery prota 2 Connect noses pero pul covery. Peron setevecuator procere ‘© Open pons on rile ana recovery arid ‘cheer mgt oth sacs ‘covery tank om the lr evaperaar © Tornoe system ON Ara} mtn ne ny Lov bogs drawing vapor ot of bo tanta yectg hot ccrpossed vapor back Ino echt condense’ "The vapor necon eats 3 pressure aernta when roe emaring tau roigeart mt the eeavery tank Twe onboard gauges ply oni rossi snd recovery tank pressive ug eperator + theninustanr samp a cates ving an ine sight gam uner ‘teongues tho Roses ox ebigeran vapor © vos ras voportougn a 8-cbsnch fer dre Discharged hot campressea fofigerant apor pases though ano ‘Separator ach rua athe compeesor |¢| Rotigerant apo’ isconaaneesin ne water foaled lt exchanger and sent on othe feeove ne © coat stops when an ternal presse ‘sch mate that a lr teaenas 929- inch Hg vacuum” i pressure shoud apa ioe ‘Soove 2 pcb Hy Lovo ears to again {eheve a 20nch Hg vacuum nthe citer ‘SAFE OPERATIONS & TIPS Toensure your sty 35 wot as that of hers oper reparation muna paca Make sre you tive a recor ta wih 3 ‘imam seen mae fare var pot ud pat Snap uber anes e sla ol he fee rofigoratshrge at 0% pact and must Ee presse aor regent yp bong ‘coveted A sabbl sae shoud be ued 0 weigh eigrant charge fo pee! Cvereg tants Catulate ne tants etngert cope Oy {Song teers Me alowaoi got wiht = 9% tank ter Coser tian weg ita season avail, ve a tan wit a 3in "ochancal foot atom Love supped wih 2 {tank tat cate. mechani fost sches onan moat pes areca tanks {ro avanatie tom etTax The fost ays Aeacivates Lovacs come creut when te tanks 180% offs spy Recovery tanks mt be exacted a 2ine g vacium ports commencing tcsvan, PEAK PERFORMANCE Connect inh cht evaporate and enters pos wien possba @certnenit tort wey EVACUATING HOSES & LOVAC ‘Cos ot tu va between he of Sears nd comeressor ‘Tum ofthe citar and make aur Rann estat Comet supped 0 power cord tom Lova' canta oxte a minimum 2am msi 25-onp ete! wih a beaker of fied disconnect, [Connect te eee sup hoses as shown a Fi. 116 Be Lov teil ad ants, customers ugedo ace an inne sh glass on he tank igus port ta manor gi oa ‘Connect supped 12. salty foatesble tom Levac ta hareconery ank I sal uted Intend fast eb, at he 80% fl pags sch othe ON poste. ‘OPEN inet nd out slain valves ontop ofthe Leva (See lg. A) “Tur Sway valve on ont of Lovaco UNF EVAC MODE (See Fig. 1-8) ‘Tum 2way evacuation typas vave ontop ef he Lovaet OPEN(See Fig 0) “Tum Love power sich ON. After a 2-minute dy vacuo th hoes tothe recover tank and chier vs Retun3.way valve on ont of Lovato NORMAL OPERATION poston See Fi, 10) ‘Turn 2way evacuaton bypass valve o CLOSED potion (See Fi 1-2), (pen a een valve Between ol separator nd comes Proceed t Liu PustvPut Recovery oe ert Re LIQUID PUSHIPULL PROCEDURE ‘Operation ansues alter Step 12 en page &. Make sure each previous EVACUATION PROCESS step ‘on page 4 has been properly executed before proceeding. 1. Open qu ana Vapr access valeson ne cher beng recovered 2 Open Lqud and Vapor slain valves an he recovery tak 4. TumLovae power seh ON. Ate 2rinue clay Lovac draws vapr lth racver tank and Injen citer condenser begin he peshpul process 4 Mentor iui ow trough the sit gas on Nose between the cil evaporate and recovery lnk, | When igus fw stops close loaton ales onthe recovery fark. vac ama shu off when suction reaches 220i Hg vacuum (© Chee access vives onthe clr ad jl avs on Ib eds fhe ovae hoses tine fank anor sndchilr vapor connections, Proceed to vapr recovery. LIQUID PUSH/PULL - FIGURE 2 VAPOR RECOVERY PROCEDURE. peratan ensues afer Stop Son page 8. Make suo each previous LIQUID PUSHIPULL stp on ‘ge 6 has boon properly xecuted before proceuding. Pe stemtn asain vaso the ces can tank ae {Gehtmih siston valet on ova ase coonesad ar lank vapor pots ae CLOSED. 1 RerotohoteperFig 3. Const ctet ose fang anit hose chil apo Fg 3A) 2. OPEN soaton tal aves on he hoes. chile condneer va nt nk Si abe 3. Connect onsening water supply Rose rm water source o Lora’ war cooled late exchange. Cone water charge hss 6 arn. San water ow 44 Tumtovac ON. Aer 82-minute dey Lov begin recovering vaso " Seitheconpnci ht sgt of sy cae been oped cso, ‘oath hm ve ON and OFF maint propa’ ores” ove. 5. When he cites ecoveted 025i Hg vaca, Loves st tan inate a“Recovey Compete’ htt. Lovacretarsi cher acum cope 27 Hg can {non rise, tum of onénsng ater ow. Clee ition aes techie, ak Lovet ‘ad noses bere dsconnectng components VAPOR RECOVERY - FIGURE 3 ‘tipo ja ® ‘SWITCHING BETWEEN REFRIGERANT TYPES 1 tac vagor recovery ie compet, tata may be esta ttigerany th Lovac une which ust ba famoved jou pono cote 3 erent remgeransype, Conner ncn Posse Mom an er aci69 Sirecovery lnk bob ie surson and discharge seve aes nthe compressor ow ‘etigerant to be oun eo hear Replace he 4b nh ite ie pr the blow recede ‘Change compressor aol seer ud pe th bow procera REPLACING FILTER CORE The iter core shoul be replaced ater every reoavery bo protec he compressor. Access the cre by {emove Str hausng cover bats, Remove hs used cove and sid aiah cece menor Repiace ‘Magastet and torque me olato ao 15 Rs. CHANGING COMPRESSOR OIL Compressor oll should be changed. ter Oshour ofr time ‘then recovering 9 ferent ype of efrigerant "anor recovering a system witha burned out compressor ‘charge the compressor with the same type fol used with the refelgerat being recovered. 1. Ensure thatresidualefigeanthas been roves tom Lovee, 2. Cnnact a mand sty nvogen aed te sudo ad lschare acess vas on he Sempresser 8 Genmoct a hose tom th cco iting on the btm ofthe ol separa toa sutale distal 4 Gradual fee rose to tne charge pot of the cmpressor nt tals forced ot of ne ‘Separator and congress’ (10's px should be aSequte) 5. Gannact vaciu gun te suction prt oft compressor an pul 9 29-eh vacuum 8. Cormacta © howe tothe compressors tom acaes oto 9 at conse to Fil fcmeressor wih exaty 24 ce ofa} and botow of scaes poo of eperatr wht Noe 17. Remove hoses th pul ante vac unt under neh vacuum, Bape ef aad ot aporoprtely PROCESS AND IDENTIFICATION SCHEMATIC Sot RET if To SRE [ite aeerreeseoer eee —— Ferg fie scone sre BY EVACURTIN @VPRSS VALVE Hes — [aston cure sare ———| RY ot TURN vat Bra —[bsoatae To aTuoSmERE — ‘Soe OPEN ORE COMPRESSOR 60 fox own os [bc ebaaaron Fo — TRUER OE {we aeronocee conoensen fey Sve tate ELECTRICAL PARTS BREAKDOWN Comeresior mote 2 ‘OVA Baars Ph 3450p Fgh ressure such 20 ig Uw peat sien 20m Maeine2on 2500.2, 9 oR Fra icing amp 120 VAC 250 VAC (ean Lamp on 15 oni) 92} swtenes 20 VAC 1. Grettremors 20 AMP, 250 VAC, 28 11 Goveactor-120 VAC col, 60H, 208, F000 Vac or 280 VAC REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST bescaipriow ‘OUTLET PRESSURE aaa [——“oiscrarte evacuarion vance | “TwoPouE EoWTACTOR siren ta 0 “sore stare nay | LOW MDIEATING LP syuptom, cause. Stee son be Sev aa ae SSS P2tvce ns oop hoes TE TT ATE AST Sa ‘oe Noncondenla guest present fg oneness eos! Sinmeerecndpage ot ow ‘hemo sere aR A TS TRE — TT TS ES Tana Ri TanSGy ngaTeS See ase ion daa oe Meatngioueitetae ropes comes Lacing ot corny ak See ove acon gram on Seale STahe tne cnn For Technical Service from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST) please dial 800-214.4883 DOT REFRIGERANT RECOVERY TANKS + trite meri BetanteSt tone S09 cata eae Peers Sone suorae » Ebina ex anagranmmonng SEL eel mane an Pxtrumoee Copa Sn omecions 20% Fut Suen ‘OOD cpa, pote a0 Fe i Vas ‘ASME REFRIGERANT TANKS 1 wheter ae aE * best nese ae esacriae “ans nsl pcteatons). (39h gs ndowe $0 tat aids Vay pr Theda conn ‘natn vvs tempt tn xtc my be eth ck ‘evecare on ne ete anion ‘sie 36 07S ocala rons ase aseerstrac i-cukcn tonnes Ssueamoorsie sercnch rene ‘Aswe-s@aTstP.ac | Sop-cton 20% Fl bs) Tanke Gaon so { ne | mone, se Te | are aswezso 250 esow | as | aun] atm | ano | 2018) aase | 200 Asue-soo S00 secon | con | aw | ose | wm | ano | cov | wo VALBA , [MAINTENANCE ANO MSTALLATION NSTRUCTIONS OF VALS ELECTR ACTUATORS