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Class Test

Topic – States of matter Full Marks - 36

1 A gas in an open container is heated from 27°C to 127°C. The fraction of the original amount of gas remaining in
the container will be

(a) 3/4 (b) 1/2

(c) 1/4 (d) 1/8

2 The density of neon will be highest at

(a) S.T.P. (b) 0°C, 2 atm

(c) 273°C, 1 atm (d) 273°C, 2 atm

3. The average velocity of an ideal gas molecule at 27°C is 0.3 m s 1. The average velocity at
927°C will be
− −
(a) 0.6 m s 1 (b) 0.3 m s 1
− −
(c) 0.9 m s 1 (d) 3 m s 1

4. 0.2 g of a gas X occupies a volume of 0.44 L at same pressure and temperature. Under identical conditions of P
and T, 0.1 g of CO2 gas occupies 0.32 L. Gas X can be

(a) O2 (b) SO2

(c) NO (d) C4H10

5. The rms velocity of hydrogen is 7 times the rms velocity of nitrogen. If T is the temperature of the gas.

(a) T(H2) = T (N2) (b) T(H2) > T(N2)

(c) T(H2) < T(N2) (d) T(H2) = 7 T(N2)

6. The species C2
(a) has one σ bond and one π bond (b) has both π bonds
(c) has both σ bonds (d) does not exist
7. Which of the following species is paramagnetic?
(a) O2 (b) N2 (c) O22- (d) H2
8. Under same conditions of temperature and pressure a hydrocarbon of molecular
formula CnH2n−2 was found to diffuse 3 3 times slower than hydrogen. Find the
value of n.
9. Density and r.m.s. velocity of chlorine molecules are 3.2 gm/litre and 2.6 × 104
cm/sec. respectively. Calculate the pressure exerted by chlorine molecules.
10.One mole of diethyl ether vapour occupies 15 litres at 227°C. Calculate the
pressure if the
Van der Waal's constants for diethyl ether are a = 17.38 atm litre 2 mole −2 and
b = 0.1344 litre mole −1 .
11.Using VSEPR theory, draw the shapes of PCl5 and BrF5
12. Which of the following has larger dipole moment? Explain. 1-Butyne or 1-butene.
Ans Key 1. (a) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (b) 5. (c)
6. (4) 7. P = 7.21 × 10 dyne cm
8. 2.681 atm.