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Medical Diagnosis: hydrocephalus, status post- shunt insertion

Room No.: 601 C

Indication/ Mechanism of Action Side Effects/ Adverse Nursing

Contraindication Effects Considerations
INDICATIONS: Sympathomimetic • nausea, • Monitor vital
Generic Name: Acute heart failure. chemical • vomiting, signs , and ECG
dopamine Contraindication: precursor to • tachycardia, during infusion,
Pheochromocytoma, norepinephrine. It has • ectopic beats, watch for
Brand Name: uncorrected differing effects on the • palpitation, dsyarrythmias and
tachyarrhythmias, vascular and cardiac ischemia also
• anginal pain,
ventricular fibrillation. systems, depending on monitor, PCWP,
Classification: dose per kilogram • hypotension,
Hypersensitivity. CVP, CO2, and
per minute. Because of • vasoconstriction, urinary output
the variability in the • bradycardia, • Monitor for
Dosage: response to • hypertension, possible adverse
dopamine, this drug dyspnoea, reaction
must be monitored and • headache, • Assess for heart
Frequency: titrated to effect. • widened QRS failure: dsypnea,
complexes, neck vain distention,
• azotaemia. • Assess for
Route: oxygenation and