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Arun Kumar
E-Mail: arunjothikumar@gmail.com
Contact: +91 88611-00706
Career Objective
To be the one as finance person of the organization and utilize my knowledge, skills and
abilities to growth of
the organization and my career.

Career Abstract
 ArunKumar.M
 arunjothikumar@gmail.com
 PGDM - Finance -System
Strengths Work Experience
 Fresher
 Visionary Risk taker
 Think in unconventional ways Projects
 Not settle for less
 Summer project titled “Working Capital
 Seek excellence in everything I do
Management” with excellence guidance under
Academia Finance manager in BHEL-Trichy from the
period of 04-07-10 to 04-09-10.
 Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in
Management -PGDM(Finance/system) from Short Term Assignments
 Every Subject in PGDM completed with Short
 Bachelor of Mathematics (B.sc.) from
term assignments/Presentations.
Madurai Kamaraj University.
 XII from HSC, State Board of Secondary Co curricular Activities
Education, Tamil Nadu in 2002-2004.
 Practiced as H.R event coordinator on the
 X from State Board of Secondary Education, occasion of LAKSHYA-2010 at PGSBE.
Tamil Nadu in 2001-2002.
 Practiced as Vice-President of Rotaract Club-
 Satisfactory certificate from NIIT for “.NET PGSBE.
framework” programme.
 Directed short films for Rotaract Club “Road
Technical Skills Safety Awareness”.
 Participated in inter-college competitions.
 MIS, working Capital management,
 Analysis of Ratio, Fund Flow, Cash Flow Certifications
 Financial accounting & Management,  Math competition Prized certificates from Lady
 Derivatives & Capital market, Designing financial Doak College, The Madura College, The
products American College, Saraswathi Narayanan
 Known about .NET framework, C, C++, FoxPro College.
 Well trained in MS Office, MS operating systems  Prized in PATAKA’09 conducted by Rotary club
of Sivakasi Pyrocity.
Personal Dossier
Address: 1/152, Avilipatty East Street,
Avili Patty(po), Sanar patty(via),
Date of Birth: 25-05-1987
Languages Known: English, Tamil

E Mail: arunjothikumar@gmail.com
Contact: +91 88611 00706