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New Employee Orientation Form

Employee:      ________ Classification title:      __________ SS#:      ________________

Department/Unit:      _______________________________________ Employment/Transfer Date:      ____

Please fill out the top and print a copy to fill out the rest by hand.
Keep a copy of the form in the employee’s file.
Note: This form is required to be used for new employees. You may create your own department specific orientation form and include
it with this one in the employee’s file.

TOPIC Submitted/Reviewed by/Date Comments

Set up employees phone/pager
Set up WebXchange Directory employee
Set up e-mail account with ISD
Set up computer (if applicable)
Assign training classes employee needs (LMS
Create the employee Performance Plan
Welcome employee to the department!
Introduce employee to the department, and
other employees
Show Employee around work area/ location of:
- bathrooms
- copy machines
- food courts
- smoking areas
- other job related need to know locations
Give employee their work schedule
Informed employee of department’s function
and how it supports the overall operation of the
UNC Health Care System
Give employee copy of Performance Plan
Explain standards of Performance Plan and
UNC Required Elements
Explain following policies and procedures:
• Probationary status
• Requesting scheduled PTO Leave
• Time and Attendance policies, including
the use of KRONOS System
• Reporting absences due to illness
• Continuing education
• Confidentiality and Security
• Safety and shown location of safety
• HIPAA Training
Last Revised: 04-16-04 -1-
Employee shown where online policy and
procedures are located (HR Services website
and Intranet @ Work)
Employee completed OHS Immunization
Employee informed of timetables for appraisal
of job performance and competencies
Employee fitted for personal protective
equipment, protective devices, and instructed
in their use (if applicable)
Employee instructed regarding fire protection
procedures, fire codes, employee role, and
alarm box and extinguisher locations
Employee instructed how to report incidents
and how to access Occupational Health
Employee informed regarding dress and
appearance requirements
Employee informed of maintenance of current
licensure (if applicable)

Last Revised: 04-16-04 -2-