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5th Semester – B.E. / B.Tech

Model Exam – MARCH 2011
Sub. Title : INTERNETWORKING TECHNOLOGY Date : 24.03.2011
Sub. Code : CS 1036 Branch : EEE
Duration : 3 hours Max. Marks : 100

Answer all questions

Part A - (10 x 2 = 20)
1. What is the necessity of a repeater?
2. What are the objectives of the transport layer of OSI models?
3. Draw DNS record format
4. ARP is often cited as a security weakness. Explain how.?
5. What are the advantages of connectionless delivery packages?
6. What do you require indirect delivery of packets in the internet?
7. What is the use of persistence timer?
8. What is the minimum and maximum size of TCP header?
9. What is meant by alias in SMTP?
10. what is IPsec?.
Part B - (5 x 16 = 80).

11.a.(i). what are the layers of OSI/ISO architecture? (8)

a.(ii). How does layers of TCP/IP differs from layers of OSI/ISO? (8)
11.b.(i) Explain the implementation of transparent bridges? (8)
b.(ii) What are the various layers and protocols of TCP/IP protocol suite? (8)

12.a.(i). Explain about subnetting and supernetting of internet access? (8)

a.(ii). What is the necessity of network address translation (NAT)? (8)
12.b.(i) What is ARP packet format? Explain? (8)
b.(ii) Write various modules 0f ARP? (8)

13.a (i) What are the various fields in the fixed part header of a datagram ? (4)
a(ii) What are the various options provided in the variable part of a datagram. (6)
a(iii)Explain about fragmentation of datagram. (6)
13.b(i) What are the various fields of dynamic routing table. (4)
b(ii) Explain about the distance vector routing? (6)
b(iii) Write about two-node loop instability. (6).

14 a(i) Explain sliding window protocol used in TCP. (8)

a(ii) What is meant by silly window syndrome. (8)

14b(i) Write about connection establishment in TCP. (8)
b(ii) Write about connection release in TCP.

15.a(i) Explain various message defined by SNMP. (8)

a(ii) Describe about MIB. (8)
15.b(i)Explain about FTP. (8)
b(ii) Explain various comments defined in SMTP (8)
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