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Pedro's Professional tyre levers £2,99/pair

We're lempled I~ dilmilllhe pink rolour l.(heme aslinle more than clever
mJrketing, but Jnually it means thl'le profl'lsronal grade ljn le'o'ffi ate eal)'
to spot whether in the tool box Ot mewn aaoss the lawn. Sold in p.lits and
made ftom teinfotced plallic, theit !lee/)' dl'lign hal a pronoonced chileltip to
tThl~e lifting the lyre bead mier, and aIhicl:.f't prome prevenllthem slipping
out at the {[ucia! point Though lacking the outright leverage of tclesropk
dl'lign~ their lhape fill very romfortably in the polm and aIlOWl)'Ou 10 mrt
ex1ta force, making shOll \\'Otk of mOlt lyre rim combiMtionl (a croll-COuntry
tYle and porticuliltly ltOUI expedition rim rombinaliG/l did fight oock,
ptovoking agricullurallanguage Jnd grated knuckle!, but thanks 10 the Il"ier\
tigldity the bead was finally persuaded from the rim).
T~re Il"iers are not all the same, and while we're Mt completely rold on Ihe
colour l.(heme, the dever dl'lign tThlm lot comfortable, effKlenl tj'le removal
which Is only truly appredaled when retuming to more traditiOllally~.
Michael Stenning
(oiouls Green, orange, pln~ )'ellow
Pedro! Greyville -:rOlm 2)1328
IVWIV. pfdrouo111

Great design and

realMilbly prl<ed