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Act One; Scene One of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" sets the stage, for the tragedy

that is going to happen in the play. He uses literary devices such as the setting, imagery and the

speeches of the characters to foreshadow that the appearance of the ghost will cause Prince

Hamlet's future madness, and the omen that will soon plague the state of Demark.

The setting of the play begins on a misty night, where there's a lurking mysterious

spirit. Immediately you gather a creepy, eerie and dark feeling. Denmark is described as a

gloomy and dark place because of the death of their King, Hamlet, the protagonist, Prince

Hamlet's father. In literature, darkness and mist are often connotations for evil and doom, which

will begin to progress and reveal itself as the play continues. The ghost of King Hamlet is

described as ghastly and very scary looking it is said to embody the spirit of the State of

Denmark. One of the Main Characters from this selection, Horatio, describes the ghost as an

omen on the city of Denmark.

The predicted omen turns out to be true as Prince Hamlet Learns from the

ghost of his father that his death was a murder. Hamlet was described as dressed in poor clothing

and which are often connotations for madness. He also contemplates suicide, proving that the

ghost was an omen not only on Hamlet's sanity but on the state that his sanity will place on

Denmark. The dialogue between the characters also foreshadows events that will take place in as

the play progresses. There is often talk of an omen, of a plague that will soon take over

Denmark. They foreshadow the doom, death, insanity and terror that will take place in the future.

Since the play is a tragedy, the main character dies at the end. From reading the

first act of the play it is easy to conclude that the play will be a depressing one. The characters in

the place face an inevitable doom and the first act foreshadows it all.