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Configure resources to use the Timesheets module

To enable a project resource to use the Timesheets module, you must assign a user login account to the resource and set
the resource to use timesheets.

1. Choose Enterprise, Resources, and select the resource you want to configure.
2. Click the Timesheets tab.
3. To add a new user login name and assign it to the resource, click Edit User. Click the General tab, then click Add. Type
a login name for the resource. You can also record the resource's personal name and assign a login password.

4. To assign the new login name to the resource, in the Resource ID/Resource Name field, click . Select the resource,
then click the Select button.


 Instead of adding a new user login name, you can assign a resource to an existing user login name. In the Users
dialog box, select the login name, then double-click in the Resource column. In the Select Resource dialog box,
select a resource, then click the Select button.

5. Click the Licensing tab. Mark the Named User checkbox next to Team Member or Timesheets, then click Close.

Named Users have a specific license associated with their login name and are guaranteed access to the specific
application and database.

 The Timesheets license provides access to the Timesheets application and enables the user to log into the Primavera
Web application to import appointments only (provided that this functionality is configured for the user). The Team
Member license provides access to the Timesheets application and, in the Primavera Web application, enables the
user to access some dashboard portlets, the project workspace (for projects they have rights to access), the
activities to which they are assigned, and more. You can not assign both the Team Member and Timesheets licenses
to a user; you must choose which one to assign.

6. To enable the resource to use timesheets to report progress, on the Resource Details Timesheets tab, mark the Uses
Timesheets checkbox.

7. In the Timesheet Approval Manager field, click to select an approval manager.

For more details, see Implementing Timesheets in the Primavera Administrator’s Guide.

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