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Frogglegs cantilever brakes £39.

Having never really been satisfied with the will prove useful for cycloooss where
performance of my Deore LX cantilevers seconds are precious. Foi tourists using
when used with Sora STI levers on my Argos panniers it may be worth checking that the
5J1 touring bike, I was eager to try broad 5tm of clearance required Irom the
someihing different. Thanks to a greater centre of the boss will not interfere- it
armangleandleverage.theFrogglegs didn't in my case.
wntis hive nearly matthed the power and It's hard to fault these quirky looking
control of the dual pivot callipers on my race brakes, whether you're talking function,
hike. This new set-up proved to be simple style, weight or price, so if you want toadd
duetothelack of vertical adjustment- a a funky touch andstopping power to your
case of setting the pad angle and length tourer or'crosser then you haveachokeof
identically on both sides with the spring black, ret green, silver or blue.
undipped, then setting the straddle bridge Richard Miller
height and straddle wire length and Weigh 1293g both pairs
reapplying the springs. Any misalignment Frogglegs Paul Milnes Cycles n 01374
can be corrected with thestraddle wireand 57 6197 w ww. p a ul mi I n escyr les.com
fixed in place using two Allen holism the
bridge. Quick release is simpleasihe Calliper performance can
supplied end barrel simply rolls out o! the with i quirky touch and
easy set-up
cantilever even with a tight set-up, which

PowerplayRacePro Lite stem £29.99

There's nothing rematkableabout reconstruction of this Powerplaystem.andthat'sa good thing, in my opinion:
making stems out of simple aluminium lubes is still the best way to get a good balance of stiffness and weight.
This stem will hold your oversize bar nice and lightly in its four-bolt clamp, and it's plenty stilf for even a big rider
like me. At 145gii's not a featherweight, but thereare plenty more expensive stems thataren't as stiff and weigh
more, including many carbanones. In fact, it'd certainly be one to recommend ifPowerplay didn't rather shoot
itself in thefoot by making a non-lite version too, that's about lOg heavier and £10 cheaper,and available in a
wider range of lengths. Given thechoice, I'd save my money every time. If you think the slightly seiisr
ciampand tiny weight loss isgcod value for your tenner, that's your call.
Dave Atkinson
Weight 145g Rise -W-7° Lengths 100,110,120, BOmm
/■ Powerpiay Fisher Outdoor" 01727 798345
f"» i ik v.mv.fisheroutdoor.co uk

\good stem,but Powerplay's

better value

Crank Brothers Power Pump Alloy

£26.99 "
Most pumps willdo high pressure (road tyres) or
high volume (mountain bike tyres), but this
aluminium-bodied mini pump does both, with a dial
at the bottom ofthe pump to change between the
Reelight SL100 light set fofhub/fixed/singlespeed bikes £27.99 (battery back
two. The pump head is I-shaped. wnh Presta one
up version - SLI20 £33.99, geared bike version £32 (flash) £37.99 (back up)
side, Schrader the other, and you roiate it to Fort it
Reelight isa Danish brand newto the IK and the dynamos, 01 any delicate wires or cables to worry onw the valve, There's also an analogue gauge,
SLIOOis a simple but very dever light system. A about), The only downside! we've found are that, which reads lo lfflpsi.The pump is rated to 13npsi,
white frontand red rear flashing unit with large on this the basic system, when you stop, they stop, and with effort I got a road tyre to UOpsi.The
(IViin) reflective lenses mount via simple stainless and also, the axle mounted position is quite low chunky plastic pump head cover can be zip-tied to
steel brackets toihehubailes on thefrontandrear (although iia car isclose enough that they can't your frame to fii the pump there, and it protects the
of the bike, then two large magnets are fitted to see the light they are already too close to you). pump headeven if you keep it ina saddlebag or
the spokes so they pass the centre of the light's
head unit; as the wheel spins, each pass of the
A battery back-up version isawilable (which
will Hash for two minutesafter stopping) and the
Camelnak pump port. On the first sample I had, the
(uncovered) pump head somehow unscrewed and
magnet creates enough power to make the unit version tested hereisfor fixed/single or hubgeared fell off in the middle of a forest, but fortunately this
Hash.Simple but brilliant. Fittingisan absolute bikes. A derailleur version is also available (Ihe rear kind of thing is covered by warranty, and the
doddle and although the instructions say the bracket is shaped to fit around ihe cassette). replacement is going strong,
magnet must pass wilhin 3mm of the light unit we In all we would recommend the Reelighl There are pumps that do one job better - such as
found this somewhat overcautious (the light still wholeheartedly for your winter/commuter or a Zefal IfPX for road use - but ilyou want a mini
operated atmoiethan twice that distance). training bike as you'll never forget your lightsot pump that's suitable for any tyres, this isprobably
The units are very robust and have stood up to run out of battery power again. your best option. Vou get a free patch kit too.
adverse weather eitremely well. Obviously these Wanen fiois/fer Dan Joyce
aren't lights to see by. but they doa great jobof Weight 3<Hg (front light, rear light, mounting Crank Brothers 2pure w 0131448 2884
helping you lie seen and they comply with the UK's brackets sndflx magnets) www.2pure.co.ukwww.cra nkbrothers.com
legal standardsfoinashirajlights. Asa back-up Reelight www.Jpure.co.uk, www.reelight.com
system I'd recommend these wholeheanedly as

they never need batteries and are fiied Simple, innovative, robust and Very versatile foramini
green - perfect back-ups to pump, doing 120psi road tyres
permanently to your bike (without the drag or
your lights aswell as fat off-road treads
increase in tyre wear found on traditional

XMAS 20071 181