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. E-mail: rajeshtp1986@yahoo.com

Phone: +91-9941276453


To be associated with an organization that will put my potential

skills to test ultimately resulting in the fostering of the organization.
Henceforth, to become an asset to the organization I work for.


2008 - 2010 MBA – [Master of Business Administration]

Siddharth Institute of Technology.
Percentage Achieved – 71.54%

2004 - 2007 BSC – [Bachelor of Science]

GATE degree college, Tirupati.
Percentage Achieved – 71.30%

2002 - 2004 INTERMEDIATE

Sri Sai Jyothi Junior college, Puttur.
Percentage Achieved – 68.5%


 M.S.Office
 Type writing

Title : Company Analysis Report

Duration : 6 weeks

Description : Analyze in which situation the company was started, and what type of

products are producing and to know the financial performance of the company. Evaluate the
competitors their products of the company, to find out the company’s strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats.

Title : Industry Analysis Report

Duration : 4 weeks

Description : Analyze what are the products comes under this industry, evaluate the

competitors their products of industry, to find out the SWOT analysis and porter’s five force
model about the industry.

Title : Working Capital Management

Duration : March 2010 to May 2010.

Description : An accounting strategy in which a company seeks to maximize its

cash flows so as to pay for its current liabilities and operating expenses. Examples of
working capital management include active monitoring of accounts receivable and
maintaining little short-term debt. Working capital management, if done properly, can
help a company improve its earnings and maintain a healthy financial state.


Father’s name : T.PARANDHAMAN

Date of birth : 20th May 1986

Languages known : English, Telugu and Tamil
Present Address : A 7-331, 57th Street, Sidco Nagar,
Villivakkam , Chennai-600048