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BROWARD COUNTY Baneesr FORM ARKIST# Browati County Stours Oftce | seri-ob 00828 Te [ eewcieerer | Stavros 11386 aa ae See _ Defendoes| oe Be ease We oad === Em mt = TR TS ee cn ee bel obec Aan : hotel i ty eee tore this aa penny peared Detocive J. Lawrence = andsays teton _22__ aye: Apa a Se oe een cose te boven ated ee Be ick showing is On Apri 22nd, 2011, the above listed defendant did unlawfully and intentionally arm hersalf with a kitchen knife and stab tho Viti inthe abdomen. The victin and defendant have been married for approximately one year and have been involved as a coupe for angroximatsly two ond one half years and have no children together. The victim provided sworn testimony advising that he stypod and fe! ento a broken glass vase; however, the sree of where the Vase was brcken indiceted no blood within te immediate area to substantiate his ‘aim. However, the defendant was read Miranda on scene wherein post Miranda sho stated she stabbes the victim out of sl sefense. were taken ofthe scene and ofthe victim, oth the vidi and defendant provided scant nfortiaten regarding the incident, Ny. based upon the post Iiranda statement andthe injures tothe vcim; the defendant was taken into custody forthe above ‘Clin's ameOCN “Oars Ovi 5 eens inns ay) __euoswsinne Tha. ge! — wa v Pap PES OF SSSSTART STATERTTORTET ernie sevmerementamicADORCT FIRST AFPEARANCU/ARREST FORM Dasa BROWARD COUNTY Of Cot STATROFFLORIDA cn mn co TE TT LECH AMET ON 2 Se Aroney