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HR practices and compensation management






1. What according to you are the top five HR challenges faced by your

2. Rank these five challenges.

3. How are these challenges dealt with?

4. What are the innovative practices being introduced to over come

these challenges?

5. How have these innovative challenges helped you to overcome the

Previous challenges?

6. What has been the employee response?

7. What do you think has been the best failure while introducing the
innovative practices which made you learn the most?

1. Number of employees in the organization?

2. What is the package for various grades or levels?

3. What are the factors used to determine the pay?

• Competitors benchmarking
• Inflation
• WPI (wholesale price index)
• Salary survey
• Any other(please specify)

4. Do you consider the competitors pay package while determining the

package for your

5. How do you determine the pay at the departmental level?

6. What are the criteria of the salary increase?

7. How often is the salary revised?

8. What is the likely increase for this year? If increment has been done
how much is the increase?
9. What are the other benefits given to your employees?