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Sample Police Officer Resume

John T. Policeman Chief of Police / Law Enforcement Officer

123 Main Boulevard
Your City, NY 10000

Education and Training

University of Pittsburg - 1997

Bachelors of Arts – Criminal Law

Law Enforcement Academy Graduate - 1999

Field Training Program
Plainfield, Indiana

Law Enforcement Skills / Knowledge

• Criminal Law • Traffic Law

• Human Behavior • Accident Investigation
• Domestic Violence Investigation • Crime Prevention
• Evidence Collection • Vehicle Operation
• Firearms • Community Policing
• Defensive Tactics • Hazardous Material Response

Career Achievements

• Elected as Area Representative to the State Police Association in 2002. In 2004

elected as state representative to National Police Association.
• Founding member of Sober – a community supported organization dealing with the
personal tragedies associated with drinking and driving.
• Acting project manager for the integration of GIS and 911 into existing emergency
telephone network at the municipal and county level.

Law Enforcement / Career Experience

Westwood Police Department, Westwood, NY 10/2002 – present

Maintained computer applications and geographic systems for Westwood Police
Department including those used for fingerprinting, crime pattern analysis and traffic
safety. Departmental speaker to local community organizations explaining programs
dealing with drug abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol and petty theft among
juveniles. Directly responsible for the supervision and the training of three junior officers
in the skills areas of crime prevention and evidence collection. Elected and served as
departmental representative to municipal and county Hazardous Materials team.

Bridgewater Police Department, Bridgewater, NY 11/1997 – 10/2002

Traffic Officer
Responsible for maintaining township strategy and the analysis of traffic patterns during
the morning rush hour. Considered the department expert in traffic law as it was applied
to local street construction. Maintained manpower / beat time allocation and scheduling
for traffic control department and meter minders. Obtained three grants from the New
York Traffic Safety Commission in order to study and report findings on ideal traffic
patterns in suburban environments.

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