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Relevant Skills

● Photographed over 10 years

● Abilities to record a audio in good quality
● Video experiences
● Well understanding of camera mechanism
● Good at using a medium, large format film cameras
● Ability to develop and print in analogue and digital-Good skills with many types of
software, such as; Photoshop, Light room, Illustration, InDesign, Final Cut Pro,
Dreamweaver, Flash, Silver fast, and etc
● Familiar with both Mac and PC-Traveled over 10 countries
● Can speak 4 languages (English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese)-Served Military
services in Republic of Korea Marine Corps, and sent to Iraq over 6 months

● Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
● Department: School of Photographic Arts & Sciences
● Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
● Major: Photojournalism
● Minor: Communication
● Graduation: BFA Expected at Spring 2012
● Overall GPA | 3.25
● Activities | Korean Baseball Association

Work Experiences

● Star Shot Studio (June, 2004 to June 2005) Worked as a photographer Shot many
portrait in studio Located in Seoul, Korea
● Republic of Korea Marine Corps (June 2006 to May 2008) Infantry sent in Iraq for 6

-Not relevant
● CJ Food (April 2004 to November 2004) Worked as a cooker and carrier
● Sung Woo Resort hotel (December 2004 to Spring 2005) Worked as a front manager,
translator Located in Wonju, Korea
Awarded & Exhibition
● Awarded: 1st Place: Action School of Korea (2002)
● Exhibition | Eleven Divided by One, Mixed Media by 12 Korean Photographers
(October2006 at RIT)