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On the cover:
FusionBeauty® IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer™

FusionBeauty® Colorceuticals, a line of multi-tasking color products that fuses

advanced technology with luxurious formulations, introduces the much-awaited
first-ever facial luminizer formulated with FusionBeauty’s renowned Amplifat™
FusionBeauty’s IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer™ is a lightweight, pale pink
facial highlighter that firms the skin and instantly brightens complexions for a
luminous, youthful appearance. IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer™ offers immediate, virtual effects by brightening
complexions while concealing the appearance of lines upon application. The Amplifat™ concentrate stimulates the
body to produce collagen, making age prone areas appear plumper and wrinkles less noticeable over time. IllumiFill
Line Filling Luminizer™ is available at Sephora, ULTA, Nordstrom and other retailers nationwide.

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20 Suppliers Step Up ‘Green’ Initiatives And

Sustainability Game Plans

28 The Personal Care Products Council Hosts

Its Annual Meeting

29 Beauty Game-Changer
31 Growth Strategies For Trilogy Fragrances

33 Project Runway
Spring/Summer Trend Report From Bumble and
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38 L’Oréal Paris Honors Women Of Worth

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-Raphaella Barkley

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-Sarah Colton

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40 Alvin “Bud” Lindsay Celebrates His 90th Birthday

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Regimens To Make A
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Happy 2011—the numbers are in for the last quarter 2010. Surprise, surprise. Things are
actually looking like they’re on an uptick…even the battered fragrance market seems to
have gotten some life. One can only hope this will continue to be borne out with this
year’s Valentine’s Day sales.

Of course, it will give us one more topic to think about at the PCPC Annual Meeting
which, for the first time since a one-year hiatus we took back in 1988 to Palm Desert, we
will not be gathering in Boca. The fact is, though, many of my brethren in the fragrance
business have long ago departed for the SDA in January where they no doubt feel they
have a better audience with their clients. It is, after all, a business decision, and this is
neither the time nor the place for a stroll down memory lane.

So, I welcome with open arms those few remaining fragrance houses and allied fellow
media folks, who have been on this ride since we saw our first @ or heard .com…
Wow! I guess we are now home in Palm Beach where The Donald resides in the house
Marjorie Merriweather Post built. ..It’s all about change!!!

George Ledes
President and CEO

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 6 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Shoppers spent more money this holiday season, resulting in a 5.5% increase in
M A R spending in the 50 days before Christmas, according to MasterCard Advisors
SpendingPulse, a retail spending tracker. Their data suggests that the pre-
• CEW’s Women in Beauty series Christmas sales swell was the biggest in five years, with spending reaching
event on “Digital Beauty” with about $584.3 billion, compared with $566.3 billion in that period in 2007.
Exceeding even the more optimistic of forecasts, the rise was seen in just about
Annemarie Frank, Marisa
every retail category, with significant boosts in apparel and jewelry. “For the
Thalberg and Kristen Yraola past year or two, when I’ve seen growth in one area, it seems to come at the
expense of another,” said Michael McNamara, Vice President of Research
• Interview with Linda Wells for and Analysis at SpendingPulse. “Here, things are actually all moving in the
right direction.”
the 20th anniversary of ALLURE
The blizzard that struck the East C o a s t a n d d e ra i l e d s h o p p e r s o n
December 26 and 27 was a significant factor in disappointing sales, as this is
• FIT Master’s Degree Program’s the time when stores typically try to capitalize on traffic for exchanges, returns
Executive Mentor lunch and gift cards. Analysts have noted that stores will not lose those sales, but they
will be pushed back into January with the extension of sales and more
widespread advertising.
• Beyond Beauty dinner honoring Whether the storm aided the increase in online sales or not, The Associated
Cosimo Policastro and Nancy Press reported that Americans spent 13% more while cyber shopping this
Berger Cardone holiday season, calculating a record $30.81 billion in sales.

• Spring launches RETAIL SALES: DECEMBER 2010 VS 2009

• The Fragrance Foundation’s SELECT SPECIALTY STORES
“Get With The Program” on (in $ millions)
C.F.S.S. certification December 2010 % Change Same-Store Sales %
Limited Brands $1,790.0 7.8% 5.0%
Neiman Marcus $583.0 4.9% 5.1%
• CounterIntelligence: Installation Nordstrom $1,390.0 11.9% 8.4%
for La Prairie’s Cellular Power Saks Inc. $432.2 9.8% 11.8%
• Making Sales: Avon and mark. December 2010 % Change Same-Store Sales %
Bon-Ton $510.8 (0.1%) 0.1%
• Reports from Regional
Dillard’s $1,068.7 6.0% 7.0%
Macy’s $4,619.0 4.5% 3.9%
Columnists and Foreign
December 2010 % Change Same-Store Sales %
Kohl’s $3,192.0 5.9% 3.9%

JC Penney $2,955.0 2.3% 3.7%
TJX Companies $3,000.0 6.0% 2.0%


December 2010 % Change Same-Store Sales %
To subscribe Costco $9,190.0 11.0% 6.0%
Target $9,882.0 1.4% 0.9%
please call
or visit us online: December 2010 % Change Same-Store Sales %
Rite Aid $2,081.0 (0.5%) 0.6%
beautyfashion.com Walgreens $6,810.0 7.5% 2.8%
Experience the excitement of our creative process;
from discovery through development, to the emotional
pleasure and celebration of the final product.
Join us and enjoy the journey.



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(E) Retail Event (S) Seminar Balboa Bay Club & Resort Wellness Professionals
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MARCH 18 - 21st
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further information. Bologna Italy (T)
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(202) 331-1770
FEBRUARY 8th www.personalcarecouncil.org
James E. Marshall OCD Foundation MARCH 23rd
Beyond Beauty Dinner Honoring MARCH 9th Fragrance Foundation
Givaudan’s Cosimo Policastro and Cosmetic Executive Women Trends Event
Marie Claire’s Nancy Berger Cardone Beauty Awards Product Demonstration Time-Life Inc. • NYC 8:30 AM
Union League Club • NYC 6:00 PM (B) (TA) Metropolitan Pavilion • NYC 6:00 PM (R) (IO) (212) 725-2755
(608) 845-3664 (646) 929-8026 www.fragrance.org
Cosmetic Executive Women MARCH 18th MARCH 29 - 30th
Newsmaker Forum with Wal-Mart’s ICMAD Luxe Pack Shanghai
Carmen Bauza and Macy’s Muriel Gonzalez Reception at Cosmoprof Bologna Shanghai Intl Convention Center
Harmonie Club • NYC 5:30 PM (R) (S) (TA) Bologna Italy (R) Shanghai China (T)
(646) 929-8026 (847) 991-4499 (212) 274-8508
www.cew.org www.icmad.org www.luxepack.com
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Beiersdorf AG is selling its selective skincare brand
Juvena and its premium hair care brand Marlies Möller.
Both brands belong to the Swiss-based La Prairie Group
and will be sold to Troll Cosmetics GmbH in Austria.
L’Oréal USA announced a new
addition to the L’Oréal Paris dis- Inter Parfums, Inc. announced that its 74% owned Paris-
tinguished list of spokespeople, based subsidiary, Inter Parfums SA has signed a 15-year
Actress Julianna Margulies. Ms. exclusive worldwide license agreement with Boucheron
Margulies has entered into an to create, produce and distribute perfumes and ancillary
exclusive North American con- products under the Boucheron brand. The agreement
tract to appear in advertising cam- replaces a previous license with L’Oréal that was termi-
paigns for L’Oréal Paris’ RevitaLift, nated by mutual consent.
which will debut in the United
Julianna Margulies States. As the new face of the $100 Actress Kate Walsh introduces
million-plus anti-aging brand, Ms. Margulies naturally Boyfriend, a sensual new fra-
embodies the spirit of the famed tagline “Because You’re grance and collection of indul-
Worth It.” The award-winning Actress currently stars in the gent body care products, at
critically acclaimed series The Good Wife on CBS. Sephora. Known for her leading
roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Pri-
vate Practice, Boyfriend marks
Ms. Walsh’s first foray into beau-
ty. The fragrance combines rich
Kate Walsh
notes of amber and woods with
a vibrant floral scent. Created with Givaudan Perfumer
Marypierre Julien, Boyfriend evokes the heady scent
worn by a man that lingers with a woman after he’s gone.
The Eau de Parfum originally debuted on HSN in Novem-
ber, where it quickly sold out. Leading up to the launch,
Ms. Walsh released 8 “webimercials” that she wrote and
COVERGIRL talent with (front) P&G’s Esi Eggleston Bracey and directed herself, presented through various social media
Vince Hudson
channels including Twitter, YouTube and select blogs.
COVERGIRL commemorates its 50th anniversary with
the introduction of myCOVERGIRL, a new rewards pro- Patrice Beliard has been named President, Beauté
gram launched through Facebook. The program offers Prestige International USA, the US Division of the Paris-
women the opportunity to star in their own COVERGIRL based luxury fragrance company and a division of
video or advertisement, with exclusive chances to win Shiseido Americas Corporation, effective March 1.
free makeup and once-in-lifetime experiences with Ellen
DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah or Drew Barry- SGD North America has moved its New York City office
more. In addition, COVERGIRL will donate $1.00 to the and showroom to 900 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, New York,
U.S. Make-A-Wish Foundation® for every COVERGIRL NY 10022.
who joins the Facebook page, up to a $50,000 donation.
Claudia Poccia has been named
The March of Dime’s annual Beauty Ball has been moved President and CEO of Gurwitch
to April 11. Products, the global luxury cos-
TPR Holdings announced the appoint- metics and skincare enterprise
ment of Neil Katz as Special Advisor. best known for its Laura Mercier
Mr. Katz will be actively involved in and RéVive brands. Ms. Poccia
formulating strategy across the entire will assume leadership responsi-
TPR consumer portfolio and will also bility for those brands, and for
assist TPR in evaluating acquisitions adding to the company’s product
and other new opportunities. Most portfolio, beginning February 21,
Neil Katz recently, Mr. Katz served as the CEO Claudia Poccia 2011.
and Chairman of the Board of Parlux Fragrances.
The Fragrance Foundation’s annual FiFi ® Awards are
Maesa has announced it has moved to a new address, being held on May 25 under the tent in Damrosch Park at
with its office now located at 40 Worth Street, Suite 705, Lincoln Center. New award categories include the Peo-
New York, NY 10013. ple’s Choice Award and Fragrance Superstar of the Year.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 14 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

NATURALS by Firmenich
The Magic Inside Soft Extraction

Honorine Blanc Richard Herpin Annie Buzantian Pierre Negrin Harry Frémont Gil Clavien
Perfumer Perfumer Master Perfumer Perfumer Master Perfumer Perfumer

The power of fragrance to excite our senses – to bring alive our extract captures the bite of freshly ground pepper which brings great
most cherished memories – is magical. And it’s more than that. By energy – like a lightning bolt through the heart of a fragrance,” says
harnessing the power of nature through state-of-the-art technology, Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian.
perfumers are transforming dreams into reality. Incense SoftAct ,® made from a rare resin found in Somaliland, is
Firmenich is dedicated to getting the most out of nature through its the closest one can get to the fresh and mystical smell of incense
leadership in new technologies that are driving the future of perfumery. tears. To Honorine Blanc, it “exudes the mysterious sensuality of this
One example, soft extraction, is an innovative, sustainable technique ancient material, while bringing to it clarity and high definition.”
that utilizes Supercritical CO2 to obtain the purest extracts from When flowers undergo an extraction process, they yield a precious,
natural ingredients. buttery wax known as a concrete.The CO2 extraction method, gently
A trio of Master Perfumers – Jacques Cavallier, Alberto Morillas applied to these fragile concretes, magically transforms them to liquid.
and Harry Frémont – are leading these groundbreaking efforts. The result is NatureIntact®, a limited collection of the most sublime
They explain, “Our passion is to uncover and highest quality floral notes. Jacques
unique facets of nature and to gently capture Cavallier explains, “NatureIntact® brings us
their soulful beauty.” The result? Two superior as close as possible to putting the actual
palettes of natural ingredients, unmatched As close as possible to flower directly into the bottle.”
in their quality: SoftAct®, a collection of nature in a bottle. Master Perfumer Harry Frémont describes
exotic, dried materials like roots, grasses the Jasmine Sambac NatureIntact® as
and resinous notes, and NatureIntact®, a “exactly what a perfumer dreams of when he
collection of floral notes. smells jasmine.” It is obtained from flowers sourced directly in India
through a local partnership.
A Passion for the Unique
The SoftAct® Collection includes an array of exotic extractions Valuing Nature
from materials hand-selected by Firmenich’s Master Perfumers, who From the production and harvesting of plant materials to the
travel in search of the most exceptional indigenous ingredients selection of the very best yield, new olfactive breakthroughs are
available in the world. achieved under the exacting standards of Master Perfumers who
Vetiver SoftAct® is soft-extracted from the finest quality Haitian guarantee a quality and precision that is unmatched. With fourth level
vetiver root to reveal its sensual, woody note. Perfumer Pierre Negrin advancements in Supercritical CO2 soft extraction technology
observes, “This technique retains the brightness and refinement of the underway, Firmenich continues to lead innovation in sustainable
vetiver, while reducing its dry earthiness.” extraction from seed to solution.
Black Pepper SoftAct® originates from Madagascar, where the
grains are prized for their large size and density. “This exceptional This is where the magic begins.
Harper’s Bazaar and Estée Lauder have teamed up to find WSL Strategic Retail’s How America Shops® The PULSE of
five of America’s chicest women, ages 20-60+, in the sec- Shopping Life reveals that about 1/4 of all shoppers still have
ond-annual Fabulous at Every Age search. Estée Lauder is difficulty making purchase decisions because there are too
celebrating the search with a limited-edition Fabulous at many choices. After 5 years of analyzing “shoppability,”
Every Age lipstick available for a limited time exclusively most shoppers go into autopilot when faced with difficult
at Saks Fifth Avenue and esteelauder.com. Five finalists, decisions, narrowing down their choices according to price,
each representing a decade between 20 and 60+, will buying what they always buy or going with what is on sale.
receive a $5,000 cash prize and be honored at a VIP party The millennials will define the future of shopping as they
hosted by Estée Lauder Spokesmodel Elizabeth Hurley at look for advice, either from a Sales Associate or their smart
Hearst Tower in New York City on April 12. One grand phone to either text a friend or look up product reviews.
prize winner will be selected from the finalists and receive
an additional cash prize of $5,000. Recording Artist and Actress Jennette McCurdy, who
plays the sassy Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon TV
Cosmetic Executive Wom- series, iCarly, will be holding a meet-and-greet event
en’s Newsmaker Forum at sponsored by Lord & Taylor. This private event will be
the Harmonie Club in New held at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue on February 7. Tickets
York City on February 15 are available for $25.00 and also include a signed head-
will feature a conversation shot, downloadable photo and a $25.00 Lord & Taylor
with Carmen Bauza, Vice Gift Card; 100% of the $25.00 donation goes directly to
Carmen Bauza Muriel Gonzalez
President Beauty and Per- The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation.
sonal Care, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Muriel Gonzalez,
Executive Vice President, GMM, Cosmetics, Fragrances Sweet Breath® a leading breath freshener brand launches
and Shoes, Macy’s Inc. Sweet Mint, a limited-edition flavor hitting shelves in
March to benefit the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foun-
CVS introduced a beauty loyalty program at the People’s dation®. TPR Holdings will donate 13.5% of wholesale
Choice Awards with COVERGIRL spokesperson Singer/ sales with a minimum guaranteed donation of $50,000.
Actress Queen Latifah. The CVS Beauty Club is an opt-in
extension to the drug store chain’s existing ExtraCare loy- Elizabeth Arden, Inc. announced that based on its pre-
alty program. liminary results, the company expected its second fiscal
quarter ended December 31, 2010 net sales would be at
LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton announced that it or above the high end of its previously issued guidance of
has crossed the threshold of 20% of Hermès International $393 million to $403 million, and earnings per diluted
and now holds 21,338,675 shares. share will exceed prior guidance of $0.90 to $1.00 that
was issued on November 4, 2010.
As 2012 will mark the 140th anniversary of its establish-
ment, Shiseido will return to its origins to “create a beau- InStyle, with 2,512 advertising pages in 2010, repeated as
tiful lifestyle,” as stated in its corporate mission. Accord- fashion-magazine advertising champion. Vogue, which
ingly, the company will launch the “Shiseido-Ginza had long dominated, finished second with 2,306.
Future Planning” project aimed at creating new values Elle (2,286) was third and Harper’s Bazaar (1,792) was
and making a leap forward globally. Shiseido was found- fourth. All registered gains versus 2009.
ed in the Ginza district of Tokyo in 1972 as Japan’s first Steve Cohn
western-style pharmacy. Editor-In-Chief Media Industry Newsletter

MIN’S Monthly Boxscores Source: Media Industry Newsletter <<>> 2011.

Title JAN 2011 JAN 2011 % of Diff. YTD 2011 YTD 2011 % of Diff.
Allure 38.95 45.39 -14.19 38.95 45.39 -14.19

Cosmopolitan 53.71 68.93 -22.08 53.71 68.93 -22.08

Elle 77.05 76.59 0.60 77.05 76.59 0.60

Glamour 36.88 49.33 -25.24 36.88 49.33 -25.24

Harper’s Bazaar 41.05 53.46 -23.21 41.05 53.46 -23.21

InStyle 70.32 78.01 -9.86 70.32 78.01 -9.86

Lucky 28.82 49.70 -42.01 28.82 49.70 -42.01

Marie Claire 41.68 60.06 -30.60 41.68 60.06 -30.60

Vogue 59.25 56.80 4.31 59.25 56.80 4.31

W 29.08 30.00 -3.07 29.08 30.00 -3.07

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 16 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N



on the
Lampe Berger Debuts EasyScent White Castle has teamed up with Laura Slatkin, Founder
of Nest Fragances to produce a candle with the steam-
grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of America’s first fast-
food hamburger. The original Slider®-Scented Candle is
packaged in a ceramic holder that replicates the signa-
ture cardboard sleeve of the White Castle hamburger. It
retails for $13.00 (plus shipping if purchased online) with
proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks (autismspeaks.org).
A Sliders & Martinis party was held on December 14 at
Manhattan’s White Castle on Eighth Avenue to celebrate
the new Slider®-Scented Candle.

Lampe Berger’s Patrick Szraga and A display of Lampe Berger’s

Cherry Robinson greet guests at luxury home fragrance system
their Madison Avenue Pop Up

Bob and Suzanne Wright, Ms. Slatkin, Vera Wang and Mr. Slatkin with
White Castle’s Marci and Bill Ingram

Celebrating Clean Hands

Fusion Brands’
presents new
A gallery of Lampe Berger’s fragrance compositions and signature lamps
On December 14, Lampe Berger’s Pop Up Store on
Manhattan’s Madison Avenue opened with a glittering
holiday cocktail reception. The store featured displays of
Lampe Berger’s luxury home fragrances and its new
EasyScent home fragrance system.

Slider®-Scented Candle

Harry and Laura

Slatkin (r.) with Dr. Jim Sears (2nd l.) with Fusion Brands’ Greg Black, Ms. Pieper-Vogt,
Martha Stewart Michael Ferrara and Steve Bock

Fusion Brands Inc. invited the beauty press to preview

their new VeriPur™ hand sanitizer in New York City on
December 7. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 18 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Suppliers Step Up
‘Green’ Initiatives And
Sustainability Game Plans
Beauty Fashion asked leaders of companies on the supply side to comment on how they
are reducing the environmental footprint of their products. They were also asked if they are
exercising practical sustainability initiatives. Here are their responses.

Debra Leipman- Chris Young developed our own environmental

Yale President and sustainability strategies, imple-
President C+N Packaging mented them within our organization
Arcade Marketing Inc. and made them top management
responsibilities. By doing so, our
Arcade Marketing, We at C+N Packag- certification in accordance with
the global leader in ing feel a responsi- the globally accepted DIN EN
sampling solutions for the beauty bility to minimize our environmental 1401:2005 standard provides inde-
industry, is committed to working impact and, to that end, we have pendent external validation of our
with our partners to achieve their implemented a number of measures compliance with all environmental
marketing and business goals. to actively attack waste and pollution standards.
Arcade’s Green At Work Initiative is at the source. Here are just some of Furthermore, our product range
part of our commitment to operating the initiatives: itself reflects the sustainability orien-
in an environmentally and socially • Leftover plastic from production is tation of our company—with our
responsible manner. We strive to reused or sent to a recycler for completely all-natural pureganic ®
provide a safe and healthy working another use. scented oils leading the way.
environment and avoid adverse • Packaging materials such as corru- We also integrate our customers
impact to our environment and our gated and shrink wrap are sent to a into our state-of-the-art communica-
communities. recycler. tion technologies. As a result, we
We have many initiatives in place, • We replaced our building roof and reduce the environmental impact
including selection and verification added a white reflective membrane generated by transcontinental flights,
processes on materials, a compre- to increase energy efficiency. spare our employees the stress asso-
hensive focus on post production • We recycle heat from compressors ciated with travel and save time for
recycling and waste streams and to heat manufacturing space. both ourselves and our customers.
innovative process improvements to • All lighting throughout the building
drive energy conservation. At Arcade, has been converted to florescent Jerry Vittoria
we are constantly looking to reduce lighting. President
our carbon footprint and promote • All cooling water is 100% recycled. Fine Fragrance,
sustainability of natural resources, North America
while providing the utmost in high Dr. Ferdinand Firmenich
quality for our marketing partners. Storp
General Manager Five years ago,
drom Fragrances Firmenich set seven ambitious sus-
International tainability goals for 2010. All seven
of these goals were exceeded.
At drom, we have Our CO2 and process water usage

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 20 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Suppliers Step Up ‘Green’ Initiatives And Sustainability Game Plans

rates decreased by 24% and 23%, pillar has a statement that sets a clear tive to environmental issues. It is for
respectively. At our Princeton site, picture of what a ‘sustainable’ Givaudan this reason that we have developed
12% of the energy used to manufac- will look like in the future and how what we believe to be a break-
ture client products is derived from it will act. Under the raw materials through in glass making technology,
solar power. pillar, we source materials in ways that whereby our glass-melting process
For 2015, we have set even more preserve our environment, stimulate is 100% CO 2-free. CO 2 emissions
ambitious sustainability goals in all the development and well-being of are reduced by approximately 90%
aspects of our business. 90% of our communities and safeguard an effi- compared to a conventional melting
manufacturing facilities will utilize cient use of precious resources. Using process.
renewable energy. CO 2 will be over 14,000 different ingredients in our The energy we use is renewable,
reduced by an additional 15% in flavor and fragrance products, from with no atomic or fossil energy
absolute terms, with our water usage more than 50 countries, it is critical sources. We call this process “Heinz
rate decreasing by an additional that we have a deep understanding Recycling Glass.” Our “HRG” glass
15%. Sustainable Natural Ingredient of our raw materials’ supply chains. can be infinitely re-melted and can
Sourcing Projects will impact the In many areas, ongoing live sustain- be decorated.
lives of farmers in 8 countries. ability activity already exists—such Heinz Glas recognizes the growing
For Firmenich, sustainability is as the Givaudan Innovative Naturals needs of our customers to comply
broader than a “green strategy.” It is product range which includes several and promote ecologically friendlier
a game changer. sustainable development and ethical manufacturing processes and products,
sourcing projects in areas that and we believe “HRG” is helping in
include Australia, Venezuela, Laos, this regard.
Cosimo Policastro Madagascar and Comores Islands.
Executive Vice We are also excited to partner with
President Fine
Cosmetic Executive Women this year Nicolas
with Givaudan sponsoring the first Mirzayantz
Fragrances CEW Eco Beauty Award, which rec-
Givaudan Group President,
ognizes beauty products that seek to Fragrances
reduce and eventually eliminate their
Declining natural International
contribution to their impact on the
resources, coupled with an increas- environment or society, and by doing Flavors & Fragrances
ing population, are real challenges so become more sustainable. The
that face the industry, and we all launch of this award, which debuts at IFF has been committed to the funda-
need to do our part in addressing them. the 2011 CEW Beauty Awards, reflects mentals of sustainability for decades.
As an innovator and market leader, our commitment to encouraging We believe it is not just the better
as well as the industry’s largest pur- positive and pro-active development way, it is the only way.
chaser of raw materials, Givaudan of the industry towards the principles To date, IFF’s sustainability pro-
has a responsibility to shape and lead of creating sustainable products. gram has been generally focused
the sustainability approach in the These existing initiatives and on reducing our environmental
fragrance industry. In defining Givau- actions form a solid base on which footprint. This effort has resulted in
dan’s sustainability vision, strategy we are building, every day, as we significant reductions in energy,
and goals, since 2008 we have been strive to become a stronger corporate water and hazardous waste per
working in partnership with interna- citizen and to better understand and metric ton of production since 2007,
tional experts from The Natural Step manage all the implications of our meeting our five-year goals two years
International (TNSI), a not-for-profit activity and its impact on the planet ahead of plan. Moving forward, we
organization, using their science- and its people. will broaden this focus to include
based approach to develop our concept. sourcing to integrate it more fully
Givaudan’s sustainability program into our business strategy.
is based on a five-pillar strategy We applaud our competitors and
Manny Mazzei
that extends across the full life cycle customers who have also embraced
President this journey.
of our business, ranging from the
supply chain to our employees, com- Heinz Glas USA
bined with our product creativity, (Continued on page 41)
operations and manufacturing to our Heinz Glas has
customers and the consumer. Each always been sensi-

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 22 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
According to the NPD Group, women’s fragrances have experienced a resurgence. Women’s fragrances had six
months of consecutive increases with growth accelerating to a high of +9% in October. It is the most positive monthly
performance in at least two years. New women’s fragrance launches such as Gucci’s Guilty and Giorgio Armani
Parfums’ Acqua di Gioia have contributed to this strong growth.
Here are the new scents that it is hoped will spark sales this spring.

Estée Lauder’s Limited Edition

Bronze Goddess Soleil embodies
the sultry warmth of summer.
Estée Lauder offers the Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Soleil that captures the
sensuous heat of the sun with its amber-enhanced solar floral bouquet. The scent
joins perennial favorite summer fragrance, Bronze Goddess, for a divine duo.
Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Soleil is a solar citrus floral that begins on a
top note of Sicilian citron, Calabrese bergamot, tangerine, Provençal lavender
flowers and lemon tree petitgrain. Its heart of Mediterranean pittosporum, neroli
Tunisia, Moroccan orange blossom, Indian sambac, grapefruit tree blossoms and
pink lily nectar dries down to a base of blonde woods, iris, ambrette seed and
crystalline musks. The fragrance is presented in a new color gradation on the
existing bottle silhouette for Bronze Goddess, and the flacon has a cap with
matte golden rings.
Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Soleil Eau Fraiche comes in a 100 ml size
for $55.00. It is available now at Estée Lauder counters nationwide and at
esteelauder.com while supplies last.

The CHANEL N°5 collection can now be enjoyed anywhere, any time with new,
conveniently sized purse sprays. N°5 Eau de Parfum, N°5 Eau Premiere and N°5
Eau de Toilette are presented in limited-edition .7 oz. sleekly sculpted, refillable
flacons. They range in price from $72.00 to $87.00.
An option for devotees of the twelve scents in CHANEL’s Les Exclusifs collection
is a new size. The fragrances now come in a 2.5 oz. Spray for $110.00. The
bottles fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, making them ideal for travel.
All of these new fragrance presentations are available now at department and
specialty stores and at CHANEL.com.
CHANEL’s Les Exclusifs collection in their
new, portable size
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 23 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Dubbed a “little reb’l girl” by her grandmother, Barbados-born Rihanna

has grown up to become a best-selling pop female Recording Artist. She
lives by the credo that “a woman should dare to be different—willing to
live her life for herself and not for other people.”
Rihanna has followed her chart-topping, award-winning rock star success
with her new fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, which Parlux has been licensed to
manufacture and distribute. Fred Purches, Chairman and CEO of Parlux
Fragrances, Inc. commented, “Rihanna is a compelling modern figure in
today’s popular music scene. She is strong and iconic, while still being
sexy and appealing. Reb’l Fleur will express her vibrant personality with a
bold, luxurious harmony. This will be a fragrance that is timeless in its
sensuality, but youthful in its upbeat, contemporary appeal.”
Reb’l Fleur is about “my passion for individuality—being expressive
and empowering, yes, but also emotional and intriguing,” declared
Rihanna. “I promise you Reb’l Fleur will not be easily forgotten.”
The sexy, fruity, chypre was developed by Givaudan’s Perfumers
Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien.
The fragrance opens on a top note of red berries, purple plum and
peach. Its heart of Hawaiian hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose and coconut
The advertising campaign for Reb’l Fleur water dries down to a base of vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. Reb’l
features Rihanna with her new hairstyle.
Fleur by Rihanna is presented in a flacon inspired by the shape of a
stiletto heel, a favorite shoe option for Rihanna. SGD North America, Inc., which produced the bottle at its Georgia
plant, used a new deco method to layer a twisting matte black ‘ribbon’ over precious metal. The juice within appears
to glow with a golden aura. The cap was manufactured by Jackel and the pump by MeadWestvaco.
Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna comes in a 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for
$49.00 and 3.4 oz., $59.00. They are joined by a 6.7 oz. Body Lotion
for $30.00. According to Parlux Fragrances Inc.’s Kathleen Galvin,
Vice President of Marketing and Advertising, the fragrance is priced
“slightly aspirational but affordable.”
Launched on January 26 at Macy’s, it will be available at department
stores. Ms. Galvin affirms the launch will have two million blow-ins,
and at Valentine’s Day a rose will be given with a purchase. The gift with
a $59.00 purchase is an oversized clutch with a zipper. A cosmetic
pouch will follow later as a GWP.
Anthony Mandler, a frequent collaborator with Rihanna on videos,
photographed the Reb’l Fleur ad campaign. He created imagery that is
dramatic and bold, while still being soft and inviting. It represents
Rihanna’s concept of being free, exposed and empowered.
The launch is relying on a campaign based on viral, cinema, Parlux Fragrances’ Kathleen Galvin and Fred Purches
billboard and print exposure. It is executed by Avrett Free Ginsberg. divulge launch plans for Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna.
There will be advertising on billboards in Los Angeles and New York.
Rihanna’s only personal appearances will be at Macy’s in Los Angeles and one planned later in Australia. There will
be a national cinema campaign in 1900 theaters at the end of April for a two-week period where 18 million people
will view the video, and there will be targeted exit samplings of the fragrance. The viral campaign will range from
Twitter, YouTube to Facebook where Rihanna has 14 million followers.
According to industry sources, Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna is predicted to generate sales of $25 million this year.
(Continued on page 43)

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 24 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
futur • fracas • bandit • cravache • baghari • visa • calypso • douglas hannant


perating in support of the fine fragrance burden of funding, development and distribution
industry for ten and a half years, Victory from the client. With significant leverage and
International (USA), LLC is a dynamic, strength in the area of international sourcing across
multi-faceted organization specializing in masstige the globe, it can provide stability to its clients in all
classes of trade with over 30,000 doors of distribu- aspects of the fragrance development and manufac-
tion within the domestic United States market. The turing process.
company also has long-term relationships with a Victory International is predisposed to acquiring
network of effective international distributors and/or accepting the assignment of existing
located in key markets around the fragrance licenses for smaller, under-
world, which include North/Central/ performing brands that may not be
South America, the Middle East and delivering the volume the current
other global markets. brand owner seeks or requires. Adher-
Victory International’s executive ing to the requirements of existing
offices and a state-of-the-art, 60,000 licenses to be assigned, Victory Inter-
square foot distribution facility are national aims to build these brands
located in Edison, New Jersey. The into viable businesses that will benefit
company is headed by CEO Anil all parties.
Monga. Other members of the In third-party distribution arrange-
executive team are CFO Michael ments, Victory International can assist
Van Patten, COO Gary Murray, Vice its clients in maximizing the distribu-
President of New Business Develop- tion potential of its brands in both the
Victory International’s Anil Monga
ment Paul Keogh and Executive Vice chain and independent store classes
President of Sales Vinnie Chabra. of trade. Incremental distribution will bring added
The creative team at Victory International has revenue and profit to all sides of the collaboration.
designed, manufactured and distributed fragrance Although Victory International has the reach and
brands for a variety of respected and successful resources of a large company, it can provide
trademarks such as the new Purr by Katy Perry fra- customized service, attention to detail and the
grance. The company is interested in collaborating strategic assistance of a true partner. All inquiries
with like-minded companies to execute similar f r o m i n t e r e s t e d p a r t i e s s h o u l d b e s e n t t o
turn-key projects that lessen, if not remove, the info@victoryinternational.net or 732-417-5900. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 26 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Victory International (USA), LLC 75 Neweld Avenue Edison, NJ 08837


The Personal Care
Products Council
Hosts Its Annual Meeting

he Personal Care Products Council 2011 Annual Meeting, the premier event for leaders in the cosmetics and
personal care industry, is being held from February 28 through March 2 at The Breakers in Palm Beach,
Florida. The council meeting, which features the theme of “Know Where You Are Going,” will review 2010
accomplishments as well as discuss the PCPC agenda for 2011 and provide an opportune time for industry
leaders to interact and connect. Art Spiro, Annual Meeting Committee Chair and Executive Vice President, Fragrance
Innovation, Elizabeth Arden, added that there will be a concentration on “expanding the content of the meeting to
include a geo-political focus in addition to industry trends.”
“The Council’s Annual Meeting is a unique event because competitors are able to share
insights and ideas with one another in a friendly environment. It is valuable for representatives
of our industry to meet with other manufacturers, distributors and publishers to discuss their
strategies, business plans and what’s resonating with consumers,” Chairman of the Council
Board of Directors Dan Brestle observed. “The Annual Meeting is also the only time of year
some members have the opportunity to interact with Personal Care Products Council staff who
work in Washington, D.C. and provide important feedback on industry priorities.”
“There are a few new features at this year’s meeting including the
Dan Brestle Policy Summit [February 28] which will feature a keynote address
by Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University on ‘Keeping the Proper
Perspective on Science Issues’ and the opportunity to hear from key members of the Council’s
major committees. The CEO Panel at the General Session [March 1] provides a unique
opportunity to hear from key company leaders about marketing trends and the direction of the
beauty industry,” shared Lezlee Westine, President and CEO, Personal
Care Products Council. “On Wednesday [March 2], four editors will
participate in the Beauty Editors Panel where they will discuss the latest
consumer trends for 2011 and the impact of important Council initiatives
on their readers.” Lezlee Westine
This year’s meeting also introduces a change in venue. “The meeting
has been held at the same location in Boca Raton for approximately 40 years,” stated Mr. Spiro.
“The Breakers in Palm Beach presented the Council with an opportunity to hold the Annual
Meeting at another venue and take advantage of their unique and historic property including
beautiful cabanas, bungalows, outdoor space and elegant meeting rooms.” BF
Art Spiro
This year’s highlights:

Monday, February 28
6-10:00 pm All Attendee Opening Reception and Dinner

Tuesday, March 1
9-11:30 am General Session
Keynote Speaker: Joshua Cooper Ramo, Managing Director, Kissinger Associates
7-10:00 pm Board of Directors Dinner

Wednesday, March 2
9-11:30 am General Session
Keynote Speaker: Jim Carroll, World-Renowned Futurist, Trends Expert and Bestselling Author
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 28 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N


arah McNamara, Founder and CEO of MST Beauty New York affirms, “People are choosing to
buy less in order to buy better, reflecting a desire for products that provide greater meaning in
their lives.” It is a strategy that has guided Ms. McNamara as she builds her brand with products
that “make a huge difference. I want to create game-changers.”
“I founded MST Beauty New York to offer time-saving, results-oriented, multi-
functional products that support individuals in all aspects of their lives. [During my
years in the beauty industry] in positions at Elizabeth Arden, L’Oréal, Unilever,
Valentino and Fendi, I felt bad for customers who were compelled to purchase not one
but several products in order to look beautiful.”
As the working mother of two young boys, she understands the importance of
managing one’s time. She epitomizes today’s ambitious modern woman who is busy,
fashion-focused and needs products that deliver instant results without being
complicated, artificial-looking or feeling.
She has now tapped into her experience in the corporate cosmetic and fragrance
industry to develop Miracle Skin Transformer, the first product offered by MST Beauty
New York. This cutting-edge product hydrates, enhances and protects.
Miracle Skin Transformer is formulated with naturally derived silicone with
protection and hydration benefits. The hydrating base is weightless, luminous and
delivers buildable coverage along with SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen.
Its MST Complex, created by Ms. McNamara and her team of cosmetic chemists, is
MST Beauty New York’s a proprietary combination of saw palmetto, passion fruit extracts, vitamins A, K and
Sarah McNamara Co-Enzyme Q10 for hydration. Naturally-derived silicones, mica, color minerals and
light-deflecting pigments deliver a smooth, flawless finish.
Ecophysalis—exclusive to MST Complex—is a natural plant extract found
in the Brazilian rainforest. This Ecocert Certified ingredient acts as an
environmental shield to reduce the redness and inflammation associated
with stress, pollution and climate extremes. It helps prevent rosacea as well
as protects the skin from photo-aging by decreasing melanin synthesis
(pigmentation from sun damage). It also increases skin tone luminosity.
Slow-released vitamin E provides protection from ultraviolet light, pollution
and free radicals. SPF 20/UVA/UVB provides broad spectrum protection.
The all-in-one product is designed to improve the complexion’s texture
and pore size. It evenly smoothes out and helps minimize the appearance of
fine lines and reduces pigmentation imperfections. The light, oil-free, anti-
shine Miracle Skin Transformer offers buildable coverage for both day and
night high-definition looks.
Offered in seven shade choices for all ethnicities, Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20, Miracle Skin
Transformer Men and Miracle Skin Transformer
is presented in a sleek tube for portability. Priced at $48.00, it had a Treat & Conceal Eye & Face are building the
pre-launch sampling program via miracleskintransformer.com, which used MST Beauty New York brand.
social media enterprises to drive news to consumers. “Sampling has been a
key to the launch’s success,” Ms. McNamara declared. There was Search Engine Optimization via Ms. McNamara’s
Buzz blog, as well as continuous flip videos narrated by her and aggressive public relations promotions linked to
Fashion Week focusing on celebrity endorsements. The marketing strategy for Miracle Skin Transformer includes
coverage by the beauty press and online beauty sites as well as key beauty bloggers and bi-monthly Webinars.
MST Beauty New York is launching Miracle Skin Transformer Men this month and Miracle Skin Transformer Treat &
Conceal Eye & Face in April. Later in the year, Miracle Skin Transformer Body and Miracle Skin Transformer Heal
Everything Balm will be introduced. According to Ms. McNamara, MST Beauty New York “is a growing, building
brand.” BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 29 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

V lentine’s Day Gift Sets COTY PRESTIGE
Jennifer Lopez
Gift Set
Women 100 ml Eau de
Parfum is priced at
$78.00 and the Eupho-
ria for Men 100 ml
grant jewel, but your
collection of David
Yurman jewelry as well.
The Glamorous Indul-
Faith Hill True, Faith
by Faith Hill or Baby
Phat DARE ME. For the
price of $15.99, these
Eau de Toilette, $68.00. gences Jewelry Box sets can be found at
retails for $75.00 at most mass merchandis-
CLARINS specialty stores and ers and drug retailers.
FRAGRANCE GROUP select department stores.
by Thierry Mugler INTER PARFUMS Valentine’s Day
A showstopper, LOVE Handbag Set bebe Eau de Parfum Novelty PocketBac
& GLAMOUR reflects Limited-edition
the elegantly extrava- packaging
gant side of Jennifer
Lopez. Surging with
sparkling, juicy top
notes, the fragrance For the girl who loves
lingers with a sexy everything, including
bouquet of floral mid Innovative, distinctive clean hands! With five
notes before wrapping and provocative, this In the spirit of Valen- SKUs to choose from,
you up in a smoldering fragrance symbolizes tine’s Day, bebe pres- each PocketBac has an
musky drydown. The an energy shared by ents limited-edition “I Love…” theme with a
collection includes a all women. Discover packaging for the bebe corresponding fragrance.
75 ml Eau de Parfum, and share the sweet fragrance. The curva- Highly collectable, the
200 ml Body Lotion and savory fragrance ceous bottle is embraced 1 oz. hand sanitizers
and a cosmetic case— sensation with this by a red metal shell are individually priced
a perfect treat for limited-edition 10 ml and has a removable at $1.50 or 5 for $5.00
Valentine’s Day. It is Eau de Parfum Refillable red pavé heart charm. at all Bath & Body
available for the price Spray and a 10 ml Eau The 1.7 oz. Eau de Works locations and at
of $62.00 in fine depart- de Parfum Refill Bottle Parfum is priced at bathandbodyworks.com.
ment stores nationwide. that are captured in a $49.50 and is available
Thierry Mugler Signa- in bebe specialty stores PHILIP B
Calvin Klein ture Clutch for the and department stores. Chocolate Milk
Euphoria Valentine’s price of $45.00. The Collection Gift Set
Day Promotion set is available at COTY
Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fragrance and
Fifth Avenue, Neiman Teddy Bear Gift Sets
Marcus and Nordstrom.

David Yurman
Glamorous Indulgences
Jewelry Box
Calvin Klein has part- Rock the world of your
nered exclusively with favorite chocolate lover
Macy’s for Valentine’s with this fantastically
Day! When a 100 ml Show your love this fragrant pair of botani-
spray from the Calvin Valentine’s Day with cally rich skin treats:
Klein Euphoria fra- The Glamorous Indul- these adorable sets. the beloved 11.8 oz.
grance collection is gences Jewelry Box The ultimate expres- Chocolate Milk Body
purchased, customers opens to reveal the sion of affection, each Wash & Bubble Bath
receive a romantic gift David Yurman signa- bestselling .5 oz. Eau and silky 6 oz. Choco-
of two champagne ture fragrance in all its de Parfum comes late Milk Body Creme
flutes and delicious splendor. A 1 oz. Eau de wrapped in the arms for the price of $57.00.
gourmet chocolate Parfum Spray is nestled of a sweet stuffed bear. The set is available at
hearts from February 8 within the soft, suede Choose from Halle philipb.com. BF
through February 14. interior, designed not Berry Pure Orchid,
The Euphoria for only to hold this fra- Halle by Halle Berry,

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 30 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Growth Strategies

Trilogy Fragrances is a custom creator, manufacturer and distributor of fragrances. Trilogy’s expertise is reflected in its
100-plus years of collective experience with some of the world’s top fragrance creators. Trilogy’s role in the natural and
organic personal care sector has earned recognition as an innovative pioneer and trendsetter in natural and organic
fragrance development.
Beauty Fashion asked Trilogy Fragrances’ CEO Stuart Litman and Executive Vice President Jack Corley to discuss
their current business initiatives and their plans to grow the company.

BEAUTY FASHION: What immediate objectives do you have to grow Trilogy Fragrances?
JACK CORLEY: Promote our leadership role and core competency, i.e. developing 100% natural fragrances for the
personal care industry.

BF: Aside from The Hain Celestial Group, what other vendors has Trilogy Fragrances supplied?
JC: Aubrey Organics, Tom’s of Maine, Dr. Bronner’s Soap, Arbonne, Nature’s Gate and Burt’s Bees.

BF: Will TPR Holdings expand Trilogy Fragrances globally? If so, are you targeting any particular areas?
STUART LITMAN: Yes. We are intending to expand Trilogy globally. There are no particular regions we are targeting
but Mexico, Brazil and China are of particular interest.

BF: Where does Trilogy Fragrances source its ingredients?

JC: We have long-term and longstanding supply chain relationships with producers and growers of essential oils and
other botanical ingredients.
(Prior to joining Trilogy Fragrances, Jack Corley was Vice President and Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at
International Flavors & Fragrances and led IFF’s natural ingredient sourcing initiatives for 21 years.)

BF: Do you plan to be a resource of natural and organic ingredients for other essential oil houses?
JC: Today, many of our natural personal care customers source both natural fragrances and essential oils from us. As
such, we would not sell our natural and organic essential oils to essential oil houses, but to our customers that need
these ingredients to scent their natural soaps, hair care and skincare products.

BF: What do you think is the potential for natural and organic fragrances in the global market?
JC: The growth in the use of natural and organic fragrances is linked directly to the overall growth in the
natural and organic personal care market sector. In 2009, U.S. Natural and Organic Personal Care sales by product
category were $8.94 billion, an increase of +8.1% over 2000. (Nutrition Business Journal)
According to a recent study by Mintel Beauty Innovation, more than one in seven (16%) global beauty product
launches in 2008 has either been organic, ethical or all natural. In 2007, just one in nine (11%) new products fit these
criteria. In the U.S., manufacturers are moving even faster. Nearly 30% of U.S. beauty products launched in 2008
were organic, ethical or all natural, up from 23% in 2007. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 31 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

This month, new makeup products are offered to transform, brighten and illuminate the eyes, lips
and nails with bursts of color and added hints of shimmer to get consumers ready for warmer
months ahead.

Glowing Goddess Estée Lauder’s

Bronze Goddess
Let Estée Lauder transport you to the Mediterranean with the latest Bronze collection
Goddess collection of seductive makeup. Inspired by the hues and atmosphere
of luxurious resorts on the Riviera, the line for the lips, eyes, nails and face
invites you to sit poolside and take in the cool waters, warm sandy beaches
and the sun’s luminous rays.
The Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Island Oasis EyeShadow Palette
features six irresistibly wearable shades to brighten and define eyes by day and
transform them by night, priced at $42.00. Complementing the palette are the
new Bronze Goddess ShadowStick Duos in shades of warm Gold Bronze and
cool Pink Teal, each priced at $20.00.
Lips shine and seduce with Pure Color Gloss available in shades of Blazing
Coral Sparkle, Plum Divine Shimmer and Limited Edition Sun Burst Sparkle,
delivering long-lasting shine and maximum moisture. The non-tacky formula
glides on smoothly, giving lips a sensual appearance that feels comfortable
throughout the day. They are each priced at $20.00. Pure Color Crystal
Lipstick in Tiramisu can be worn alone or layered with gloss for an added
dimension and depth to a lip look for the price of $24.00.
Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush is a feather-light
illuminating blush that enhances any skin’s complexion with a perfectly sun-
kissed glow for the price of $34.00. The blush can be worn alone or over any
Bronze Goddess bronzer, priced at $30.00. Also available is the Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid
Bronzer for $28.50.
To complete the look, add perfectly polished tips with Pure Color Nail Lacquer in the Limited Edition Shimmering
Bronze shade, priced at $19.00.
The full range of Bronze Goddess makeup is available at Estée Lauder counters
nationwide and at esteelauder.com beginning in March.

Refined Radiance
Shiseido introduces a line of products this month for the lips, face and eyes. Shiseido
Shimmering Rouge Lipstick is one of the new creations from Artistic Director Dick
Page. Delivering a dewy, perfectly moisturized feeling that lasts all day, Shimmering
Rouge Lipstick enhances the natural fullness and plumpness of the lips while helping
to improve the lip’s texture and overall condition. Available in 13 new shades, each
lipstick is priced at $25.00. Mr. Page also created the Shiseido Makeup Smoothing Lip
Shiseido’s Artistic Director
Pencil that perfectly adheres to lips and spreads on sleekly and effortlessly, for a non
Dick Page created the looks for the powdery, even finish. The smudge-resistant formula maintains a dimensional, refined
Shiseido Makeup spring collection. (Continued on page 45)
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 32 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Spring/Summer Trend Report From Bumble and bumble

Basic certainly didn’t mean boring on the Spring 2011 runways, where the Bb. Editorial Team unveiled hairstyles that
emphasized texture of every kind. No-fuss ‘dos and daring looks alike celebrated dry, smooth and wet finishes.
Backstage, the focus was on key products and refined techniques with Bb. Editorial Stylists executing everything
from double French twists and show-stopping volume to minimalist ponytails and classic buns.
The Spring 2011 hair trends proved to be a Master Class on how achieving the look isn’t as hard as it may seem—
you just need the right tools. A tip from pro Jimmy Paul will set any style of the season. “I think every hairdresser—
novice or professional—needs a quality blow dryer, great brushes—a flat and round brush with mixed boar and nylon
bristle—a one-and-a-half inch curling iron, a flat iron, good combs—a small tooth comb for teasing and a large tooth
comb for wet hair. For accessories, keep bungees on hand for clean and secure ponytails and classic hairpins, which
can hold any sort of updo.”

Wispy, wavy, mussed and matte styles were created with a little help from the newest Bumble and bumble product—
Bb.Texture. The hair (un)dressing creme gave grip and grit with an elusive, slightly scuffed, second-day style—perfect
for long styles with shine-free separation and updos that look just the right amount of undone.
Here are four styles that represent key looks from the Spring/Summer New York Fashion Runways.


At Vera Wang, Bb. Editorial Stylist
Jimmy Paul created a hairstyle
The hair at Wayne was designed inspired by both Kabuki and In
to be a complement to the clean the Mood for Love. Hair was sat-
lines of the clothing. So Bb. urated with Bumble and bumble
Editorial Stylist Jordan M created Surf Spray, then blow dried using
a simple, clean braided bun with only the hands. Next, hair was
a bit of Bumble and bumble Prep backcombed all over the head,
and Surf Spray. parted at the side and then tucked
into a bob or simple French twist
at the nape of the neck.
Inspired by Jean Seberg in For Alexandre Herchcovitch, Bb.
Breathless and Brigitte Bardot, Editorial Stylist Rolando Beauchamp
Bb. Editorial Stylist Jordan M resurrected a style he originally
started with a curling iron set to created in the ‘80s. Hair was damp-
create loose curls, then parted ened with Bumble and bumble
hair at the eye and pulled it into Holding Spray, wrapped around
a low ponytail at the side, finish- the head in overlapping sections,
ing with a spritz of Bumble and then turned into a tight, sleek bun
bumble Does It All Styling Spray. at the back of the crown. The hair was then painted with
makeup to match each girl’s lip color. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 33 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Regimens To Make A Change For The Better

Skincare is redefined with formulations produced in research and development laboratories. This month, we feature
new products ranging from major prestige and mass brands to indie beautymakers.

Skincare Super Power

La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion is a non-surgical, anti-aging option to renew,
reset and recharge skin. “We’ve bottled a cosmetic power surge that recharges your
skin’s energy as never before possible,” affirms Lynne Florio, President of La Prairie.
“And more energy means vibrant, illuminated skin.”
“The breakthrough with Cellular Power Infusion centers around the development
of a tri-fold approach, to simultaneously treat the three key factors of aging—loss of
energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and weakened quality of the skin
tissue—at the same pace,” informed Dr. Sven Gohla, Vice President of Research
and Development for La Prairie.
Cellular Power Infusion contains La Prairie’s Intensive Cellular Power Complex,
which Dr. Gohla explains “is at the forefront of cellular communication, a La
Prairie specialty, hitting every dimension of the skin and proven to dramatically
slow down the aging process.”
The formulation contains Swiss snow algae to protect the skin’s mitochondria
(aka power stations that produce cellular energy) and its DNA from environmental
La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion
helps skin’s ability to repair and stress and free radical attack. A Skin Renewal Peptide helps activate the skin’s own
protect itself by attacking the system for mitochondrial DNA repair. The stem cell components from red grapes in
problem at the energy level, the Phyto Stem Cell Extract help the skin maintain its stem cell characteristics. La Prairie’s
skin cell level and the tissue level.
Cellular Complex helps stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process, moisturizing
and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning. A natural
re-scaffolding of the skin is supported by a Tissue Guidance Matrix, producing reintegrated skin cells in aged skin.
Other ingredients that moisturize are panthenol, glycerol and sodium hyaluronate, while Carica Papaya Fruit Extract
helps soften skin and Lipidium Sativum Sprout Extract helps prevent DNA damage.
Cellular Power Infusion is priced at $475.00 for 4 x 0.26 oz. It is available now at Bergdorf Goodman,
Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and shoplaprairie.com.

Radiance From Within

Clé de Peau Beauté has developed skincare that regulates the environment in
which cells process information. The brand’s extensive research has produced a
more complex understanding of the skin’s function and abilities, which has
resulted in the new Clé de Peau Beauté Skincare Collection. This regimen allows
radiance to emanate from within.
The formulations in the Clé de Peau Beauté Skincare Collection contain new
Illuminating Complex, an ingredient that is composed of natural silk and pearl
extracts that help to regulate and maintain the life of skin cells from birth, SKUs from the
Clé de Peau
reducing cellular stress and restoring balance. This is achieved by controlling Beauté Skincare
the quality of information transmitted to the cell’s ‘brain center.’ It results in the Collection
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by Raphaella
I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed
at first, but once I got my bearings, I stood in
awe of all the shoppers. Assistant Store Man-
ager Heather Ross happily greeted me with
a warm welcome and showed me around.
Macy’s Union Square was proud to present
Impulse Beauty, a new concept featuring
an open-sell space of niche beauty brands,
found in 54 of Macy’s stores across the
country to complement the traditional beauty
counters. Impulse Beauty offers customers
the opportunity to shop featured beauty
brands independently or with assistance from
specialized Beauty Advisers. Impulse Beauty
showcases boutique beauty brands including
Bare Escentuals, BeneFit, Bliss, Cargo, Clarisonic,
Laura Geller, Philosophy, Smashbox, Stila,
Studio Gear, Sue Devitt Beauty, Too Faced,
Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco
Urban Decay, Dr. Brandt and Peter Thomas Roth.
Two weeks before Christmas, I visited Macy’s Union “Impulse Beauty is a beauty destination geared towards
Square in San Francisco, the third largest department store a trend-wise customer,” said Muriel Gonzalez, Executive
in the world after Harrods in London and Macy’s Herald Vice President and General Manager for Cosmetics,
Square in New York City. There were hundreds of custom- Fragrance’s and Shoes for Macy’s, Inc. “The new collec-
ers looking for the perfect Christmas present and crowds tion of fresh, contemporary niche brands, which are not
were drawn to the massive cosmetic and beauty space that traditionally associated with department stores, along
dominates the first level. I noticed that the crowd knew with our established beauty counters, provide Macy’s
exactly what they wanted and where they were headed; customers with a wide assortment of product to choose
they knew just where their favorite counters were. from for all of their beauty needs.”
In the fragrance department, Beatrice
Gomberg, Assistant Manager of Fragrances,
revealed to me that the top women’s fra-
grances for the store included CHANEL No5,
Dior Beauty’s J’adore, Dolce & Gabbana’s
The One and Gucci Guilty. For men, fragrance
bestsellers were Ralph Lauren Fragrance’s
Polo Blue, Giorgio Armani Parfum’s Acqua di
Gio Pour Homme and Bleu de CHANEL.
Clinique Counter Manager Rosalie
Regundon informed me that the most
popular Clinique products were those in the
Redness Solutions collection. These products
work wonders as they uniquely address
persistent and reactive redness. The Daily
Relief Cream instantly soothes skin and
relieves visible redness and blotchiness.
Another bestseller was the Even Better Skin
Macy’s Union Square Clinique Assistant Counter Manager Marta Fuentes with Clinique Tone Corrector; created for all ethnicities, it
Accredited Consultants Saskia Drysdale and Debbie Gee erases past damage, visible evidence of sun
exposure, dark patches and age spots.
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by Sarah Colton PARIS
around the globe in 1999, gave a moving speech in
which he called on the audience to think seriously of its
personal and collective usages of the precious and limited
natural resource, petroleum. Additionally, by recounting
the highs and lows of his own adventures, projects and
dreams, he inspired each member of the audience to
have courage, patience and take action regarding
personal projects. His words were met with thunderous
applause by a star-studded audience which included
Owners of The Clarins Group Christian and Dr. Olivier
Courtin-Clarins, French Minister of the Environment
Jean-Louis Borloo, VIPs of the French, Swiss and interna-
ClarinsMen Environment Award winner Bertrand Piccard
tional media and science community as well as numerous
Clarins employees. This was the second time the award
was given, the first being in 2004 to Jean-Pierre Nicolas,
President and Founder of Jardins du Monde.

French Minister of the Environment Jean-Louis Borloo gives his award

presentation speech.

Clarins awarded two of its generous and coveted prizes

in 2010 with the ClarinsMen Environment Award and the
Most Dynamic Woman of the Year Award.
The ClarinsMen Environment Award is an honor given
to a man whose heart beats in tune with the planet and
who works towards sustainable preservation of resources
for future generations. This year’s award was presented on
September 14 to Bertrand Piccard for his inspired and The Most Dynamic Woman of the Year Award winner Vanessa Virag,
innovative solar-powered, one-seated glider plane, Solar Master of Ceremonies Valérie Expert, Marie Claire’s Jean-Paul Lubot and
Christine Leiritz, Téva’s Catherine Schöfer and Christian Courtin-Clarins
Impulse. Mr. Piccard, also known for being part of the
two-man team to first complete a non-stop balloon flight At the historic Théâtre Marigny on the Champs Elysées
on October 4, Clarins awarded the Most Dynamic
Woman of the Year Award to Vanessa Virag for her
nonprofit organization, ABC Autisme and its fledgling
school, which welcomes young autistic children in
highly personalized, one-on-one training that is based on
the early intervention of Applied Behavioral Analysis in
the treatment of autism. The award includes a six-figure
check as well as key advertising, promotion and a
documentary filmed by Clarins and two sponsors brought
in for the first time, Marie Claire and the television
station, Téva. The award was the 1997 brainchild of
Dr. Olivier and Christian Courtin- Beauty Fashion’s Paris Corre- Clarins’ Founder Jacques Courtin working in close
Clarins at the cocktail reception spondent Sarah Colton testing collaboration with Isabelle Fromager, Director of Public
following the award ceremony the effects of Clarins’ limited-
edition lipstick Rouge Prodige
Relations and Press Relations.
with Clarins’ Lionel de Benetti The prize is dear to the hearts of Clarins employees
after the ClarinsMen Environ- who contribute liberally from their own pockets to the
ment Award presentation.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 36 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
award. Clarins customers are on the case that if musicians are considered Artists,
also invited to participate in Perfumers should be considered to be so, as well.
the ongoing life of the award
through the purchase of a
limited-edition Eau Dyna-
misante. Five euros of each
sale of the fragrance are
donated to ABC Autisme.
Also present at the ceremo-
Clarins’ Isabelle Fromager and
Christian Courtin-Clarins with ny were the twelve previous
Ms. Virag (c.) winners of the award, each

Annick Le Guérer and Dominique Ropion listen as Marie-Anouch

Sarkissian plays Misty by Erroll Garner while the audience smells
Geranium pour Monsieur by Dominique Ropion for Editions de
Parfums Frédéric Malle.

A t t h e c o ck t a i l
reception following
the presentation,
Beauty Fashion spoke
with Givaudan
Perfumer Guillaume
The twelve previous winners on stage with Ms. Virag and Mr. Lubot
Flavigny, whose fra-
of whom received a generous check from Clarins, one of grance Resonnance,
Guillaume Flavigny and Laurent Assoulen
the ongoing perks of the award. In addition to being discussing Mr. Flavigny’s Resonnance fra- intended to create a
awarded in France, the Most Dynamic Woman of the grance, one of the perfumes paired with mood of nostalgia,
Year Award is also given in the UK, USA, Canada, musical compositions on the perfume CD was the subject of
MUSIsCent created by Mr. Assoulen.
Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hong some of the post-
Kong, Korea, Spain, South Africa and Denmark. lecture audience Q&A. In yet another comparison
between perfume and music, Resonnance and several
Société Française des Parfumeurs’ others fragrances were paired with musical compositions
Symphony of Smells in a CD titled MUSIsCent, produced by Laurent
Beauty Fashion A s s o u l e n . M U S I s Ce n t i s ava i l a b l e o n l i n e a t
regularly attends the musiscent.com/anglais/accueil.html.
monthly programs of
the Société Française By Terry at Printemps Department Store
des Parfumeurs (SFP),
of which Patrick Saint
Yves is the President.
A recent event, “The
Symphony of Smells -
Esthetic Similarities
between Musicians
and Perfumers,” was The cover of MUSIsCent
an excellent example of the richness and depth that SFP
offers to the French fragrance community. A panel con-
sisting of perfume Writer and Historian Annick Le Guérer,
IFF’s Senior Perfumer Dominique Ropion and Musician/
Musicologist Marie-Anouch Sarkissian, presented a By Terry Makeup Artist Charlene at the By Terry counter at Printemps
thoughtful comparison of similarities between perfume Department Store showing a selection of products for the holidays
and music composition. While discussing common including Or de Rose Teint Supreme Foundation, Teint Terrybly,
Blush Terrybly, Hyaluronic Eye Primer and Baume de Rose
points of notes, chords and evocation of emotions,
Ms. Sarkissian played music while the audience smelled Charlene, a By Terry Makeup Artist at Printemps Depart-
corresponding fragrances. Much of the debate centered ment Store in Paris, writes out a By Terry prescription
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F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 37 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

L’Oréal Paris LANCÔME’S
Honors Women “BEAUTIFUL
Of Worth DAY”
L’Oréal Paris’ iconic brand philosophy, “Because You’re
Worth It” sparked what has become an annual event honor-
ing ten women for their dedication to charitable causes and On December 10, Lancôme | The Boutique, in connection
the milestones they’ve reached to help others and give back with the annual observance of International Day of
to their communities. The ten outstanding volunteers for Persons with Disabilities, held its “Have A Beautiful
2010 were recognized at an award presentation held at Day!” The event provides beauty services for individuals
New York City’s Hearst Tower and hosted by Karen Fondu, who are disabled and their caregivers. The observance
President of L’Oréal Paris and Cathie Black, former Chairman aims to promote a better understanding of people with
of Hearst Magazines. disabilities and to enable them to have a full and active
participation in society.
Edward Bullock, Vice President of Diversity for L’Oréal
USA and Antoinette Hamilton, Director of Diversity for
L’Oréal USA were on hand to welcome the guests to
Lancôme | The Boutique. It has an entrance ramp to
accommodate individuals using wheelchairs or other
mobility aids as well as widened store aisles for easy
accessibility to all parts of the boutique, including
Hoda Kotb, L’Oréal Paris’ Karen Fondu, Hearst Magazines’ Michael
Clinton, Kerry Washington, Giada De Laurentiis and Viola Davis makeup counters and treatment rooms.

Ms. Washington (6th r.) and Ms. Fondu (5th r.) with the Women Of Worth
“I am proud to celebrate these ten extraordinary women
who bring the mantra, ‘Because You’re Worth It’ to life,”
affirmed Ms. Fondu. “Their dedication to their causes
and their many achievements truly demonstrate that all
women have the power to make a difference.”
The ten honorees received $5,000 to be given in their
Nancy Comi and her daughter Suzanne, affiliated with The Arc of
name to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, L’Oréal Union County, were among the individuals with disabilities and their
Paris’ primary philanthropic partner. The ten honorees repre- caregivers who enjoyed Lancôme | The Boutique’s “Have A Beautiful
sent many different causes and commitments across the Day!”
country. They are: Lynn Gaubatz, Falls Church, VA - founded
“One of the missions of L’Oréal is to make beauty
AdoptALibrary.org; Robin Steele, Eagan, MN – founded
products accessible to all consumers,” Ms. Hamilton
Cheerful Givers; Lisa Williams, Peachtree City, GA – estab-
lished Circle of Friends and Living Water for Girls; Sue Kutz,
declared. The special “Have A Beautiful Day!” event
Rock Hill, SC – activist for Back the Pack; Jill Tappert, featured personal beauty consultations with a compli-
Boulder, CO – work with Autism Society of Colorado; Taryn mentary skin diagnosis, color analysis and makeup
Davis, Buda, TX – founded The American Widow Project; application culminating with a hand massage and a
Ethel Paley, New York City, NY - first Executive Director special gift.
of FRIA; Simone Bernstein, St. Louis, MO – created The 37 women with disabilities and their caregivers
stlouisvolunteen.com; Berni Barta, Los Angeles, CA – founded who visited Lancôme | The Boutique received beauty
Kid Flicks and Pauline Olsen, Farmington, CT – helped services from Makeup Artists and Aestheticians who are
create Malta House of Care Mobile Free Medical Clinic. trained in disability awareness and etiquette. The “Have
Consumers voted online for the honoree that inspired A Beautiful Day!” was designed by Lancôme | The Boutique
them most. Taryn Davis received the most votes and was to help their guests ring in the holidays with a fun-filled
awarded an additional $25,000. BF and relaxed shopping experience. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 38 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N



COSMETICS Caroline Casey joins REDBOOK as Account
Gordon Espinet has Director, Beauty and Consumer Products. In
been named Senior her role, Ms. Casey will manage accounts
Vice President of including Avon, Revlon, Johnson & Johnson
Global Artist Train- and will cover the New England territory. Ms.
ing, Development Casey comes to REDBOOK from Veranda,
and Makeup Artistry where she had been covering beauty, fashion,
at M·A·C Cosmetics. and automotive accounts since 2008.
In this newly created
position, Mr. Espinet REDBOOK‘s Katie Bohan was promoted to
will report to Karen Senior Beauty and Consumer Products Director.
B u g l i s i , G l o b a l As a REDBOOK Account Director, Ms. Bohan
B ra n d P r e s i d e n t , has demonstrated a successful track record of
M·A·C Cosmetics. managing large integrated programs and major
His most recent role accounts including Johnson & Johnson and
was Vice President, Unilever.
Gordon Espinet Makeup Artistry.
Jaime Maser has Cerina Silvestro joins La Prairie in the role of
been promoted to Manager of Spas. Ms. Silvestro brings extensive
Vice President, first-hand knowledge of the spa business to
Brand and Public La Prairie, having worked as a coordinator and
Relations. Ms. Esthetician, respectively, for the past seven
Maser has been years at La Prairie’s namesake Beverly Hills and
working with La New York spas. In her new role, Ms. Silvestro
Prairie in some will be the everyday liaison to La Prairie’s
capacity for the existing spas in Beverly Hills, Grand Cayman
past six years; and New York City; in addition, she will be an
first, at the brand’s integral part in launching Hotel Bel-Air Spa by
former PR agency La Prairie in Summer 2011.
and for the past
t wo ye a r s , i n - Alicja Wojczyk has been promoted to Public
house. In her new Relations Coordinator. Ms. Wojczyk has been
role, Ms. Maser with La Prairie for a year, and in that time, has
will continue proven herself a rising star within the company.
Jaime Maser spearheading all In her new role, Ms. Wojczyk will be more
corporate com- visible with planning, organizing and imple-
munications, new media outreaches and strategic menting La Prairie’s Public Relations efforts
alliance and press events for the North American within North American print, broadcast and
market, as well as initiating new programs and online media. In addition, Ms. Wojczyk will
business growth strategies among La Prairie’s spearhead the brand’s foray into Twitter
namesake spas.. BF (@laprairie_usa), debuting later this month. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 39 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Celebrates His 90th Birthday
riends and family from across the globe recently flew to Palm Beach,
Florida, to celebrate the 90 th birthday of Alvin “Bud” Lindsay,
The Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame honoree and long-time
Treasurer and Board Member for the organization. During his tenure as
President of Roure Bertrand Dupont, some of the fragrance world’s most
famous scents were created, including Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium.

Bud Lindsay celebrated his 90th birthday with family Mr. Lindsay, Helen Lindsay and Elizabeth Kuhnke
and friends
Mr. Lindsay was present-
ed with a “This Is Your
Life” book which included
anecdotes, stories and
testimonials from former
clients and colleagues.
Those included in the
book were Andrea Jung,
CEO, AVON; Dr. Fernando
Aleu, former President of
Puig and Chairman of the
Mr. Lindsay with his surprise guest and close
Geoffrey Webster with Annette Green and Mr. Lindsay friend, Ms. Green Board of The Fragrance
Foundation; Dan Stebbins,
former President of Dragoco; Robin Burns- McNeill, Founder and Chairman of Batallure Beauty; Marc Rosen, Arlene
Dahl and John Ledes, Publisher and Editor of Cosmetic World and Beauty Fashion. Mr. Lindsay’s stepson, Geoffrey
Webster, former President of Givaudan and also in The Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame, attended and was the
official photographer.
Alvin F. Lindsay III
celebrates his
father’s birthday
with his parents.

Paula Gilles,
Dillon Gilles and
Mayra Lindsay

The surprise guest of honor was Annette Green, President Emeritus of The Fragrance Foundation, one of
Mr. Lindsay’s closest friends and industry associates. BF

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Suppliers Step Up ‘Green’ Initiatives And Sustainability Game Plans
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Michel Mane concepts in using advanced organic Christophe

President, Mane agricultural technologies or in wild Maubert
Americas harvesting non-timber forest products Fragrance Division
Mane according to the UEBT principles. Manager
Different research
led by scientists Kevin Marshall Protecting the envi-
shows that biodiversity is disappear- Vice President/ ronment, safeguarding natural resources
ing at an alarming rate. We tend to Group Creative and fostering local economic develop-
forget that our economy depends on Director ment are key initiatives for Robertet.
nature and its ecosystems services, as Marc Rosen For the past 160 years, Robertet has
much as we rely on biodiversity as a Associates always demonstrated strict environ-
source of supply and continuous mental and sustainability policies for
innovation. Actors of both public and As we pursue creative solutions, we natural aromatic products. Constant
private sectors need to revolutionize make it a point to dialogue with improvement of our processes and
the way they think and interface with clients about viable, on-target controlling consumption levels and
nature. We can act on many fronts “sustainable” or environmentally emissions all actively contribute to
such as: impactful ways of achieving their reducing our environmental footprint.
• Redefining what responsible con- brand objectives. By having this dis- Robertet is committed to partner-
sumption means. cussion early in the design process, ships in different geographic areas,
• Raising awareness of issues and we’re able to broaden our creative support of local producers and pres-
solutions through education. approach and thoughtfully consider ervation of biodiversity. Acquisition
• Using sound science to develop packaging options that could have of Plantes Aromatiques du Diois has
the technologies adapted to the real, environmentally favorable effects. allowed us to implement sustainable
holistic design strategies of the While such ideas are always part development and fair trading for
products and services of tomorrow. of the conceptual mix, there are organic plants.
• Integrating the costs of ecosystem many factors that determine just how Robertet has established a van-
services in packaged goods’ pro- far such solutions are adopted or guard position both in terms of the
duction costs to preserve our implemented. But I have yet to work sustainable use of the world’s resourc-
license to operate. with a client that wasn’t excited at es and its industrial operations.
Mane was the first fragrance house the prospect of exploring environ-
to sign the UN Global Compact and mentally responsible packaging.
adhere to its ten principles. We are Shéhérazade
also an active member of the Cos- Chamlou
metic Industry Biodiversity Platform Vice President
Aviva Himoff
spearheaded by UNCTAD. Our CSR
President Sales + Marketing
report on the implementation of
those principles includes a sustain- Préface Deux SGD North America
ability dashboard with indicators
such as VOC and carbon emissions, G.Pivaudran was After the launch of
renewable energy and resources one of the first to put the Infinite Glass, the first 100%
consumption, with other social in a recycling system recycled—100% recyclable glass
indicators and ethical sourcing about 15 years ago for aluminum dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics,
initiatives. Our approach to integrat- anodizing. The system recycles the and the subsequent launch of NAYA
ed design strategies led us to pioneer chemicals used in the anodizing pro- (face cream) which was the first
our Aquafine technology, which cess, and we are continuing to 100% eco-designed industrial project
significantly contributes to lowering improve on this operation over time. in cooperation with four other industrial
the carbon footprint of fragrances. When developing a new concept partners, SGD and seven manufac-
And on the biodiversity sustainable for a new package, we try, if possible, turers joined together to create Emoi
use and conservation front, we sup- to develop parts that are assembled Infini, an eco-designed box of three
port the access and benefit-sharing by friction fit instead of using glue. fragrances. Elle, Lui, Moi (Her, Him,
principle of the CBD (Convention on Without glue, both parts aluminum Me) is a line of three complementary
Biodiversity) in actively engaging and plastic are recyclable. men’s, women’s and children’s per-
with partners that implement those fumes that creates links between

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 41 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Suppliers Step Up ‘Green’ Initiatives And Sustainability Game Plans
materials, individuals, and genera- Jill Belasco containers wherever possible and
tions and adds a unique emotional CEO corn starch packing materials—
touch to the purely functional—the The Maesa Group known as peanuts—for packing and
true meaning of sustainable develop- shipping our fragrances. We recycle
ment with the aesthetic qualities The beauty customer all in-bound cardboard packaging.
expected by the fragrance and beauty realizes her environ- Our used empty pails—both steel
industries. From the gift box to the mental responsibility and plastic—are recycled. Fiber-
bottle, including the fragrances, and being as green as possible is not board drums are used as fuel in
ingredients and manufacturing, only the ethical way to plan our energy production incinerators.
everything was eco-conceived and business but also the intelligent way Trilogy scrap is sold to a re-processor
then eco-designed. Using the Infinite to market to our clients. for blending into usable “potpourri
Glass, which has been created from The Maesa Group works with large fragrance” that is ultimately used in
clear household glass waste, can retailers and brands around the soaps and candles.
reduce carbon emissions and energy world and, as they respond to their
use by up to 15%. The decorations customer demands, our business
on the three bottles were made with develops in kind. We strive to design François Sabaté
a water-soluble lacquering in two products with formulations that use Sales and Market
colors and one layer of white organic sustainable and organic ingredients. General Manager
screen printing. Emoi Infini reconciles Our focus in packaging is to use Verreries Pochet
optimized, environmentally responsible recyclable and recycled materials, et du Courval
industrial solutions which illustrate and we have dramatically increased
the potential for more sustainable our use of FSC paper. Convinced that pro-
luxury design. To find out more about The company has moved into new tection of the environment and
SGD’s Infinite Glass, please log on to offices and a new factory in 2011; sustainable development are a major
www.verreinfini.com and view the decisions made in an effort to issue for all but also as a factor of
entire lifecycle of this glass. improve our green efficiencies. competitiveness for our customers,
Increased supplier audits insure that Pochet now considers it as one of our
Kevin Renskers we continue to hold our partners to core values. The French glass manu-
Chief EHS Officer the same high eco-standards that we facturer is committed to an action
and Vice President respect internally. plan dedicated to the prevention of
Corporate Safety & environmental risks and reduction of
Regulatory Affairs the impact of its activities on the
Takasago/Americas Jack Corley environment by reducing its water
Executive Vice and energy consumption, along
Takasago’s global Environmental President with emissions into the air—carbon
Health & Safety policy states that, “In Trilogy Fragrances dioxide and VOCs, thanks to the use
all our business operations, we will of water-based varnishes.
make efforts to reduce the impact on We have taken a Designing products, which are
the environment.” In September number of initiatives more environmentally friendly, is
2010, Takasago President and CEO at Trilogy’s headquarters and manu- another part of this commitment,
Ritaro Igaki restated Takasago’s facturing center in Lakewood, New thanks to the choice of raw materials,
commitment to “…manufacture Jersey to reduce our carbon footprint. the systematic development of
products that impose no burden on First and foremost, we are licensed as water-based spray materials, for
the environment over the course of an Operator under the U.S.D.A. example, or taking into account the
their lifecycle from procurement of National Organic Program and as recyclability of our products at the
raw materials through final disposal.” such, must meet some very stringent end of their life cycle.
Our goal for the next 3 years is to requirements with respect to the For Pochet, respect for the environ-
reduce Takasago’s total global CO2 ingredients we use, as well as the ment is part of a comprehensive
emissions by 2% per year. In addition, handling and segmentation of these approach that involves all actors in
in FY2011 Takasago’s goal is to (organic) ingredients in our facility. everyday life. BF
achieve blanket ISO 14001 certifica- Our green initiative includes using
tion for all Takasago production sites. only post-recyclable packaging

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 42 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
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Luxury women’s wear Designer Douglas Hannant has collaborated with Robert Piguet Parfums
to debut Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet. This signature fragrance, inspired by the sophistica-
tion of haute couture, is a light floral created by Perfumer Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan.
Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet is the first designer fragrance for Robert Piguet Parfums and
the first original scent since the 1960’s. Mr. Hannant embodies the legacy set forth by Robert
Piguet, whose strict adherence to good taste, true luxury and innate sense of seduction created
timeless beauty. Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Hubert de Givenchy are among the Designers
trained by Mr. Piguet at his legendary couture house, which opened in 1933. In 1944, Robert
Piguet Parfums was created with the launch of Bandit and followed
with Fracas, Visa and Baghari.
“Robert Piguet Parfums for the past few years has relaunched
several of Robert Piguet’s original fragrances, the most famous
being Fracas,” affirmed Joseph Garces, President and CEO of
Robert Piguet Parfums. “Now we are proud to introduce our first
Douglas Hannant
de Robert Piguet Designer Signature Fragrance with Douglas. His inspiration has
debuted at a launch created a romantic bouquet that captures the essence of elegance.”
party in New York Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet opens on a top note of
orange blossom, pear granite
and gardenia. Its middle note of
Douglas Hannant
with a Model in tuberose is based on a drydown
one of his designs of sandalwood, jasmine abso-
and holding lute and white musk. In keeping
Douglas Hannant
de Robert Piguet with Mr. Hannant’s design sensi-
bility and the couture tradition,
each bottle is hand-poured, labeled and individually sealed with silver thread.
Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet comes in a 1 oz. Parfum for $210.00 as well as
Eau de Parfum in 1.7 oz. for $85.00 and 3.4 oz., $120.00. It is now available in stores.
Mr. Hannant declared that he was “very excited when Robert Piguet Parfums
approached me about creating this extraordinary fragrance with Givaudan. It is
a youthful, modern and feminine scent that I think my clients all over the world Mr. Hannant with Robert Piguet
will enjoy.” Parfums’ Joseph Garces

David Yurman The Essence Collection

is launched in conjunction with
The Clarins Group.

Building upon premier Jeweler David Yurman’s first signature women’s fragrance
launched in conjunction with The Clarins Group, the artistry of David Yurman is
now interpreted in his three newest fragrance creations—David Yurman The
Essence Collection. The three scents, developed by Firmenich’s Master Perfumer,
Harry Fremont, echo the radiant gemstones—pink tourmaline, peridot and citrine.
Exotic Essence, a modern, sensual oriental, begins on a top note of mandarin.
Its middle note of Casablanca lily, rose petals, exotic woods and patchouli dries
down to a note of vanilla absolute, amber, warm musk, Australian sandalwood
and peach skin.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 43 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N

Delicate Essence is a modern floral that opens with pink pepper, lotus blossom and orange. Its middle note of pink
peony blossom, wild rose and rose absolute is based on a drydown of sheer amber, blonde woods and skin musk.
Fresh Essence is a fruity floral that has a top note of apple, cassis, juicy red fruits and fresh greens. Its heart of rose,
peony and water lily blends to a base of soft musk, cashmere woods and cedarwood.
The fragrances are presented in beveled glass bottles radiating jewel tones and topped with a silver cap featuring
David Yurman’s signature cable design. They are packaged in a linen-white box with a logo emblazoned in rich
hematite. Each Essence is identified with a personal touch from Sybil Yurman—a fluid brushstroke of paint mirroring
the gemstone-inspired color.
The scents in David Yurman The Essence Collection come in a 3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray for $85.00. They are
available in the spring at David Yurman retail stores, Bloomingdale’s and at davidyurman.com.

DKNY Be Delicious ushers in spring with two new versions—Be

Delicious Juiced and Fresh Blossom Juiced. Each Juiced fragrance
provides a burst of freshness and light.
DKNY Be Delicious Juiced contains the nectar extract DKNY Be Delicious Juiced blends ripe apples and watery fruits
of a New York apple.
surrounded by pear blossom, golden mango nectar, muguet,
white peony and violet petals. It is based on a note of creamy
woods and white amber. DKNY Fresh Blossom Juiced opens with
pink grapefruit, freesias, cassis and passion flower. Its heart of
apple, lily of the valley, pink rose petals and sweet pea dries down
to a note of palisander wood, vetiver mist and white musks. Each
scent is presented in a 50 ml iconic Be Delicious apple bottle.
DKNY Be Delicious Juiced and Fresh Blossom Juiced come in a
1 oz. size for $36.00 and 1.7 oz., $52.00. They are available now
in fine department stores and at dkny.com.
DKNY Fresh Blossom Juiced contains the sugar-rich dew
crushed from flowers.

NATORI from Josie Natori in Eau de Toilette is the sheer new interpretation
of the modern classic fragrance distributed and marketed by Parlux
Fragrances. The floral oriental echoes the original NATORI Eau de Parfum
with its rich weave of exotic florals imbued with a hint of mystery.
Natori Eau de Toilette opens on a top note of fresh rose petals and plum.
Its heart of ylang ylang, purple peony and night blooming jasmine is based
on black patchouli, amber and satin musk. It is presented in a violet-tinted
flacon inspired by the lotus blossom’s silhouette of slowly unfolding petals.
The small clear window on the bottle’s façade provides a glimpse into the
juice. Its cap is conceived to mimic a stone worn smooth by the river.
NATORI Eau de Toilette comes in a 1.7 oz. size for $65.00. It is available NATORI Eau de Toilette is a sheer,
this spring at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. BF new interpretation of the modern classic
NATORI Eau de Parfum from Josie Natori.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 44 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
(continued from page 32)

and radiant look for hours with an attached lip brush. The Smoothing Lip Pencil is
available in three shades of Mahogany, Chianti and Tangelo for the price of $20.00.
Shiseido Makeup Perfect Refining Foundation is a liquid foundation that delivers
superior makeup effects and outstanding moisturizing skincare effects simultaneously. The
line offers a range of 15 colors to match a variety of skin tones, delivering an even-toned,
smooth finish that lasts for 15 hours straight. Each 30 ml foundation is priced at $38.50.
Shiseido Makeup Translucent Pressed Powder spreads smoothly over the face, instantly
creating a beautifully refined, even-toned finish. Formulated with super oil-absorbing
powder, this pressed powder removes excessive sebum, inhibits shine and prevents make-
up from creasing. With its convenient palm-sized compact, Translucent Pressed Powder is
available in one shade that matches every skin tone for the price of $32.00. Shiseido
Makeup Bronzer creates a radiant, bronze glow with a texture so fine, and coverage so
even, the complexion looks like it was finished by airbrush. Available in three shades of
Dawn, Desert Rose and Dusk, the Shiseido Makeup Bronzer is priced at $35.00.
From the imagination of Mr. Page, the Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Eye
Color Trios consist of naturally contrasting and highlighting shades that brighten the from the
eyes. Each shade can be worn together or separately for a wide variety of looks and new Shiseido
effects. Three color palettes are offered, priced at $33.00 each. Makeup
All products are available nationwide at fine department stores including Macy’s,
Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora and online at shiseido.com.

Lash Innovations
Rethink lashes, from top to bottom,
by pairing new Bottom Lash Mascara
with any Clinique mascara for a
complete lash makeover.

Clinique’s new Bottom Lash Mascara is specially designed to reach those hard-to-find bottom
lashes. Exclusive to Clinique, the Bottom Lash Mascara’s brush is one of the smallest on the market
with the big job of enhancing smaller, more delicate lower lashes. Formulated with thermal
technology, the mascara wears true for up to 24-hours without smudging or smearing. The formula
is comprised of acrylates copolymer which dries after application and immediately provides a film
layer that protects the formula from cold water, sweat and humidity. Bentonite, a stretchable
clay-like ingredient, smoothly coats bottom lashes for a natural definition while jojoba oil
conditions the lashes.
Housed in a silver floral patterned barrel, its miniature size makes it the perfect portable partner
to any Clinique mascara. Available in shades of Black and Black/Brown for the price of $10.00
for a 90-day supply, Bottom Lash Mascara can be found at Clinique counters nationwide and at

Wonder Woman
Just when the fate of the world is careening toward disaster, cue
theme music! It’s Wonder Woman! Her mission: Collaborate with
M·A·C to fight the super villains of the world—criminally outdated
color and un-dimensional skin finish. The M·A·C Wonder Woman
collection includes 4 shades of Lipstick, 4 shades of Lipglass,
4 shades of Opulash, 3 Eye Quads, 2 shades of Nail Lacquer,
2 shades of Reflects Glitter, 2 Pigments, 2 Powder Blush Duos, 2 shades
of Mineralize Skinfinish Penultimate Eye Liner and Lash. The SKUs
range in price from $14.00 to $40.00. M·A·C’s
The line also features brush sets, makeup bags and mirrors from Wonder Woman
collection is available
$20.00 to $49.50. The Wonder Woman collection is available until April 2011.
until April at all M·A·C locations and at maccosmetics.com.
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 45 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Easy On The Eyes
Kiss introduces new products for the eyes this month that make application easier than
ever. Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings, for a faster, more precise glue-on
eyelash application, are a market-first. Patent-pending, application strings allow for
perfect placement every time. Sets are priced at $3.99.
For those who need to tame unruly brows, get a fuller look, or simply add more
definition, Kiss offers a range of duo pencils for multi-functional use. The Brow Gel &
Pencil Duo, in three shades to contour and define fuller brows, is priced at $6.49.
The Marker & Pencil Duo, for those with sparser brows, is $6.48 and the Brow Wax &
Pencil Duo, for all brow types that need some extra control, $4.48.
Kiss Premium Eyelashes with
Application Strings provide an easy Kiss products are available at Walgreens, CVS stores and at beautyonlinesupply.com.
way to apply false lashes in minutes.

Fancy Nails
The easiest way to dress up nails will be at your fingertips with
the new Broadway Nail Dress Kit that contains unique stickers
that give an instant nail makeover in minutes. Nail Dress
requires no heat for application and can be shaped to fit any
nail. Available for the price of $5.49, the Nail Dress Kit can be
found at Walgreens, CVS stores and at beautyonlinesupply.com.
The Broadway Nail Dress Kit creates an instant nail makeover.

wet n wild’s ManiCurve™

Brush is specially designed
to quickly and flawlessly
disperse nail color.
Quick Change
One coat of wet n wild’s Fast Dry Nail Color provides impeccable coverage and dries in just 60
seconds. The innovative nail collection introduces the latest cutting-edge shades in a quick-drying
formula to keep pace with the on-the-go gal’s restless life. Its specially-engineered ManiCurve™
Brush is designed with a flat rod for even liquid dispersion and a rounded bristle tip to hug nail
curves for a flawless application and streak-free shine. Nail polishes are formaldehyde-, toluene- and
Available in 18 shades, each Fast Dry Nail Color is priced at $1.99 and can be found at mass
retailers and drug stores nationwide.

Concealer Care
Mally’s latest concealer
brightens and moisturizes
the skin while providing
SPF protection.

Expanding on the bestselling Cancellation Concealer, Mally has created the Cancellation Condition-
ing Concealer, a long-wearing, water-resistant, brightening cream. This one-step system offers a
smooth, blendable formula with light diffusing pigments to instantly enhance the complexion while
offering SPF protection and moisturizing benefits.
The combination of vitamin E and glycerine, the key moisturizing agents in the Cancellation
Conditioning Concealer, helps nurture delicate skin, including the area around the eye, while
providing full coverage to hide fine lines and blemishes. The transfer-resistant formula results in a
bullet-proof product with longer lasting adherence that stays on until you take it off. It can also be
used as a full face foundation or to conceal breakouts on other parts of the body.
Available in five shades of Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Rich, the concealer is available for $35.00
exclusively at qvc.com.
F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 46 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Shimmer And Shine
Too Faced introduces its new range of products that illuminate the face and eyes this season. Amazing
Face Oil Free Close-Up Coverage Foundation is a skin-smoothing foundation that provides the illusion
of airbrushed skin in seconds. Glamour Dust Glitter Pigment is a loose and luxurious pigment powder
that merges all the glamour of glitter with an ethereal feminine effect. Peach Leopard Brightening &
Perfecting Bronzer turns up the heat in warming shades of shimmering
peach, matte chocolate and tawny bronze that create a skin perfecting,
tropical glow.
A new product extension of the legendary Shadow Insurance is
Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primer that
locks down glitter and enhances its reflective quality. Another is
Shadow Insurance Candlelight, romantically lit with a shimmering
gold glow that imparts a sexy, soft focused light to enhance eye shadow
The Shadow Insurance
with a touch of metallic.
Candlelight and Peach The products range in price from $17.00-$36.00 and are
Lepoard Brightening & available at toofaced.com, Sephora, ULTA and prestige boutiques
Perfecting Bronzer from
the Too Faced Spring
2011 collection

Parlez-Vous Français?
e ssie’s “A French Affair” collection is available
in six shades including “Coat Azure,”
A flirty French rendezvous has arrived with the new spring “Sand Tropez” and “Nice Is Nice.”
2011 collection from essie: “A French Affair.” An assort-
ment of six retro pastels and show-stopping neutrals,
shades pay an unapologetic homage to 1960’s French
glamour. Nail polish is 3-free, contains no formaldehyde,
DBP or toluene. Each polish in the collection is priced at
$8.00 and is available both in salons and at retail stores.

Au Naturel
This spring, tarte introduces a fresh, color-infused collection. For the face, tarte offers the provocateur
Amazonian clay shimmering powder for instant luminosity that is available in two shades that
work for all skin tones. smooth operator™ Amazonian clay illuminating serum is a natural skin
brightener that is infused with Amazonian clay, vitamins and tea extract to moisturize and replenish
skin as it adds a hint of glimmer. Lip products include LipSurgence™ natural lip lusters in 6 shades
and LipSurgence™ natural lip tints in 7 shades. The products range from $18.00 to $44.00 and

Each tarte product is formulated without parabens, mineral oil & petrolatum,
phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic dye or synthetic fragrance. (Continued on page 52)

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 47 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
SKIN (continued from page 34)

creation of “Illuminating Cells,” which are healthier, more translucent cells with
optimum nanostructures capable of producing and capturing light from within.
Illuminating Complex is joined by Clé de Peau Beauté’s Brilliant Cell
Management 4C and other technologically advanced ingredients and nutrients
to manage the skin’s cellular life for an overall younger, more radiant
appearance. The skincare regimen is infused with laelia, jasmine tea, thyme,
sandalwood, benzoin, chamomile and marjoram to provide both aroma-
therapeutic and skincare benefits.
The new Clé de Peau Beauté Skincare Collection consists of La Crème, a
high-performance night cream in 30 ml for $525.00; Gentle Cleansing Foam/
Refreshing Cleansing Foam in 110 ml, $63.00; Gentle Balancing Lotion/Refresh-
ing Balancing Lotion in 170 ml, $100.00; Gentle Protective Emulsion SPF 20/
Refreshing Protective Emulsion SPF 20 in 125 ml, $130.00; Gentle Nourishing
Emulsion/Refreshing Nourishing Emulsion in 125 ml, $150.00; Cleansing Cream
in 130 ml, $72.00; Eye and Lip Makeup Remover in 125 ml, $50.00 and 120
Cotton Sheets, $20.00.
Available now, the Clé de Peau Beauté Skincare Collection is at select
Amanda Seyfried stars in the promotional
campaign for the Clé de Peau Beauté Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York stores as well as at
Skincare Collection. Bergdorf Goodman.

On The Bright Side

FusionBeauty® Colorceuticals’
Illumicover Line Smoothing
FusionBeauty® Colorceuticals has a line of multi-tasking products that fuses Luminous Concealer™ helps
advanced technology with luxurious formulations. The brand has two new restore the complexion’s elasticity
additions that are intended to add radiance as well as moisture-infused and firmness while smoothing
away lines and wrinkles.
benefits to skin.
Illumicover Line Smoothing Luminous Concealer™ is an instant and long-term anti-wrinkle treatment for a
brighter and more youthful complexion. The lightweight formula instantly hides shadows and imperfections
with light-reflecting pigments in four blendable shades.
The formulation contains Matrixyl 3000 to help promote collagen production that reduces the appearance
of wrinkle depth and density. Myoxinol, a botanical peptide, decreases muscle cell contraction that helps to
smooth expression lines. Inviskin Matrix Rebuild protects against environmental aggressors and hydrates the
skin’s protective barrier to plump lines and wrinkles. Syn-tacks, a peptide combo, develops
the skin’s structural support to improve firmness.
Illumicover Line Smoothing Luminous Concealer™ is available now at ULTA, Nordstrom
and other retailers nationwide for $36.00.
Moisture-infused, younger-looking skin is achieved with new FusionBeauty® Prime
Results Tinted Moisturizer + SPF 15. Its dual benefits instantly moisturize and provide
a sheer veil of color while protecting the skin from the sun’s rays.
The product’s extra lightweight texture with built-in primer instantly perfects the complexion while
helping to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections. Saliporine, vitamins A, C
and E provide hydration to help maintain fresh and healthy-looking skin.
A long-term benefit of prolonged hydration is provided with via salicornia herbacea extract that
increases the water content of the skin by 6,000 percent in four weeks. The micro-lines on the face are
reduced with a mix of water, glycerin, steareth-20 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7. Preventative peptides
and SPF 15 help protect the skin against environmental damage. Rose
FusionBeauty Prime Results
® bud active works over time to diminish the appearance of pores, while
Tinted Moisturizer + SPF 15 gives Preventhelia™ helps protect against damage to DNA.
the skin hydration and coverage FusionBeauty® Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer + SPF 15 comes in
today and moisture-infused,
younger-looking skin tomorrow.
four shades for $40.00. It is now at Sephora, ULTA and other fine retailers.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 48 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Topical ‘Lift’ Avon’s ANEW Clinical
Lift & Firm Pro Serum
tightens skin instantly
Avon addresses sagging, slack skin with ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Pro and restores firmness
over time.
Serum. This topical serum contains two injectable-grade ingredients
that provide visible lifting benefits.
The formulation features Anti-Gravity Gel, which consists of PVP, an injectable-grade
skin-tightening polymer. It also is formulated with Pro-Firming Beads and injectable-
grade Arginine to help boost elastin production critical to the skin’s firmness.
ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Pro Serum is priced at $54.00 and is available now
exclusively through Avon Representatives by calling 1-800-FOR-AVON or at avon.com.

Skin Saver
Women with very dry skin have the option of choosing the new Venus ProSkin
MoistureRich Razor. It produces a close, comfortable shave with MoistureRich
shave gel bars containing a triple blend of butters. A refillable Venus ProSkin
MoistureRich Razor with two replacement cartridges is $9.79; with four
replacement cartridges, $11.29 and with six replacement cartridges, $16.81.
New Satin Care Pure & Delicate ™ shave gel is formulated
without perfumes or colorants to minimize skin irritation during
Venus ProSkin
MoistureRich Razor shaving. It is a perfect partner for the Venus Embrace razor. A 7 oz. size of
eliminates the need Satin Care Pure & Delicate™ is priced at $2.17. Satin Care Pure & Delicate™
for a separate shave gel. Both new shave products are available now at shave gel helps protect the
skin from nicks and cuts
food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. during shaving.

The Prodigal Pen from

SAMPAR is a portable
treatment that can be used
any time day or night. Blemishes Banished
The Prodigal Pen is SAMPAR’s new weapon to fight blemishes, bug bites, rashes and
razor burn. A member of the Pure Perfection line, it has a detoxifying, antibacterial and
anti-inflammatory action. It contains essential oil of sage to produce an anti-seborrheic
effect. The Prodigal Pen from SAMPAR is priced at $21.00 and is available at beauty.
com, select Nordstrom stores and exclusive spas and salons worldwide.

The Easeamine® Skin

Care Line was developed
Skin’s Wake-up Call by Dr. James G. Dobson,
Jr. Ph.D. and Dr.
Michael Ethier, Ph.D.
Patented Adenosine Skin Technology™ drives the new Easeamine® Skin Care
Collection launched by Carmel Laboratories. Easeamine®’s patented trans-dermal
delivery technology sends Adenosine into the lower layers of the skin where
it works to rejuvenate. The Easeamine® Skin Care Line includes Cleanser, Revital-
izing Toner, Day Crème, Night Crème and Eye Crème. They range in price from
$26.00 to $138.00 and are available now online at easeamine.com.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 49 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
New Look
Hugo Naturals has new packaging, which interprets the image of the brand.

Hugo Naturals has a makeover.

• Head & Shoulders has new problem-solvers for dandruff issues. Head & Shoulders
Clinical Strength Shampoo offers prescription strength flaking relief in a 14.2 oz. bottle
for $6.99.
Solutions for dry, itchy and sensitive scalp are available with Head & Shoulders’ new
Itchy Scalp Collection, Dry Scalp Collection and Sensitive Scalp Collection. Each product
is priced at $4.99. All of the Head & Shoulders new SKUs are available
now at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide.

• Herbal Essences’ shampoos and conditioners have been completely

reformulated with water-activated silkening ingredients to make hair soft and shiny. All of the
shampoos and conditioners in five groups—Hello Hydration, Long Term Relationship, None of
Your Frizzness, Totally Twisted and Touchably Smooth—are each priced at $2.99 and available now
at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide.

• Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam has brought the delight-factor to
at-home color. It is easy to apply and delivers a dimensional color result. It
is priced $8.99 – $9.99 and is available wherever health and beauty aids
are sold.

• Clairol has a new Natural Instincts Vibrant Collection formulated with anti-
oxidants to provide 100% gray coverage for up to eight weeks and Week 2
Color Refresher at 14 days. All the SKUs are priced at $8.99 and are available
at health and beauty aid retailers.

• Aveda has developed Be Curly™ Style-Prep as a foundation for curly hair

styles. It comes in a 3.4 oz. size for $24.00 and is now at Aveda salons, spas
and stores as well as at aveda.com. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 50 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
(continued from page 35)

Laura Mercier Specialist Tracy Nelson, Counter Manager Minette

Mederios and Specialist Magie Fong take a moment between
customers to smile for the camera.

At the Clarins counter, Clarins’ Executive Trainer Gary

Macy’s Estée Lauder Counter Manager Mohini Malhotra conducting a
Walker proudly told me that the two most popular prod-
makeover on client Isabelle Schiess ucts were the fast-selling Instant Smooth Line Correcting
Concentrate and the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.
Estée Lauder Counter Manager Mohini Malhotra Instant Smooth is an invisible texture which perfectly
shared that the top products in Macy’s Union Square smoothes the skin by leaving a veil over its surface, visually
were the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrate minimizing wrinkles and fine lines to guarantee a flawless
and the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery complexion. The Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concen-
Complex. Both are comprehensive, high-performance trate is a high-precision corrector that smoothes away
anti-aging serums that were inspired by groundbreaking imperfections using Dermaxyl®, a line-correcting pep-
DNA research that showed a dramatic reduction in the tide, combined with Acacia micro-pearls and Instant
visible signs of aging. Exclusive Chronolux™ technology Smooth ingredients. The Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
synchronizes to skin’s needs to help support the optimal smoothes surface skin and minimizes the appearance of
performance of its natural repair. wrinkles, fine lines and dilated pores.

Clarins Specialists Jason Brown and Bianca Toribia

I have been invited to attend some of the upcoming

“celebrity events” at Macy’s, and I look forward to report-
M·A·C Beauty Specialist Lucia Haro applying makeup to a Macy’s ing more news from the world’s third largest department
customer store here in San Francisco! BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 51 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
(continued from page 37)

which includes Or de Rose Teint Supreme Foundation (continued from page 47)
and products from the Terrybly makeup collection. By
Terry’s Founder and CEO Terry de Gunzburg told Beauty are available at Henri Bendel, ULTA, Sephora, ulta.com,
Fashion that the Terrybly collection is “A return to the sephora.com, beauty.com, qvc.com and tarte.com.
source, filled with an avant-garde spirit.” tarte also presents two new products for the eyes that
are exclusively available on QVC and at qvc.com.
Sabine Chabbert’s La Cuisine des nez smooth operator™ Amazonian clay eye base is a natural
brightening base utilizing the intuitive power of Amazo-
nian clay to balance oily lids and hydrate dry areas
around the eye. The waterproof primer leaves your lids
soft and smooth, allowing shadow to remain truer to
color and last all day. Along with the Amazonian Clay,
skinvigorating™ ingredients include beeswax, vitamin A,
vitamin C and vitamin E. The .1 oz. eye base is priced
at $22.00.
The emphasEYES™ aqua-gel eyeliner captures the high
pigment concentration and staying power of a gel pot in
an effortless pencil, no brush required. Fortified with
At the La Cuisine Des Nez book vitamin E, cucumber and aloe, this soothing aqua-gel
launch, Sabine Chabbert (front) Ms. Chabbert (c.), Mr. Vibert- eyeliner maintains moisture balance in skin while
with avid fans and Terre Bleue’s Guigue and Jean-Marc Anglès
Jean-Louis Vibert-Guigue (c.)
treating with healing free radical fighters. QVC has the
relaxing after the event
exclusive indigo shimmer shade that is priced at $25.92.
Perfume Writer and Editor Sabine Chabbert has scored
un coup (a hit) with her clever and insightful book La Cuisine
des nez: Les recettes des grands créateurs de parfums. By
asking herself the simple question, “What do the great
perfume noses cook up in their own kitchens?” she hit
upon the idea of collecting favorite recipes from Perfumers.
Through 25 years as a perfume Writer, and Founder of
Cosmetics News, Ms. Chabbert personally knows “la
True Colors
crème de la crème” of French Perfumers. With her friends
being creators of some of the most famous fragrances Bobbi Brown introduces a new light-
in the world, Ms. Chabbert’s La Cuisine des nez is filled weight, color-saturated formula for
with their recipes, generously offered and precisely lips. Created with a colorless base,
measured. The book includes recipes like Antoine and Rich Lip Color showcases the true
Shyamala Maisondieu’s “Le curry rouge Maisondieu,” color of pigments—so what you see
and Françoise Caron and Olivier Cresp’s “Le fettucine al is what you get. This creamy and
Crespo,” all bearing the names of their creators. emollient lipstick also moisturizes
Superb color photographs of the culinary creations by and conditions lips as it protects with
Jean-Marc Anglès give La Cuisine des nez the quality and SPF 12. Available in 12 shades
visual sensation of a sophisticated coffee table book, from pale to deep, Rich Lip Color is
which even non-French readers will consume with priced at $22.00 and is available
delight. Ms. Chabbert’s thoughtful, well-written and at Bobbi Brown counters and at
richly anecdotal profiles are accompanied by black and bobbibrown.com. BF
white portraits of the perfumers by Photographer Frédéric Bobbi Brown’s
Huijbregts. La Cuisine des nez offers a rare, personal Rich Lip Color
is available in
perspective on French Perfumers, making it a veritable twelve shades.
reference book as well as an essential addition to the
library of any perfume aficionado. Although currently
only available in French, it would be surprising if it were
not quickly published in English as it offers tasty food for
thought, reflection and pleasure for readers well beyond
the borders of its native France. Published by Editions Terre
Bleue, more information is available at terrebleue.fr. BF

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 1 / 52 / B E A U T Y FA S H I O N
Robert MacDonald Oils for Fragrances Flavors, Fragrances, Essential info@cnpkg.com
FRAGRANCE Manufacturer of Fragrance Oils, Oleoresins and Aromatics Brooks Markert
Compounds, Naturals and Symrise Design, Engineering and
COMPOUNDS & Aromatic Ingredients 505 Park Avenue Manufacturing of Fragrance
ESSENTIAL OILS Givaudan Fragrances
15th floor BOTTLE & and Cosmetic Closures
New York, NY 10022
Corporation [tel] (646) 459-5000 PACKAGING CEI: Cosmetic Essence
Arcade Marketing, Inc.
1700 Broadway
40 West 57th Street
11th floor
[fax] (646) 459-5020 DESIGN 2182 Route 85 South
Suite 2500 New York, NY 10019 doreen.bucher@symrise.com Holmdel, NJ 07733
New York, NY 10019 [tel] (212) 649-8800 Hee Jeong Son ABA Packaging [tel] (732) 888-7788
[tel] (212) 541-2600 [fax] (212) 649-8897
Also: Corporation [fax] (732) 888-1994
[fax] (212) 541-2648 www.givaudan.com 740 Blue Point Road www.cosmeticessence.com
Cosimo Policastro 300 North Street Paul Morris
www.arcadeinc.com Holtsville, NY 11742
Manufacturers of Fine Teterboro, NJ 07608 Blending & Filling of
sales@arcadeinc.com [tel] (631) 758-4200
Fragrance [tel] (201) 288-3200 Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions,
Debra Leipman-Yale [fax] (201) 462-2363
[fax] (631) 758-4295
Provide Patented Fragrance & Color Cosmetics; Package
Cosmetic Sampling Devices, International Flavors & www.symrise.com
Design, Development &
Contract Manufacturing and Fragrances Inc. Dr. Klaus Stanzl Sourcing. Contract Packaging,
Fragrance Compounds & Rafael Cruz Assembly & Full Distribution.
Microencapsulation Services 521 West 57th Street Glass Bottles, Closures,
Essential Oils In-House Capabilities Include
New York, NY 10019 Pumps, Private Molds, Ceramic Thermoforming, Rigid Box
Drom International Inc. [tel] (212) 765-5500 Decoration, Frosting and Manufacturing & Injection
5 Jacksonville Road [fax] (212) 708-7132 Takasago International Accessories
Corporation (U.S.A.) Blow Molding
Towaco, NJ 07082 www.iff.com
[tel] (973) 316-8400 Nicolas Mirzayantz Fragrance Division Alcan Packaging Eastman Chemical
[fax] (973) 316-9039 Fragrance Compounds 4 Volvo Drive 595 Madison Avenue Company
www.drom.com Rockleigh, NJ 07647-0932 10th floor 1 Eastman Road
AJO@drom.com Mane USA [tel] (201) 767-9001 New York, NY 10022 Kingsport, TN 37601
Andy O’Shea 60 Demarest Drive [fax] (201) 784-7200 [tel] (212) 371-5100 [tel] (800) EASTMAN
Fragrance Manufacturing Wayne, NJ 07470 www.takasago.com [fax] (212) 829-9539 [fax] (423) 224-0612
[tel] (973) 633-5533 Paul Ireland www.alcanpackaging.com
Producer of Fragrance www.theglasspolymer.com
Firmenich International [fax] (973) 633-5538 beauty.packaging@alcan.com Cary Clubb
Fine Fragrance Center www.mane.com Compounds and Aroma
Stephane Tondenier Cosmetics & Personal Care
625 Madison Avenue maneusa@mane.com Compacts, Pots, Kits & Packaging with the Look of
New York, NY 10022 Michel Mane Palettes, Powder Containers, Glass & the Performance of
Fine Fragrance Compounds
Ungerer & Company Lipsticks, Lip Gloss & Mascara Plastics. The Glass Polymer
[tel] (212) 489-4800
and Essential Oils 4 Bridgewater Lane Cases, M/U Sticks, Offers Innovative Design and
[fax] (212) 980-4312
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 Applicators, Brushes, Puffs, Application Possibilities
Robertet [tel] (973) 628-0600 Sponges, Jars, Dispensers,
Jerry Vittoria Bottles & Tottles, Deodorant
Creators and Manufacturers of Fragrances, Inc. [fax] (973) 628-0251 HCT Packaging
www.ungererandcompany.com Sticks, Perfume Caps & Shells.
Fragrances & Chemical 125 Bauer Drive Promotional Items, Full Service
746 Rte 202-206
Specialties Oakland, NJ 07436 mmagliaro@ungerer.org Bridgewater, NJ 08889
[tel] (201) 405-1000 Mark Magliaro [tel] (908) 203-8010
Fragrance Carla Arcangelo Bormioli Luigi USA
[fax] (201) 405-0184 [fax] (908) 203-8019
Resources, Inc. Flavors, Fragrances, Essential 5 Walnut Grove Drive
www.robertet.com www.hctpackaging.com
Oils, Oleoresins and Aromatics Suite 140 Plastic Injection Molding -
620 Route 3 West jlattarulo@robertetusa.com
Horsham, PA 19044 Specializing in Compact
PO Box 4277 Joseph Lattarulo [tel] (215) 672-7111
Clifton, NJ 07014 Manufacturers of Fragrances Manufacturing and Design.
[tel] (973) 777-2979 for Use in Cosmetic, Toiletry SPECIALTY [fax] (215) 672-7115
Turnkey Services - Metal
Injection Molding - ZAMAC
and Household Products
[fax] (973) 458-5224
INGREDIENTS obursac@luigibormioli.com
Robert MacDonald Also:
Olga Bursac IBC Shell Packaging
Cosmetic and Perfume 1981 Marcus Ave.
Fragrance Oils Robertet, Inc. Ungerer & Company Containers; Glass Design, Lake Success, NY 11042
125 Bauer Drive 4 Bridgewater Lane Manufacturing & Distribution [tel] (516) 352-4505
Also: Oakland, NJ 07436 Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
[fax] (516) 352-3084
70 East 55th Street [tel] (201) 337-7100 [tel] (973) 628-0600 C+N Packaging, Inc. www.ibcshell.com
3rd Floor [fax] (201) 337-0070 [fax] (973) 628-0251 105 Wyandanch Avenue carla@ibcshell.com
New York, NY 10022 www.robertet.com www.ungererandcompany.com Wyandanch, NY 11798 ibcshell.com
[tel] (212) 909-0780 jptetrault@robertetusa.com mmagliaro@ungerer.org [tel] (631) 491-1400 Carla H. D’Ambra
[fax] (212) 715-9668 Jean Pierre Tetrault Mark Magliaro [fax] (631) 491-1299 Design & Mfg Custom Upscale
www.fragranceresources.com Natural Extracts and Essential Carla Arcangelo www.cnpkg.com


Cosmetic Pkg & Related Retail Environments Design, Development & Healthcare, Personal Care & www.sgbpackaging.com
Dimensional Products for Nat’l Sourcing. Contract Packaging, Cosmetic Markets. Distinctive sgibli@sgbpackaging.com
Brand Marketers. Also: Assembly & Full Distribution. through Our Use of Shoshana Gibli
Displays, Direct Response,
Sales KIB & Mktg Aids. Import GLASS, CARTON, In-House Capabilities Include
Thermoforming, Rigid Box
Paperboard, Plastic &
Combinations of these
Primary Packaging for
Cosmetic, Fragrance and
Exquisite Packaging &
Intricate Components from
AND COMPONENT Manufacturing & Injection
Blow Molding
Materials Skincare Industry. Variety of
Stock Items in Injection, PET
IBC’s Six Factory-Direct MANUFACTURING Maesa Group Plastic Bottles, Tottles and
Facilities. Heinz Glas USA Inc. 40 Worth Street, Suire 705 Cosmetic Packaging,
360 Hurst Street New York, NY 10013 Compression, Jars, Caps,
Lombardi Design & ABA Packaging Linden, NJ 07036 Airless Pouch Systems, Wood
Corporation [tel] (212) 674-5555
Manufacturing [tel] (908) 474-0300 [fax] (212) 431-6614 Caps, Glass Bottles, Vials &
100 Doxsee Drive 740 Blue Point Road [fax] (908) 474-0306 Samplers, Metal
Freeport, NY 11520 Holtsville, NY 11742 www.heinzglass.com jill.belasco@maesa.com
[tel] (516) 546-4400 [tel] (631) 758-4200 www.hgd.pl gregory.mager@maesa.com
SGD North America, Inc.
[fax] (516) 546-4413 [fax] (631) 758-4295 mmazzei@heinzglasusa.com 900 Third Avenue
Jill Belasco
www.lombardi.cc www.abapackaging.com E. Mazzei 4th floor
Gregory Mager
victor.caracappa@lombardi.cc info@abapackaging.com Glass Bottles & Decoration, Private Label Beauty, New York, NY 10022
Victor Caracappa Rafael Cruz Plastic Bottlles, Caps & Fragrance, Home [tel] (212) 753-4200
Injection-Molded Packaging Glass Bottles, Closures, Closures & Decoration [fax] (212) 355-6073
Components, Custom and Pumps, Private Molds, Ceramic www.sgdgroup.com
Decoration, Frosting and
Marc Rosen Associates
Stock IBC Shell Packaging 111 East 59th Street sheherazade.chamlou
1981 Marcus Ave. 6th floor @sgdgroup.com
Maesa Group Lake Success, NY 11042 New York, NY 10022 Sheherazade Chamlou
40 Worth Street, Suire 705 Alcan Packaging Manufacturer of Fine
[tel] (516) 352-4505 [tel] (212) 421-3307
New York, NY 10013 595 Madison Avenue Perfumery and Cosmetic Glass
[fax] (516) 352-3084 [fax] (212) 421-2804
[tel] (212) 674-5555 10th floor
www.ibcshell.com www.mra-nyc.com
[fax] (212) 431-6614 New York, NY 10022 The Royal Promotion
carla@ibcshell.com kevin@mra-nyc.com
www.maesa.com [tel] (212) 371-5100 Group, Inc.
ibcshell.com Kevin Marshall
jill.belasco@maesa.com [fax] (212) 829-9539 119 West 57th Street
Carla H. D’Ambra Fragrance, Skincare and
gregory.mager@maesa.com www.alcanpackaging.com Design & Mfg Custom Upscale New York, NY 10019
Cosmetic Packaging
Jill Belasco beauty.packaging@alcan.com Cosmetic Pkg & Related [tel] (212) 246-3780
Gregory Mager Stephane Tondenier Dimensional Products for Nat’l Orlandi Inc. [fax] (212) 399-9135
Private Label Beauty, Compacts, Pots, Kits & Brand Marketers. Also: bruceteitelbaum@royalpromo
Palettes, Powder Containers, 131 Executive Boulevard
Fragrance, Home Displays, Direct Response, .com
Lipsticks, Lip Gloss & Mascara Sales KIB & Mktg Aids. Import
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Cases, M/U Sticks, [tel] (631) 756-0110 Bruce E. Teitelbaum
Marc Rosen Associates Exquisite Packaging & Design, Development &
Applicators, Brushes, Puffs, Intricate Components from [fax] (631) 756-0256
111 East 59th Street Sponges, Jars, Dispensers, Manufacturing Displays and
IBC’s Six Factory-Direct www.orlandi-usa.com
6th floor Bottles & Tottles, Deodorant Retail Environments
Facilities. info@orlandi-usa.com
New York, NY 10022 Sticks, Perfume Caps & Shells. Dale Beal
[tel] (212) 421-3307 Promotional Items, Full Service Leidel Corp. Fine Fragrance Sampling,
[fax] (212) 421-2804
500 Smith Street Scented Retail Products, FILLING,
www.mra-nyc.com Bormioli Luigi USA
kevin@mra-nyc.com 5 Walnut Grove Drive
Farmingdale, NY 11735 Contract Packaging and Color
Cosmetic Sampling ASSEMBLY, &
[tel] (631) 694-7797
Kevin Marshall
Fragrance, Skincare and
Suite 140 [fax] (631) 694-7876
Pochet of America, Inc.
Horsham, PA 19044 www.leidelcorp.com
Cosmetic Packaging [tel] (215) 672-7111 415 Hamburg Turnpike
Abe Weisfelner Alcan Packaging
[fax] (215) 672-7115 Maker of High Quality Wayne, NJ 07470
SGB Packaging www.bormioliluigi.com [tel] (973) 942-4923 595 Madison Avenue
Stainless Steel Molds and
Group, Inc. obursac@luigibormioli.com Mold Parts for Plastic Injection [fax] (973) 942-5364 10th floor
401 Hackensack Avenue Olga Bursac Molding for a Variety of www.verreries-pochet.fr New York, NY 10022
7th floor Cosmetic and Perfume Industries Pierre-Jean Hellivan [tel] (212) 371-5100
Hackensack, NJ 07601 Containers; Glass Design, Glass Bottles and Jars [fax] (212) 829-9539
[tel] (201) 488-3030 Manufacturing & Distribution Lombardi www.alcanpackaging.com
[fax] (201) 488-3666 Design & Manufacturing Preface Deux, Inc. beauty.packaging@alcan.com
www.sgbpackaging.com Bormioli Rocco 100 Doxsee Drive 641 Lexington Avenue Stephane Tondenier
sgibli@sgbpackaging.com Glass Inc. Freeport, NY 11520 21st floor Compacts, Pots, Kits &
Shoshana Gibli 41 Madison Avenue, 16th floor [tel] (516) 546-4400 New York, NY 10022 Palettes, Powder Containers,
Primary Packaging for New York, NY 10010 [tel] (212) 754-5700 Lipsticks, Lip Gloss & Mascara
[fax] (516) 546-4413 Cases, M/U Sticks,
Cosmetic, Fragrance and [tel] (212) 719-1155 x108 [fax] (212) 754-5629
www.lombardi.cc Applicators, Brushes, Puffs,
Skincare Industry. Variety of [fax] (212) 719-3606 www.pivaudran.com
Stock Items in Injection, PET victor.caracappa@lombardi.cc Sponges, Jars, Dispensers,
xadnet@bormioliroccousa.com Victor Caracappa tesem.com
Plastic Bottles, Tottles and Bottles & Tottles, Deodorant
Francois Danielo Injection-Molded Packaging solev.com Sticks, Perfume Caps & Shells.
Cosmetic Packaging,
Manufacturer of High Quality Components, Custom and aviva.himoff@preface-deux Promotional Items, Full Service
Compression, Jars, Caps,
Perfumery and Cosmetic Stock .com
Airless Pouch Systems, Wood
Bottles, Stock and Custom
Caps, Glass Bottles, Vials & Aviva Himoff CEI: Cosmetic Essence
Glass Containers, Decorated MWV Health & Beauty
Samplers, Metal Metal and Vacuum Metalized Innovations
Packaging Parts, Caps, Lids, Spray Cases 2182 Route 85 South
The Royal Promotion CEI: Cosmetic Essence 501 South 5th Street and Special Decoration on
Innovations Holmdel, NJ 07733
Group, Inc. Richmond, VA 23219 Glass Bottles for the Fragrance
2182 Route 85 South and Cosmetic Industry [tel] (732) 888-7788
119 West 57th Street [tel] (804) 444-1000 [fax] (732) 888-1994
Holmdel, NJ 07733 www.meadwestvaco.com
New York, NY 10019 www.cosmeticessence.com
[tel] (732) 888-7788 creativepackaging@mead SGB Packaging
[tel] (212) 246-3780 Paul Morris
[fax] (732) 888-1994 westvaco.com Group, Inc.
[fax] (212) 399-9135 Blending & Filling of
www.cosmeticessence.com Georgia Arnold 401 Hackensack Avenue
bruceteitelbaum@royalpromo Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions,
Paul Morris Formerly MeadWestvaco 7th floor Color Cosmetics; Package
.com Blending & Filling of
Bruce E. Teitelbaum Health & Beauty Packaging. Hackensack, NJ 07601 Design, Development &
Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions, A Leader in the Development [tel] (201) 488-3030 Sourcing. Contract Packaging,
Design, Development & Color Cosmetics; Package
Manufacturing Displays and & Marketing of Packaging for [fax] (201) 488-3666 Assembly & Full Distribution.


In-House Capabilities Include kevin@mra-nyc.com daisyvino2@yahoo.com 595 Madison Avenue IBC Shell Packaging
Thermoforming, Rigid Box Kevin Marshall Marguerite La Corte 10th floor 1981 Marcus Ave.
Manufacturing & Injection Fragrance, Skincare and Global Trend Tracker & Product New York, NY 10022 Lake Success, NY 11042
Blow Molding Cosmetic Packaging Anthropologist, Travels [tel] (212) 371-5100 [tel] (516) 352-4505
Worldwide 30+ Days/5 [fax] (212) 829-9539 [fax] (516) 352-3084
Cosmolab Milbar Labs, Inc. Countries to Help R&D and www.alcanpackaging.com
Marketing Clients Identify www.ibcshell.com
1100 Garrett Road 20 Commerce Street beauty.packaging@alcan.com carla@ibcshell.com
Lewisburg, TN 37091 East Haven, CT 06512 Emerging Consumer Insights,
Novel Ingredients, Unique Stephane Tondenier ibcshell.com
[tel] (931) 359-6253 [tel] (203) 467-1577 Compacts, Pots, Kits & Carla H. D’Ambra
Rituals Through Her
[fax] (931) 359-4805 [fax] (203) 467-1573 Palettes, Powder Containers, Design & Mfg Custom Upscale
Proprietary Trend Reports,
www.cosmolab.com www.milbarlabs.com Sold Prior to Her Treks Lipsticks, Lip Gloss & Mascara Cosmetic Pkg & Related
Tom Byrne Gus Bezas Cases, M/U Sticks, Dimensional Products for Nat’l
Contract Manufacturing of R&D, Cosmeceutical Developer, Applicators, Brushes, Puffs, Brand Marketers. Also:
Color Cosmetics and Skincare
Market View Sponges, Jars, Dispensers,
Manufacturing & Filling of Displays, Direct Response,
High-Performance Skin & Hair
5112 Emerald Forest Drive Bottles & Tottles, Deodorant Sales KIB & Mktg Aids. Import
HCT Packaging Care Products; Incorporate Austin, TX 78745 Sticks, Perfume Caps & Shells. Exquisite Packaging &
Leading Scientific Technologies, [tel] (512) 441-3665 Promotional Items, Full Service Intricate Components from
746 Rte 202-206
Superior Formulations & www.cosmeticmarket.com IBC’s Six Factory-Direct
Bridgewater, NJ 08889
[tel] (908) 203-8010 Advance Delivery Vehicles to cosind@gmail.com Arcade Marketing, Inc. Facilities.
[fax] (908) 203-8019
Bridge Gap Between Rx and Marlene Eskin 1700 Broadway
High-End Cosmetics Tracks Industry Sales, Suite 2500 Lombardi Design &
Monitors Internet, Has Online New York, NY 10019 Manufacturing
Plastic Injection Molding -
Specializing in Compact Orlandi Inc. Consumer Testing Panel [tel] (212) 541-2600 100 Doxsee Drive
Manufacturing and Design. 131 Executive Boulevard [fax] (212) 541-2648 Freeport, NY 11520
Turnkey Services - Metal Farmingdale, NY 11735 Milbar Labs, Inc. www.arcadeinc.com [tel] (516) 546-4400
Injection Molding - ZAMAC [tel] (631) 756-0110 20 Commerce Street sales@arcadeinc.com [fax] (516) 546-4413
[fax] (631) 756-0256 East Haven, CT 06512 Debra Leipman-Yale www.lombardi.cc
IBC Shell Packaging www.orlandi-usa.com [tel] (203) 467-1577 Provide Patented Fragrance & victor.caracappa@lombardi.cc
1981 Marcus Ave. info@orlandi-usa.com [fax] (203) 467-1573 Cosmetic Sampling Devices, Victor Caracappa
Lake Success, NY 11042 Dale Beal www.milbarlabs.com Contract Manufacturing and Injection-Molded Packaging
[tel] (516) 352-4505 Fine Fragrance Sampling, Gus Bezas Microencapsulation Services Components, Custom and
[fax] (516) 352-3084 Scented Retail Products, R&D, Cosmeceutical Developer, Stock
www.ibcshell.com Contract Packaging and Color Manufacturing & Filling of CEI: Cosmetic Essence
Cosmetic Sampling High-Performance Skin & Hair Innovations Maesa Group
Care Products; Incorporate 2182 Route 85 South
ibcshell.com Leading Scientific Technologies, 40 Worth Street, Suire 705
Carla H. D’Ambra
Packaging & Holmdel, NJ 07733 New York, NY 10013
Distribution Resources Superior Formulations &
Design & Mfg Custom Upscale Advance Delivery Vehicles to [tel] (732) 888-7788 [tel] (212) 674-5555
Cosmetic Pkg & Related 300 Kennedy Drive Bridge Gap Between Rx and [fax] (732) 888-1994 [fax] (212) 431-6614
Dimensional Products for Nat’l Sayreville, NJ 08872 High-End Cosmetics www.cosmeticessence.com www.maesa.com
Brand Marketers. Also: Displays, [tel] (732) 316-2757 x305 Paul Morris jill.belasco@maesa.com
Direct Response, Sales KIB & [fax] (732) 316-0601 The NPD Group, Inc. Blending & Filling of gregory.mager@maesa.com
Mktg Aids. Import Exquisite www.pdrnj.com Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions,
900 West Shore Road Jill Belasco
Packaging & Intricate sales@pdrnj.com Color Cosmetics; Package
Components from IBC’s Six Port Washington, NY 11050 Gregory Mager
Jack Sandbach Design, Development &
Factory-Direct Facilities. [tel] (516) 625-0700 Private Label Beauty,
Turnkey Distribution, High Sourcing. Contract Packaging,
[fax] (516) 625-4691 Fragrance, Home
Volume Assembly, Automatic Assembly & Full Distribution.
Lombardi Design & Shrink Wrapping, Automated www.npd.com In-House Capabilities Include
Manufacturing elise_marshall@npd.com Thermoforming, Rigid Box Milbar Labs, Inc.
Pick/Pack Line. Culling &
Sorting, Returns Processing, nancy_russo@npd.com Manufacturing & Injection 20 Commerce Street
100 Doxsee Drive
Storage, Barcoding/UPC, EDI Elise Marshall Blow Molding East Haven, CT 06512
Freeport, NY 11520
Processing, B2B & B2C, Nancy Russo [tel] (203) 467-1577
[tel] (516) 546-4400
[fax] (516) 546-4413 Customer Service/Order NPD Offers Consumer Panel CPP Global [fax] (203) 467-1573
Processing, Inventory Control and Retail Sales Tracking 405 Commerce Place www.milbarlabs.com
Services, SPeical Reports, Asheboro, NC 27203 Gus Bezas
victor.caracappa@lombardi.cc Custom Research and Industry R&D, Cosmeceutical
Victor Caracappa [tel] (336) 498-2654
Injection-Molded Packaging COSMETIC Expertise for the Beauty
Market in the U.S., France,
[fax] (336) 498-3035 Developer, Manufacturing &
Filling of High-Performance
Components, Custom and
Stock RESEARCH Italy and China
Brian Tauber
Skin & Hair Care Products;
Incorporate Leading Scientific
Maesa Group
SERVICES The Royal Promotion
Complete Array of Services,
Including Product
Technologies, Superior
Group, Inc. Development, Engineering,
Formulations & Advance
40 Worth Street, Suire 705 119 West 57th Street Delivery Vehicles to Bridge
Arcade Marketing, Inc. Injection Molding, Blow
New York, NY 10013 Gap Between Rx and High-End
New York, NY 10019 Molding, High-Speed
[tel] (212) 674-5555 1700 Broadway Cosmetics
[tel] (212) 246-3780 Assembly, Painting, Metalizing
[fax] (212) 431-6614 Suite 2500 & Other Decorative
[fax] (212) 399-9135 Orlandi Inc.
www.maesa.com New York, NY 10019 Technologies. Specializes in
jill.belasco@maesa.com [tel] (212) 541-2600 Plastic Packaging Disciplines 131 Executive Boulevard
gregory.mager@maesa.com [fax] (212) 541-2648 for a Variety of Markets Farmingdale, NY 11735
Bruce E. Teitelbaum
Jill Belasco www.arcadeinc.com Design, Development & [tel] (631) 756-0110
Gregory Mager sales@arcadeinc.com Manufacturing Displays and Cosmolab [fax] (631) 756-0256
Private Label Beauty, Debra Leipman-Yale Retail Environments 1100 Garrett Road www.orlandi-usa.com
Fragrance, Home Provide Patented Fragrance & Lewisburg, TN 37091 info@orlandi-usa.com
Cosmetic Sampling Devices, [tel] (931) 359-6253 Dale Beal
Marc Rosen Associates Contract Manufacturing and
111 East 59th Street Microencapsulation Services CONTRACT [fax] (931) 359-4805
Fine Fragrance Sampling,
Scented Retail Products,
6th floor
Global Trend Tracker &
MANUFACTURING Tom Byrne Contract Packaging and Color
Cosmetic Sampling
New York, NY 10022
[tel] (212) 421-3307 Product Anthropologist & PACKAGING Contract Manufacturing of
Color Cosmetics and Skincare
[fax] (212) 421-2804 235 West 56th Street Preface Deux, Inc.
www.mra-nyc.com New York, NY 10019 641 Lexington Avenue
[tel] (212) 315-5802
Alcan Packaging 21st floor


New York, NY 10022 Maesa Group [fax] (516) 352-3084 Blending & Filling of
[tel] (212) 754-5700 40 Worth Street, Suire 705 www.ibcshell.com Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions,
[fax] (212) 754-5629 New York, NY 10013 carla@ibcshell.com Color Cosmetics; Package
www.pivaudran.com ibcshell.com Design, Development &
[tel] (212) 674-5555 Sourcing. Contract Packaging,
tesem.com [fax] (212) 431-6614 Carla H. D’Ambra
Design & Mfg Custom Upscale Assembly & Full Distribution.
solev.com www.maesa.com In-House Capabilities Include
aviva.himoff@preface-deux jill.belasco@maesa.com Cosmetic Pkg & Related
Dimensional Products for Nat’l Thermoforming, Rigid Box
.com gregory.mager@maesa.com Manufacturing & Injection
Aviva Himoff Brand Marketers. Also:
Jill Belasco Displays, Direct Response, Blow Molding
Metal and Vacuum Metalized Gregory Mager
Parts, Caps, Lids, Spray Cases Sales KIB & Mktg Aids. Import
Private Label Beauty, Exquisite Packaging &
and Special Decoration on Fragrance, Home
Glass Bottles for the Fragrance Intricate Components from
and Cosmetic Industry IBC’s Six Factory-Direct
Market View
Group, Inc. TOOLS 5112 Emerald Forest Drive
401 Hackensack Avenue
Austin, TX 78745
7th floor
ACCESSmr [tel] (512) 441-3665
Hackensack, NJ 07601
111 East 59th Street www.cosmeticmarket.com
[tel] (201) 488-3030
6th floor cosind@gmail.com
[fax] (201) 488-3666
www.sgbpackaging.com New York, NY 10022 Marlene Eskin
Tracks Industry Sales,
sgibli@sgbpackaging.com [tel] (212) 421-3397 Monitors Internet, Has Online
Shoshana Gibli [fax] (212) 421-2804 Consumer Testing Panel
Primary Packaging for www.mra-nyc.com
Cosmetic, Fragrance and marc@mra-nyc.com Orlandi Inc.
Skincare Industry. Variety of Marc Rosen
Stock Items in Injection, PET 131 Executive Boulevard
A Unique Marketing Firm
Plastic Bottles, Tottles and Created by Marc Rosen to Help
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Cosmetic Packaging, Clients Realize Their Full [tel] (631) 756-0110
Compression, Jars, Caps, Potential By Expanding Their [fax] (631) 756-0256
Airless Pouch Systems, Wood Networks to Identify New www.orlandi-usa.com
Caps, Glass Bottles, Vials & Opportunities. info@orlandi-usa.com
Samplers, Metal. Dale Beal
Arcade Marketing, Inc. Fine Fragrance Sampling,
1700 Broadway Scented Retail Products,
DISTRIBUTION & Suite 2500 Contract Packaging and Color
Cosmetic Sampling
FULFILLMENT New York, NY 10019
[tel] (212) 541-2600
Susan M. Rafaj
[fax] (212) 541-2648
Marketing Services
IBC Shell Packaging www.arcadeinc.com
135 E. 55th Street
1981 Marcus Ave. sales@arcadeinc.com
Debra Leipman-Yale New York, NY 10022
Lake Success, NY 11042 [tel] (212) 759-1991
[tel] (516) 352-4505 Provide Patented Fragrance &
Cosmetic Sampling Devices, [fax] (212) 755-4841
[fax] (516) 352-3084 www.rafaj.com
Contract Manufacturing and
www.ibcshell.com Microencapsulation Services susan@rafaj.com
carla@ibcshell.com Susan M. Rafaj
ibcshell.com Global Trend Tracker & Mitchell Bierman
Carla H. D’Ambra Product Anthropologist Advertising, Concept
Design & Mfg Custom Upscale Development, Package Design,
Cosmetic Pkg & Related 235 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019 Product Development, Point of
Dimensional Products for Nat’l Sale Materials, In-Store
Brand Marketers. Also: [tel] (212) 315-5802 Environments, Web & CD ROM
Displays, Direct Response, daisyvino2@yahoo.com Development, Training
Sales KIB & Mktg Aids. Import Marguerite La Corte Materials; Marketing/Business
Exquisite Packaging & Global Trend Tracker & Plans, Sales Promotion
Intricate Components from Product Anthropologist,
IBC’s Six Factory-Direct Travels Worldwide 30+ Days/ The Royal Promotion
Facilities. 5 Countries to Help R&D and
Marketing Clients Identify
Group, Inc.
CEI: Cosmetic Essence Emerging Consumer Insights, 119 West 57th Street
Innovations Novel Ingredients, Unique New York, NY 10019
Rituals Through Her [tel] (212) 246-3780
2182 Route 85 South
Proprietary Trend Reports, [fax] (212) 399-9135
Holmdel, NJ 07733 Sold Prior to Her Treks bruceteitelbaum@royalpromo
[tel] (732) 888-7788
[fax] (732) 888-1994 Horner Enterprises, Inc.
Bruce E. Teitelbaum
160 East 38th Street #18A Design, Development &
Paul Morris New York, NY 10016 Manufacturing Displays and
Blending & Filling of Retail Environments
Fragrances, Cremes, Lotions, [tel] (212) 697-3311
Color Cosmetics; Package [fax] (212) 697-3322
Design, Development & dnhorner@aol.com CEI: Cosmetic Essence
Sourcing. Contract Packaging, David Horner Innovations
Assembly & Full Distribution. Strategic Marketing and Sales 2182 Route 85 South
In-House Capabilities Include Holmdel, NJ 07733
Thermoforming, Rigid Box IBC Shell Packaging [tel] (732) 888-7788
Manufacturing & Injection 1981 Marcus Ave. [fax] (732) 888-1994
Blow Molding Lake Success, NY 11042 www.cosmeticessence.com
[tel] (516) 352-4505 Paul Morris


Douglas Hannant’s inspiration has created
a romantic bouquet that captures the essence of elegance.

Neiman Marcus • Saks Fifth Avenue


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