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ë DzKey Result Areasdz or KRAs refer to general areas of

outcomes or outputs for which the departmentǯs role is

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ë dentifying KRAs helps individuals:

ë Clarify their roles
ë Align their roles to the organisationǯs business or strategic
ë Focus on results rather than activities
ë Communicate their roleǯs purposes to others
ë Set goals and objectives
ë Prioritize their activities, and therefore improve their
time/work management
ë Make value-added decisions

Identify staff vacancies and ëpeduce Average time taken to 20%

recruit, interview and select fill vacancies by 15%.
applicants. ëpeduce Average cost per
recruit by 10% & Finalize
selection in 5 weeks for each
individual position

Identify training needs & ëAll workforces below middle 20%

provide development management should receive a
minimum of 4 days training.

ëMaximize training workshops

for Middle level management
& Top management(monthly)

Coordinates in planning , peview on Quarterly basis the 20%

developing and directing organisation's policies
Human pesource policies (every 3 months )

Monitors safety and health peduce workplace accidents 10%

workplace accidents by 10%

Manages and appraises Perform appraisals on 10%

subordinatesǯ performance monthly basis & reward the
and their career performers & motivate the
advancement underperformers

Analyze and modify peview & revise the 10%

compensation and benefits compensation model half
policies yearly

Serve as a link between peduce the turnover by 3% 10%

management and employees & create better working
helping resolve work-related environment