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J. ntroduction
-objective & Goal
2. Project nitiation
3.J System Analysis
-Problem in the Current system
-Feature of the proposed system
-Feasibility Study
-Gantt Chart
-Methodology used
-Hardware & Software Requirements
3.2 Design
-ER Diagram
-Structure chart
- Data Dictionary

3.3 Testing
- nput & Output Screens
3.4 mplementation
- User Manual

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Reg. No:- 503478


This software will be provided as a tool to the BANK¶s. The

BANK has been working for Accounts information , Withdrawal(through Cash/Cheque).
Deposit amount. n this Software you can keep record for daily Banking transactions.

THE OBJECT E is to prepare a software or application, which could maintain data &
provide a user friendly interface for retrieving customer related details just in few
seconds, with J00% accuracy. Software is completely computerized, so it is not time
consuming process. No paper work required & can be implemented further .

The application should also facilitate the addition of new Customer A/c, deletion of A/c&
modification of existing customer A/C. To Search for every individual accounts for a
particular customer, show all transaction & any account should be opened with minimum
Rest. 500 etc.


The objective & goals of the proposed system are:-

^ To allow only authorized user to access various functions and processed

available in the system.
^ Locate any A/C wanted by the user.
^ Reduced clerical work as most of the work done by computer.
^ Provide greater speed & reduced time consumption.
^ To increase the number of A/C and customer.
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Reg. No:- 503478

This will reduced the manual workload and give information instantly. The software will
maintain the list of A/C and customer record and balance status.
The software will be user friendly so that even a beginner can operate the package and
thus maintain the status of A/C and balance status easily.

dentify a problem or an opportunity.
Analyzing the current system in the light of the problem/opportunity.
Justification of a new system or a modification of the old to meet the needs of the users.

Recognition of problem
A new opportunity that the present system cannot handle pressures Managers, non-
managers or environment elements usually recognize problems very rarely by
information specialists.
Managers find out where the problem exists & what the cause might be.

a. Find what makes the situation problematic by:
^ Observing the process
^ nterviewing the participants
^ Examining reports and documentation
b. Define the human activity system (ROOT DEFNTON)

^ Means of transformation of info

^ Actors
^ Owners of the system
^ Customer of the system
^ Environmental constraints

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c. Form a model of activities and compare it with ROOT DEFNTON

d. Find a consensus solution changes will be structural
procedural and in attitudes.

 "# $%&&

Calculation of the gap between the present performance of the system and of the best
possible one and finding out the system that can fill in this gap
^ nterviews
^ Surveys
^ Direct observation


^ Data to be collected and processed

^ Output to be produced
^ The way to make it available for the users

While Determining nformation Requirements :



nterviewing: Preferred because:

^ Two- way communication including body language
^ Stimulates enthusiasm
^ Establishing trust between user & S.
^ Different or opposing ideas can be expressed.
^ naccurate
^ Not clear

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() #&)$

Analyst prepares alternative systems and decides which to propose by doing

COST/BENEFT analysis.

%&* ')%)

The structured sequence of operation required imaging developing and
Making operational a new information system it¶s a cycle because the
System will need replacement and
Development, cycle will begin.


J System Analysis
2 System design
3 System Testing

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Reg. No:- 503478

c'£ +,  

^ n the current system data related to banking is maintained by writing
it on to various registers.
^ Registers may lost or damage.
^ Any unauthorized person can access confidential data.
^ Any information cannot be easily e\searched.
^ Each A/C and customer is assigned a unique code. Whenever a new
book or member is added then librarian has to search whether that
code is previously existing or not.
^ When a particular A/c is to be modified for one or more fields the user
can be modified.
^ There is time wastage in data accessing, data entry and while data
retrieving from the banking register.

£ , 


^ Any information can be easily searched.
^ All records of A/c`s and customer are stored in separate files. Which
^ Are maintained constantly update by system.
^ Particular A/c information can be modified.
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Reg. No:- 503478

^ A particular customer record can be modified for one or more field¶s

customer name, address by providing A/c number.
^ A customer record can be easily deleted by providing A/c number.
^ The proposed system provides faster data access, data entry and
^ The proposed system is more efficient, fast, reliable, user friendly.
^ Over and above the proposed system does not have any possibility of
data loss during processing.

£ c' , 

Depending on the result of the initial investigation the survey was expanded to a more
detailed feasibility study.

Feasibility is the process of defining exactly what is and what strategic issue needs to be
considered to access its feasibility, or likelihood of succeeding. Feasibility studies are
useful both when starting a new business and identifying a new opportunity for an
existing business.

Feasibility study is a test of a system proposal according to its workability and impact on
the organization, ability to meet user needs and effective use of resources.

The feasibility study conducted for this project mainly gives answer to these


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Reg. No:- 503478

The were three key consideration involved in this feasibility analysis each consideration
has reviewed to depict how it relates to the system effort.
They are as follows!-
J. Economic feasibility
2. Technical feasibility
3. Operational feasibility

.   £ c' 

Economic analysis is the most frequently used technique for evaluating the effectiveness
of a proposed system. More commonly known s cost/benefit
Analysis in this procedure we determine the benefits and saving that are
Expected in this procedure we determine the benefits and saving that are expected from
the proposed system and compare the cost; we take a decision and implement the new
proposed system.

The manual efforts involved in maintaining the A/c and customer information, the
withdrawal, the deposit and balance calculation, is tremendous. This is so because the
volume of information to be handled is tremendous. Maintaining the records of these
many customers is not easy and the manpower involved is great. With the help of
computers it is very easy to maintain the detail of book and library and to keep track of
available books.

n case of computerization, the cost involvement is not very high. As it is used to be

about 5-7 years back. All banking management needs initially is a desktop computer, a
printer and a UPS to maintain continuous supply of electricity.

A single operator can handle many queries. On an average, it should not take more J0-J5
minutes to enter the information of a customer.
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Reg. No:- 503478

As part of the feasibility study, an estimate is made whether the identified user needs may
be satisfied using the current software and hardware. This study decides that whether or
not the proposed system will be cost effective from a business point of view.

n this case, user has one head clerk who does all the work. So the one clerk has maintain
records regarding new A/c and deletion of A/c addition and deletion of customer, balance
amount etc.

Since the volume of information to be handled by a single person is tremendous. An

analysis of the various alternatives suggested by the software development team follows
in subsequent pages.

& *$$&$!-

J. The system will be platform independent and there will be no need is

for purchasing other very expensive software. The visual basic 6.0
&sql plus are easily and freely available and is compatible with most
of the computers. The system can be upgraded and maintained easily
to keep in tune with specific needs of the customer. The memory
required by this software will not be much, so we won¶t have to
upgrade the present system (computer).
2. The last alternatives suggested by the software development team are
the cheapest possible one . Since the Banking already has a computer
the only major expenditure signaled out. The software is text based so
no formal training will have to be imparted. The compiler is freely
available. The only expenditure that needs to be done is money cost of
software team.

Anuj Singh Chauhan Page: JJ

Reg. No:- 503478


From the above analysis, the development team suggested that the Banking management
should decide to implement the fourth alternative. i.e. that of developing a new software
system using visual basic 6.0 and sql plus.
The system will be developed using visual basic 6.0The programming language is
sqlplus.Thus without much of an expenditure the bank will get the perfect software
according to their needs.
The system will be very easy to understand and implement. The management can ask the
team for specific reports to be generated and can also decide on the kinds of interface that
it needs.


ƒ The software can be made exactly as per the needs of the management.
ƒ No specific training is required to use the software. The use just has to
enter the fields according to requirements.
ƒ Besides, a graphical user interface (GU) will be much more
demanding on memory.
ƒ No overburdening of work for µclerk¶ since most of the work will be
performed by the system by the system itself.
ƒ And lastly, the cost of development is very less compared to other


The followings plan was made for the development of the software:-
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Reg. No:- 503478

ƒ First a prototype was developed and used to know more about the requirements of
the baking management.
ƒ The compiler was then installed which is easily available.
ƒ The acquired software can be used to execute the up gradation plans of the library
over the next five years.
ƒ Since c++ language is used to design the interface. Thus interface can be designed
exactly as per the requirements.

This is concerned with specifying equipment and software that will successfully satisfy
the user requirement. The technical needs of the system may vary considerably, but might

- The facility to produce outputs in a given time
- Response time under certain conditions.
- Ability to process a certain volume of transaction at a particular speed.
- Facility to communicate data to distant location.

After examining technical feasibility, we give more importance to the configuration of

the system than the actual make of hardware. The configuration gives the complete
picture about the system¶s requirements:
Ten to twelve workstations are required, these units should be interconnected through
LAN so that they could operate and communicate smoothly. They should have enough
speeds of input and output to achieve a particular quality of printing.

0 $$£$&%
t is mainly related to human organizational and political aspects. The points to be
considered are:
Anuj Singh Chauhan Page: J3
Reg. No:- 503478

- What changes will be brought with the system?

- What organizational structures are distributed?
- What new skills will be required? Do the existing staff members have theses skills?
- f not, can they be trained in due course of time?

Generally project will not be rejected simply because of operational infeasibility but such
considerations are likely to critically affect the nature and scope of the eventual

For operational feasibility study we appointed a small group of people who are familiar
with information system techniques, who understand the parts of the business that are
relevant to the project and are skilled in system analysis and design process.

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Reg. No:- 503478

1  £ '' '

V V 









V  V


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Reg. No:- 503478


The hardware used by the programmer for developing our project named ³Fast food
management system´ is as follows:-
i. Pentium 4 computer -700 mhz
ii. Motherboard ±ntel chipset 800
iii. Hard disk capacity -5 GB
iv. RAM ± 256 MB
v. Monitors ± Color monitor with GA card having a resolution 640 X 480

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Reg. No:- 503478

  '  +



$,& ++ $*&

$%$! &

V  V

  £' 1  
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Reg. No:- 503478

2 '3'  4  



Grant access

Request for a/c details  Reports

Queries  Request for access

Request for member details c 

Grant super
User access V


Anuj Singh Chauhan Page: J8

Reg. No:- 503478


V Request for a/c info.





Anuj Singh Chauhan Page: J9

Reg. No:- 503478








7 6 5 4
V8V V V /


Anuj Singh Chauhan Page: 20

Reg. No:- 503478










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Reg. No:- 503478

'£   ,








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5#7#7#7#7 5#7#7#7#6

V. V..1


Save transaction in the file


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Reg. No:- 503478

1  ,


4#7#7 4#7#6 5#7#7#7#6 4#7#4

 VV V..  



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Reg. No:- 503478

6  ,


V .

3#7#7 3#7#6 3#7#5

   V 1


3##7#7 3#7#6#7



3#7#7#7#7 3#7#7#7#6 3#7#6#7#7




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2#7#7 . 

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Reg. No:- 503478

 ,, + 






 V V  . 

#7 7#5 7#3 7#2

 V7#6 /

 7#6 7#4

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Anuj Singh Chauhan
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Reg. No:- 503478


V   .


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V /./

7#5#7#7 7#5#7#6#6

V. .1 V. .1

7#5#7#7#7 7#5#7#7#6 7#5#7#6#6 7#5#7#6#6

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  - V  

 VV 7#4#5 V

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   V 1

7#3#7 7#3#6 7#3#5


7#3#7#7 7#3#6#7


7#3#7#7#7 VV  

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7#2#5 7#2#4

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Reg. No:- 503478

3$$$ $$%  8 $

Acc no nteger variable 2 Account no
Name Array of char 30 Name of the customer
Address Array of char 60 Add of the customer
Balance Float variable J balance

Size- number of Bytes allocated to ariable.

3$$$ $$%  8 $&

Acc no nteger variable 2 Account number
Type Character variable J0 Type of the withdrawal
dd ,mmm ,yy nteger variable 2 Date
Tran Character array J Deposit or withdrawal
nterest Float variable 2 nterest
Amount Float variable 2 Amount
Balance Float variable 2 Balance

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Reg. No:- 503478

8:- Number of bytes allocated to variable.


A crucial phase in the system life cycle is the successful implementation of the new system
design. mplementation simply means converting a new system design into operation. This
involves creating computer compatible files, training the operating staff and installing hardware
terminals, and telecommunication network before the system is up and running.

n system implementation, user training is crucial for minimizing resistance to change and giving
the new system a chance to prove its worth. Training aids such as user-friendly manuals, a data
dictionary and job performance aids that communicate information about the new system and
help screens. Provide the user with a good start on the new system.

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,  , '

^ nstallation
^ How to use

&$$!- Banking project can easily be installed on to your system.

To install do the following steps

J. nsert floppy disk into floppy drive.

2.  %9
()9 from there and paste it to C Drive.
3. A file banking.exe is present in Project folder.

Now Banking project has installed onto your system.

To use banking project #)): on banking.exe.



f you want to show an information pertaining to account then enter the account no.


^ f you want to add an information pertaining to customer then choose 4th option

1 ; and then enter ,  £   .

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^ f you want to modify an information pertaining to customer then choose the 5th option 
 , and then choose Jst option & enter modify ,  £   .
^ f you want to delete an information pertaining to customer then choose the 5th option 
 , and then choose 2nd option & delete ,  £   .


^ f you want to deposit/withdraw amount(cash/cheque) choose the 3rd option

    and then make a transaction.

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Reg. No:- 503478