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Advertisement ref no : Job code : Post applied for : Field :
(As mentioned in Advertisement)
Name: (as per Matric certificate/NIC)____________________________________ Father’s Name___________________________________

Date of birth: dd/mm/yy CNIC NO.

Religion (Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Ahmadi or others): _______________ Marital status: _______________ Domicile: __________________
Postal Address:______________________________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone No: (with area code): _______________________________ Mobile No.: ___________________________________ Email
E-mail Address: __________________________________________

QUALIFICATION: (Qualification must be entered in order from Matric to Last Degree, marks obtained and total marks must be mentioned)
From Marks Total
S.No Qualification Major Field /subjects Board/university name To (year) GPA Grade Div %
(year) obtained Marks

EXPERIENCE: Job Status Organization type

S.No Name of Organization From Date To date Field of work Designation
(DD-MM-YYYY) (DD-MM-YYYY) (Regular, Contract, causal etc) (Govt., Private, Strategic)

From Date To date
S.no Name of institute Name of Course/Training Major Field

Declaration: By signing below, I acknowledge that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Any misinformation would render me
ineligible for the induction.

Date of Application: _______________________

Signature of Candidate: ________________________