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CD - Gato Barbieri ² Bahia

CD (Fania / Emusica - Remastered Edition 130 300), Released 1982; Re-Issued 2007
Ôroduced by Teo Macero, Jay Chattaway & Gato Barberi

Editor's Ôick:
1982 release from the Argentine sax player known to fuse jazz and Latin rhythms.
Originally titled "Gato," this project featured Joe Beck, Lincoln Goines, Portinho,
Carol Steel and others. With liners by Gregory Pappas.
Recommended. (BP, 2007-10-20)

Song titles include:

1. Bahia/Sweet Emiliano ü 
2. Retorno  
3. Alma  ü
4. Mowgli  
5. Memories ü 
7. Playtime  

usicians include:
Joe Beck  
Ryo Kawashi  
Dave Spinozza  
Bill Washer  
Lincoln Goines 
Buddy Williams  
Warren Bernhardt


Frank Ferrucci  
Frankie Colon  
Carol Steel 
Guillermo Franco