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Basic command for 2G BTS

1. For UP/DOWN Status-

RLCRP: CELL=ALL ;( if shows 0 for all value site/sector will be down)

2. If site down check the condition of PCM –if it is ABL (not working) verify the
loop test to identify the fault and if PCM is working check the alarm on BTS.

3. For finding the PCM use command-

RXTCP: MOTY=RXOTG, CELL=cell; (cell id with sector i.e


It gives TG VAULE

RXAPP: MO=RXOTG-tg $; (tg$ is TG VALUE)

It gives device no. use last device

RADEP: DEV=dev$; (dev$ is device value i.e


It gives SNT value

NTCOP: SNT=snt$;

Find the device no that is used in dev$ and corresponding vaule of DIP

4. Check the status of PCM

DTSTP: DIP=dip$; (dip$ is DIP VALUE i.e 83RBLT)

DTQDP: DIP=dip$; & DTQUP: DIP=dip$; (FOR finding error on PCM,

Check the value of es, ses uas & SLIP ,these value must be 0 or constant)

5. If PCM condition found working then BLOCK /DEBLOCK to get managed object
in working condition use command





(mo$ - RXOTG-tg$, RXOCF-tg$, RXOCON -tg$ ,RXOIS-tg$,RXOTRX-tg$-tei

value ,RXOTX-tg$- tei value,RXORX-tg$- tei value,RXOTS-tg$-tei value-time
slot no)

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6. For finding the faulty managed object use command


This alarm list contains various alarms like BTS INT UNAFFECTED, BTS INT
AFFECTED, PERMANENT FAULT, some alarms can be removed by using

7. For finding fault code on particular managed object (mo) use

RXMFP: MO=mo$;

This command shows fault code class and code some description is bellow

 IF mo$ is RXOCF then FAULT CODE IS

2A-33 RX diversity lost

2A-8 VSWR limits exceeded
2A-39 RX cable disconnected (Related faults: RXORX 1B:9 - RX cable
2A:7 RXDA amplifier current faults (CDU FAULTY Need replacement)
2A-21 internal power capacity reduced (PSU unit faulty or power off)
2A-41 lost communication to TRU
2A:23 Climate capacities reduced (Check fans and the Fan Control Unit)
2A:9 Power limits exceeded (Related faults: RXOTX 1B:2 TRU faulty need

 If mo$ is RXOTRX then fault code is

1A-13 TX saturation (TRU FAULTY Need replacement)

2A-12 TX output power limits exceeded (Related faults: TX 1B:13)
block/deblock unit if not work Change TRU
2A-13 TX saturation (Related faults: TX 1B:14 - TX saturation)
block/deblock unit if not work Change TRU
2A:25 TX max power restricted block /deblock unit if not work Change TRU
2A:43 internal configuration fail block /deblock unit if not work Change TRU
2A:42 Hardware IDB inconsistent check combiner chip & then IDB
Any alarm found other than mentioned above on any manage object then please
consult with MSC Gorakhpur

8. FOR replacement of TRU

First get local mode on TRU by pressing Local /Remote button on TRU
2nd power off the TRU
3RD with the help of T10 Screw driver open the 2 pair screw on upper/lower
end of unit
4th replace the faulty unit with new one
5th power on and wait until Local Lamp get constant glow
6th again get remote status by pressing Local /Remote button on TRU

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Wait for operation condition by 5minute if not operational block/deblock from
BSC if not work contact with MSC Gorakhpur
Same processors adopt for CDU replacement (except Local/remote)
Caution must be taken for wiring of units

Tools (basic) used for hardware replacement are-

32” wrench
8/9 wrench
Noze pliers

For analysis of TCH BLOCKING

1. Find that site working in full configuration by using command
RXCDP: MO=RXOTG-tg$; (ALL mo must be configured)
If any BLOCKED found then use command
RXASP: MO=RXOTG-tg$; (to find the all alarm and reason of block)
IF LOCAL MODE found than try to make REMOTE otherwise
Check the fault code by command
RXMFP:MO=mo$; (to find the exact fault code to make decision that
hardware if faulty or not if hardware is faulty and need replacement then
book the fault to ericsson and if the hardware is not faulty the
BLOCK/DEBLOCK to make unit operational )
If any mo not block then check the half rate is on or off
For checking half rate use command
If DHA not ON use command to on it
If traffic is more than for witch site is configured (as erlang B table ) then
increase the value of half rate by using command
Erlang B table
TRU (Per sector) Traffic that supported on full rate
1 2.2E
2 8.0E
3 14.5E
4 21.4E
5 28.5E
6 35.8E
7 43.1E
8 50.5E
If none of the above case so new BTS is required to release congestion
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For analysis of TCH DROP/CALL DROP
1. find alarm of RXOCF i.e VSWR or RX diversity lost if present the get rectify it
2. find alarm of TRU if any alarm the get rectified
3. use command RLCRP:CELL=cell; and in output see the ICM band must be 1
to 3 if
ICM band is 4-5 then correspond TRU is faulty get replacement (for finding the
corresponding TRU use BPC no. in RLCRP: CELL=cell; and RXCDP: MO=RXOTG-tg$)
4. check handover report form Network quality report that is handover is
properly work
5. define handover if not present in neighbor list using the command
RLNRP: CELL=cell, CELLR=all; ( for neighbor list)
RLNRI: CELL=cell, CELLR=cellr; (for cellr add in neighbor list)

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