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Raymond 1

Rachael Raymond

Mr. Neuburger

English Comp 101-129

24 February 2011

Descriptive Essay

Six Flags Elitch Gardens

Every year around Memorial Day in May, Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado

opens its water park to the public. What makes Elitch Gardens even better is it is not only a water

park, but an amusement park as well. You have the best of both worlds in one location.

Thousands of summer deprived people flood to this spot to feel the hot sun simmering down

upon their backs while their children scurry to the water where they can plummet into its depths.

The days when we would try to escape the heat wave, my mom would take us to Six Flags.

My day began when the sun’s brilliant rusty orange color rose between two downtown

buildings, dancing on our loft’s window panes. Sunlight continued to scatter throughout our

bedroom as it welcomed its way into our loft, slowly waking us up. As soon as it consumed

every inch, my mom walked in through the door enticing us to get up, so we could spend a day at

Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The smell of sweet maple syrup sent us scrambling to the kitchen.

Gulping down the French toast, my brother and I started bouncing around the house and

hurriedly threw towels, sun block, and fruit snacks into the back of my brother’s stroller in an

attempt to get my mom out of the door quickly. For some reason, I did not understand why she

was not moving at the speed of a jack rabbit, like us. Since we lived a few blocks away, we

walked there in order to avoid the parking lot chaos. Dodging in and out of traffic, my mom had

to keep a close rein on us or else we would be jumping in front of cars clueless like a deer in
Raymond 2


Rounding the corner of the park we saw roller coasters standing over us like giants,

carelessly tossing and flipping the captive person in its seat. An uproar of cries filled the crystal

blue sky as the Tower of Doom seats came crashing down at record speed. A whiff of the strong

chlorine smell fills your lungs while the water crashes against the side like a lion scraping at the

iron bars trying to escape from its enclosure. A six seated floatable raft takes people on a journey

down the twists and turns of the slide. One of the largest open water slides towers over the entire

water park. It was known for the rush of adrenaline you felt as your body is momentarily in free

flight until you come in contact with the bottom of the slide. In the background, you hear the

Elitch Gardens theme song and begin tapping your foot to the beat. As you reach the door, your

body instinctually starts swaying as the music consumes you from the inside out.

Standing in line, we became restless and started to jump off the concrete flower beds as

we impatiently waited for our turn to enter through those ginormous black gates. Stepping

through those gates, dozens of shops lined the narrow tunnel to reach the water park. Candy

shops held scrumptious, sweet smelling chocolate candies that with one bite would send a gush

of caramel bursting into your mouth. The sticky fluff ball we call cotton candy was spinning

around and around in its machine. With one bite these sugar balls would send every kid bouncing

off the walls. Stuffed cartoon characters like Buzz Lightyear and Tweety sat at every gift shop

mesmerizing, beckoning to you as you reach up to grab one. Instantly, your mom grabs your

hand and pulls you away muttering about how outrageous the price was. Bypassing every store,

you head towards the end of the tunnel. Shivers circulated through your body as you anticipate

that cool, refreshing mist of water clinging to your skin.

Entering the water park, crazed people begin running from chair to chair throwing their
Raymond 3

beach towels to claim their spot. It was like watching a bunch of first graders fighting over who

was going to use that new, bright yellow-orange crayon. After staking our seats, we quickly

lathered the white, creamy sun-tan lotion that smelled like bananas all over us. After we smacked

globs of heavy creamy lather on, we bolted for the water. Old abandoned pirate ships with long

slides and jumbo water guns made up one section of the park, while killer tidal waves in the

wave pool drew in any daring water-seeker. Individual or group slides would either let you relax

to the soothing sound of water spilling over the waterfall's edge or get your blood pumping. The

wave pool was my favorite part of the park as it produced monstrous waves that knocked you off

your feet as you tried to scramble away, screaming as if a shark was gnawing at your toes. As

soon as the tides receded, we flopped back into the pool to wait for our next thrill-seeking wave.

When our bodies crumpled under the pounding waves and our energy source was depleted, we

shuffled down to the lazy river. Sprawling out on a neon yellow tube we slowly drifted down the

stream enjoying the calm and soothing sound of water.

When our skin was bright red as a plump Roma tomato and all of our life was sucked out

of us, we hopped on a shuttle to our downtown loft. Worn out from an energetic day, I rested my

head against the cool window waiting for my body to drift into a sweet slumber. Soon, all my

aches slowly vanished. CLUNK! Slamming my head into the seat in front, I pop up in time to see

it is our stop. Gathering my wobbly knees, I stepped off the bus and into the comfort of my

home. For lunch, my mom prepared our creamy crab salad with freshly chopped Granny Smith

apples. After an exhausting day at the pool, it was a refreshing way to replace all the energy we


Whenever the temperature in Missouri feels like one hundred degrees, I escape back into

my memories of Six Flags Elitch Gardens to feel that cool mist on my skin. I remember walking
Raymond 4

through those glorious gates and not knowing which part of the water park I would be at that

day. It was as if I was a spastic squirrel having to choose between two acorns. These are the

childhood memories I hope to keep alive.