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BEE SME Programme 2011

Feedback Form for Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects

(Energy Conservation Study/Energy Audit)

Cluster Name : Shri

Name of Unit : M/s

Contact Person : Shri

Address :

Telephone/Mobile No :

Section - 1: Implementation of Energy Conservation Majors

Energy Savings
Status Investment
S. No Energy Conservation Measure Implemented Achieved Remarks
(in Rs.)
(in Rs.)

(Please provide the information of the project implemented for energy efficiency like Improvement in power factor, Energy Efficient Motors,
Improvement in Insulation, Waste heat recovery, Improvement Housekeeping, Energy Efficient Lighting, VFD, Automatic Star Delta Starter,
Temperature control etc.)

Section – 2: Problems & Barriers

Please describe the problem Faced/Facing for implementation of energy Conservation


BEE SME Programme 2011

Section 3: Support from the BEE SME Programme

1. Support from the Executing Agency who conducted the Energy Audit Study

Good Average Poor

2. Support of the identified Local Service Provides for identified technologies

Good Average Poor

3. Information provided in the Energy Audit Report submitted to your management

Good Average Poor

4. Information provided in the Cluster Manual prepared and distributed in workshop

Good Average Poor

5. Information provided in the Workshops conducted in your cluster

Good Average Poor

Any Other Information

Authorized Signatory
(Name & Designation)

Please send to

Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Ministry of Power,
4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan, Sector - 1
R. K. Puram, New Delhi -110066
Ph: +91 11 26179699, 26198894 (D), Fax : +91 11 26178352