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Timing second marriage

For second marriage one should also consider the 2nd house in rasi and Navamsa, it's
lord, aspects etc. Fructification can be during the antardasa (often) of the rasi or
navamsa's 2nd lord, or Rahu.

One example (out of many indicators) of two marriages is the placement of the 1st, 2nd
or 7th lord in the 2nd house (it's all in BHPS).

Second marriage and Divorce issues in Astrology

Rules/guide Lines for Checking for More than one Marriage in a KP Chart

The assumptions ARE:

a. GEMINI (Mithuna), VIRGO (Kanya), PISCES (Meena) are Dual SIGNS (for this study)
b. MERC, JUP (Budha and Guru) owning these signs are considered as DUAL Planets (for these
guidelines only)
c. Vedic aspects with no orbs, i.e. Sign to Sign are considered while finding or checking
significators of houses. Within these parameters : The rules are:

RULE – 1: MORE THAN ONE marriage is indicated if the BOTH following two conditions are ARE
simultaneously satisfied:

(i) The sub-lord of the 7th cusp OR its Star lord is deposited in a dual sign (gemini,virgo,pisces)
OR if the sub-lord of the 7th cusp is Mercury/JUP and
(ii) The sub-lord of the 7th cusp is also a significator of either of the houses 2 or 11 or both.
If any of the above two conditions is not satisfied, then second marriage is denied.

RULE – 2: Second marriage is indicated if the sub-lord of the 2nd cusp is also a significator of
either of the houses 7 or 11.


SPOUSE Second marriage is indicated if The sub-lord of the 9th cusp is a significator of either of
the houses 2 or 9 or 11.

On a study done on 100 random charts who had 2 marriages..




No rule by itself gives a 100 percent co-relationship

Other observations : For more than one marriage Prof. Krishnamurti has said that the only rule
to be followed is to note the sub-lord of the 7th cusp. If the 7th sub-lord is either Mercury or any
planet occupying a dual sign or deposited in the constellation of a planet in the dual sign, there will
be more then one marriage.

If the sub-lord of the second cusp is connected with 7th house, second marriage; (if connected
with 11th house, one will just have an illegal affair, as 7th house significator shows legal bondage
whereas the 11th indicates attachment and friendship.)
2nd cusp sublord’s connection with 7th is crucial for a legal marriage, otherwise an affair or
companion or living together only.

Recommendation: Since no rule alone gives 100% results, CHECK BY ALL 3 RULES, and then
GIVE the prediction on more than one Marriage.

For second marriage to happen legally, first marriage has to break through divorce or death of 1st
spouse, which can be known to happen if sublord of 7th house is connected to 2nd house or 6th
house (one of its strong significators), as 2nd is 8th to 7th house and 6th is 12th to 7th house and
both indicate death of spouse or seperation.

Second marriage combination

Hello, I have joined this mail group just yesterday. I have a specific question.
Which combination in the following horoscope has made the native widow? The
traditional system would say it is kuja dosha. Further, the native is running Shani
Dasha Ketu antar. Further the Shani being significator of 8th as well as 7th.

Does it have any implication on second marriage?.

Birth Details: 5th March 1961..

Birth Place Patna, Bihar.
Birth Time: 13:51. Thank you....

-- Amba Kulkarni

Part 1.

Dear Amba Kulkarni. You have specific question. Which combination made the native
widow? IN KP combination (yoga of traditional system) do not find place. You have
written Shani being significator of 8 th as well as 7 th .Which system you are

As per traditional system Jupiter as 7 th lord is debilitated in VIII, It is with Sat

bhagyaesh in fall with Pati- karka Jupiter for ladies ( and Lord of 7 )so prima-facie
widowhood is obvious. In Navamsa Mars exalted sat own sign with Ketu in VIII is
no good sign either. Your mail exhibits you are interested to explore outcome of
Second marriage for native whose data is posted.

The objective of list is “This group intends to discuss KP System of Astrology.

Krishnamurti Paddhati astrologer can discuss research, inquire, and analyze
horoscopes here. So it would be great if you discuss your view point to initiate and
invite views of others.

By the way, If you wish to Discuss Birth chart as per KP, You can take rectified
time of birth as 13; 57; 33.for the native in question.

best wishes.

Part 2.
Dear Amba Kulkarni,
....... I was looking for reasons of widowhood from KP calculations for rectified time
worked out by me in earlier post. Then I also examined about possibility of second
marriage. A second Marriage: Marriage means an addition to the family members,
partnership, legal bondage and conjugal relationship. The 2nd house indicates
addition to family member, 7th shows partnership, legal bondage and 11th
indicates pleasure and permanent ties of friendship. Houses 2, 7, & 11 are to be
judged for the first marriage and 2 & 11 for second marriage.

A second marriage is indicated if the following 2 conditions are simultaneously

(1) Sub-lord of 7th is in a dual sign or in the star of a planet in or owning dual
signs or if the sub-lord of the 7th cusp is Mercury.
(2) The sub-lord of the 7th cusp is also a significator of the houses 2 or 11 If any
one of the above 2 conditions is not satisfied then a second marriage is negated

In instant case SUB LORD of VII cusp is Rahu. Rahu is not in Dual sign. Rahu is in
star of Ketu. Ketu does not own dual sign .further Ketu is not placed in Dual sign
too.. Again Sub lord of VII cusp is not Mercury. Therefore second marriage is not
promised to Native in question. Lastly Rahu does not signify 2 and XI .It signify
house 2 only.
Experts may correct mistakes committed in analysis.
With best wishes.......................
_____________________ ______________________-

Delay in Marriage? (Astrology article)

by www.mypanchang.com on Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 4:33pm
Marriage Yoga in Jaatakam / Kundali

Original Location: Marriage Yoga

Contributed by Pundit Rallabhandi Anjaneyulu

Marriage is a sacred bond which creates the relationship as wife and husband between
two different sexes. Marriages are made in heaven. Is it true? Of course, to some extent.
It is the destiny that acts between the wife and husband to live long together with
happiness or unhappiness. Sometimes, the wedlock breaks at the initial stage or after
some years. In some cases the individuals live without marriage at all. What are the
factors responsible for all these features? The individual horoscopes will reveal their. The
astrologer can indicate in a way, what will take place in future, but what else, except the
Almighty can say with certainty what will definitely happen.

Now let us discuss briefly some points astrologically on marriage in the Horoscope of
individuals. The planet Venus, who is karaka for marriage; the 7th, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and the
8thlords are responsible for marriage life. Besides this, the placement of other planets
and the aspects of the planets to the above houses are to be studied.
Marriages may be early, late or denial. Early marriage is possible in the following cases:

1. The 7th lord should be in Kendra or trikona with the constellation of benefic
2. The 7th house should be aspected by benefic planets and no papakartari yoga is
3. Venus should be well placed in Kendra and trikona in the star of benefic planet.
Venus should not be in the company of malefic planets.
4. Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house.
5. The placement of benefic planets in the 7th house.
6. The 2nd house should be free from affliction and with benefic rays.
7. The 4th, for happiness, 5th for children, and 12th for bed comforts. So the lords of
these houses should be free from afflictions.

The late marriages may take place where there is slight malefic influence to the 7th
house, 7th lord and Venus besides having benefic influences to the above which
override malefic influences.

Denial of marriage is possible where there is strong malefic influence to the 7th house, 7th

lord, Venus, 2nd house, and 2nd lord.

Break in wedlock is possible even though there are benefic positions for marriage, the
malefic influences prevail more and override the benefic influences. This leads to divorce
or death of the partner. We cannot elaborate unless the individual horoscopes are being
studied elaborately and decide the result.

The 8th house denotes longevity of the natives. In the case of female horoscopes, if there
are benefics in the 8th house or aspected by the benefic planets to the 8th house would
confer soubhagyam which means the wife predeceases her husband. Reverse is the case
for opposite results.

Mars Dosha: This is an important aspect to be considered while deciding the marital
prospects. Mars dosha occurs where Mars is placed in the 2nd or 4th, or 7th, or 8th, or 12th
houses from ascendant or Moon, or Venus. While matching the horoscopes of the male
and female, if one of them is having Mars dosha marriage should not be performed.
If both are having Mars dosha, marriage can be performed according to the strength of
the same. There are some exceptions to the rule and the same are stated below.

Different classic texts stated different exceptions and sometimes contradict each other.
After analyzing many horoscopes the following are to be considered while matching

1. If there is any conjunction with or aspected by Jupiter, or benefic Mercury or

waxing Moon to the Mars.
2. For Cancer and Leo ascendants there is not Mars dosha.
3. For Aries and Scorpio lagnas 4th Mars, for Taurus and Libra lagnas 12th Mars,
for Gemini and Virgo lagnas 2nd Mars, for Capricorn and Cancer lagnas 7th Mars,
for Sagittarius and Pisces lagna 8th Mars, for Aquarius and leo lagnas no dosha
wherever Mars is situated.
4. There is a saying that for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Saggittarius, and Pisces
lagnas no mars dosha.
5. When Mars is in movable sign, no Mars dosha exists.
There are controversial astrological works between Jataka Chandrika, Naradeeyam, and
Kalidasa. Further, no mention about Mars dosha has been given in any standard works of
ancient origin like Parsara Hora, Phaladeepika, Brihat jataka, Jataka Parijatha,
Jatakalankara, Satya Charya’s, Pancha Siddhanta etc. Hence too much emphasis need
not be given to Mars dosha. It is the astrologer who has to go deep into the strength of
other planets besides the position of Mars in the horoscope and judge the influence of
Mars on the individual.

Mars and Saturn: The planets Mars and Saturn are enemies. These two planets create
havoc in respect of married life. The combination of Mars and Saturn in any house is
undesirable especially in the houses of lagna, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses. It is also
undesirable to have Mars and Saturn in angles to each other. Their aspect to each other
also creates unhappiness in married life. In the above cases, where if unsullied benefics
like Jupiter, Venus, and waxing Moon are in conjunction with Mars and Saturn or aspect
to Mars and Saturn will mitigate the bad effects to some extent.

Besides the above, the 7th lord should not be in the evil houses of 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th.
Venus should also be free from affliction. Mars and Venus combination is bad for marital
happiness since Mars is fiery planet and Venus is watery planet. Both are enemies, they
create over sex and separation if they are not associated with benefic planets. For
information sake, we furnish here under the benefic and malefic planets.

Benefic Planets: Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon, unsullied Mercury, and functional

Malefic Planets: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, waning Moon, and functional malefics.
Besides this, the planets who own bad houses like 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th.

Further it is desirable to have conjunction of 7th lord with karaka Venus in any house. But
please note that in the case of Taurus and Libra langnas the 7th lord is Mars and his
association with Venus is not bad as he happens to be the lagna lord. Rahu in the 7th
house creates death or divorce to the spouse unless he is in the star of benefic planet or
in conjunction with benefic planets or aspected by benefic planets. Second marriage
should be predicted only if karaka Venus is not strong and well placed in the horoscope
with benefic planets company or aspect.

Finally, matching of horoscope of boy and girl is very important before proceeding for