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An integrated solution to control your inventory, purchase and Sales. Centralized web based solution in latest technologies will take your organization to next level. MOS Functionalities Covered Purcha «+ Option for creating Product Data Bank. «+ Option for creating a Supplier data bank. «+ Option for entering purchase order and option for taking print outs or sending it as attachment is required. NN = OFICe the material comes in, option to account It by making an entry called Goods receipt Note withthe status of the materi Provision i avaiable to MOSES calculate the landed cost. + Alerts for payment due date. «+ Accounts payable details. “+ Option for taking list of pending orders + Option for giving payment 4 ee + Option for taking list of Suppliers country wise, state wise and Material supplied wise ‘+ Option for rate comparison. ‘+ Option for rejection Note preparation. «+ Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual reporting of purchase orders and payables = = Inventory + Option for raising Good Receipt Note by giving reference to Purchase order. + Option for raising Sales return by giving reference to Invoice Number + Option for converting stock to Sample stock + Option for product dispatches by giving reference to Iavoice aumbers or Sample requests numbers. ¢ Option for sending material out for Job works ‘* Option for transferring material from one ware house to another. ‘* Option for tracking saleable stock, rejected stock, returned stock, quarantine stock, ‘¢ Option for tracking Batch wise stock. ‘* Bin Location wise Stock tracking, ‘* Option for setting Minimum, Maximum, Reorder levels. SS «» Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Querterly/Half yearly/Annual reporting of inventory. ‘¢ Option to integrate with Bar codes + Sal ‘* Option for creating customer Data bank ‘* Option for raising proforma invoice ‘¢ Option for accepting customer order. + Customer type wise Rate settings option.(Distribution,OEM,direct) Tors) SCO 's Option for raising Indent. S ‘© Option for raising Invoice in multiple languages '* Flexibility in accepting taxes, Flexibility of restriction in raising invoices to a customer who is 2 defautter. ‘« Bifurcated statement of international and domes! sales ‘+ Option for multi currency sales ‘© Option for multi language Invoice formats, ‘© Option for Accepting Payment. ‘+ Option for tracking Accounts Receivable Option. ‘Pending PO details ‘+ Ageing report for Accounts receivables. ‘Payment details Invoice Number wise ‘Option for sample request ‘© Option for tracking pending sample request ‘© Option for tracking sample dispatches with value, ‘© Material in transit details == ‘s Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual reporting of invoices, payables, pending POs products specific sales, customer specific sales, 2 ac ‘* Option for fixing testing parameters for all the items ‘¢ Option for COA generation as per QC analysis Pedal Sask Eras. gee” ge