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Comic Strip Rubric

Name:. _

4. Distinguished 3. Proficient 2. Apprentice 1. Novice I

NEATNESS/CLARITY: Comic strip is easy to Comic strip is easy to Comic strip is Comic strip is hard to
read and all elements read and most somewhat easy to read and/or few
are clearly written elements are clearly read and some elements are clearly
and drawn. written and drawn. elements are clearly written or drawn.
written and drawn.

MECHANICS: There are no errors There are few There are some There are many
in spelling, spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation
punctuation or or grammar errors or grammar errors and/or grammar
grammar. and these do not evident. errors.
interfere with i
meaning. ,

STORY/PLANNING: The comic has a The comic has The comic has a The comic has little i

logical sequence of somewhat of a weak sequence of sequence of events,

events, with a sequence of events, events, and/or is or evidence of plan,
definite plan, and a and plan, and has a missing a beginning, and/or is missing a
beginning, middle beginning, middle or middle or end. beginning, middle or
and end. and end. end.

REQUIRED The comic is colorful, Comic mostly Some color used, ~ittle color used.
ELEMENTS: has landscape and colored, has landscape and props Landscape and props
props that relate to landscape and props relate to characters are not present, or
the action, has a title that relate to the in one frame, title, do not make
and author's name action in most and/or author's sense.Title and/or
prominently frames, and title and name is missing. author's name is
displayed. author's name are missing.

EFFORT/USE OF Student used time Student used time Student used time Student wasted class
TIME: wisely and displayed wisely most of the wisely some of the time and displayed
good effort. time and displayed time and displayed little to no effort.
effort. tittle effort.

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