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5ugoi Wallaroo £53

Whal did we do befOfe merino wool/I jUII wore \.Orne

othN velt, or even a le<ond (ycling jelley, and di~n't
think anything ofit.lfs fair to I.ly, though, lhalth~
tOO PEr cent Aumalian wool \'tit iI, weight for
weigh~ more Inug and mOle {omfortable thin
pra{ti{ally all alternatives.
It hal a fined (ut, ftatlock leaml, and enough
metch fO!" areally dose fit The long lleem add quite
~ bit of warmth in winler, and during the teltthe
Wall~TOO W~I fillt out of the wJfdrobe for arr, dlilly
ride. Being wool. it Itill in\ulates if il get\ damp and
you (,In wear it afew times before it Ital1l10 pong,
If I {ould (hoose abase layer al agift, this one
would be at the top of the 1i11.1f Iwere buying one
with my own {ash then I would probabl~ get a Helt~
Hansen lifa top, !>«aule it's half the price and Itill
d~ the bUlinesl. So it dePEnds how mu(n you're
h.lppy to \pend.
llole thallhe washing Iymtloll are (an~dian: ifI
ffi3chine wa!J'l.lble al 40 d~retl..
Dan Joy(e
(olouTS Bla{k, navy,lIealher grey
Slt6 S·XXL
WeightlS9g 1M)
Sugol nOO8004321 mo

Exttllem will1er warmth

and \'I'ry weil made - at