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Direct Descendant of Robert Morris

(Signer of the Declaration of

Independence, Articles of Confederation
& the US Constitution)
Rep. John Levi Margaret
Sheppard (TX) Morris

Sen. Morris Lucille Sen. Tom

Sheppard Sanderson Connally
(TX), died (TX)
(took his
Connie Mack, Baseball congressional
Hall of Famer, former seat at his
owner & and manager of death) Remarried
the Philadelphia Athletics

Honorable Ben
Connie Mack II (a Clarkson Connally,
nobody – the noted Mommy
Mack II, Federal District Judge
family failure) in Houston (son from
first marriage)

Rep. Connie Mack Mommy Mack III,

III (FL) insignificant

Rep. Sonny Rep. Mary Bono

Bono (CA), Mack (CA) (took Rep. Connie Mack
died (only husband’s IV (FL) (elected to
member of congressional seat his father’s old
Congress to at his death congressional seat)
have a #1 hit
on Billboard
hot 100)
Stepchildren include: Chaz Bono
(formerly Chastity Bono – a chick)
& Connie Mack V (because these
people aren’t creative)