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Management information system of PTCL


Table of contents
Introduction of ptcl ========================================================= 2

Information systems======================================================== 4

PTCL information systems=================================================== 4

Old telegraph system======================================================= 5

Computerized fault management system======================================== 5

Advantages of Computerized fault management system============================= 6

Disadvantages of Computerized fault management system=========================== 7

B&CC System (Business and Customer Care System=============================== 7

Advantages of B&CC====================================================== 10

Disadvantages of B&CC===================================================10

Partial office automation system=============================================== 11

Human resource management information system===========================11

Information system problems and their solutions ============================12

Conclusion ===============================================-======== 16

Management information system of PTCL


Introduction of PTCL

1947-1962 is the era of development of Posts and Telegraph

department and in this era PTCL becomes the major player of
telecommunication sector in Pakistan, which is run by the Government,
and in 1991 Government announced to privatize the PTCL. In 1995
PTCL recognized as the backbone of Telecom industry in the Pakistan.

With the advancement of technology PTCL launched its mobile data

services by name of UFONE. In the middle of 2005 company decided to
sell its 26% share to the private agency. By this privatization certain
changes involved in PTCL, which are as, follow

 VSS (Voluntary Separation Schemes for its Employees)

Management information system of PTCL

 Use of different operational and customer care softwares like

 Change in Logo of PTCL

After privatization their main focus is on productivity and customer


Currently PTCL is involved in following operations

 `Voice and Communication

 Broadband

 IPTV Services

 Vfone

 Pak internet Exchange

 Satellite Communication

There are seven different types of switching technologies currently

operated in PTCL network, which are

 Alcatel

 Siemens


 Ericson

 Hawaii

 J.S Telecom

Management information system of PTCL



With these technologies PTCL running its e network and providing

different communication facilities to its customers.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued 25 years licensed

to PTCL for telecom services all over in Pakistan.

PTCL is the largest telecommunication industry in Pakistan. PTCL is all

set to redefine the established boundaries of the telecommunication
market and is shifting the productivity frontier to new heights.

Information Systems
In organization different kind of levels are involved in management, there are
different information systems at different level of organization. One information
system cannot provide all the information that’s why all departments coordinated
with each other and jointly made a management information system for whole

PTCL information systems

Following are the information systems involved in PTCL.

 OLD Telegraph System

Management information system of PTCL

 Computerized Fault Management System

 B&CC (Business and Customer Care System) 2011

 Partial Office Automation System

 Human Resource Management Information System

. PTCL is divided into two stages (1) strategic, management, knowledge and
operational level (2) functional areas such as sales and marketing, manufacturing
finance, accounting and human resource

Old Telegraph System

Old Telegraph system has been terminated by the PTCL now because of various
recommendations. PTCL is improving and modernizing the system to meet the
requirements of the 21st century because in delivering Telegrams by post it takes
three to four days.

Management information system of PTCL

Computerized Fault Management System

CFMS stand for Computerized Fault Management System, which is used at
operational level in PTCL. This system of PTCL helped in improving the network 2011

& is being used to register & rectify Land Line Faults in a computerized way. This
fault management system contains activating notification software that allows a
human to take proper intervention. This system was working in few cities but now
it is available all over Pakistan. In this system when customer calls to PTCL at
1218 for complaints it registers there complaint and then this system track the
faults and complaints for a particular user and sent notification alert for
solutionthensystem itself calls back to the customer to know whether the
customer problem has been solved and has the customer been satisfied or not.

Management information system of PTCL

Advantages of Computerized Fault Management System

Following are the advantages of using computerized Fault management System.
 Provide Costumer’s feedback to top management regarding their

 Track the faults and complaints.

 Focus on Customer Satisfaction.

 Help Managers to understand difficulties of customers regarding problem


 When a problem of a customer is not solved then a message is sent on

the mobile of senior management by system.

Disadvantage of Computerized Fault Management System

Following are the disadvantages of this system that we found during our analysis.

 Security Threats because there is no proper security available for this


 No immediate backup for failure of this system

 This system is not able to automatically take action, either launching a

program or script to take corrective action.

Management information system of PTCL


B&CC System (Business and Customer Care System)

The whole network of PTCL only one software name B&CC (Business &
customer care System) is used and which is cost approximately 3 Arab rupees.
This system is operated at all three levels of PTCL, which are operational, Middle
level, Top Management. This system includes the following functions

 Franchise and Payphone Management

 Costumer Information

 Product Information

 Sales Management

 Order Entry

 Order Management

 Resource Management

Every employee in PTCL has an access to this software but options are limited
according to the authority of each employee. For example if an operational level
login his username and password then the options regarding his job appear on
screen and if top manager login his username and password then the options for
his purpose appear on the screen. The decision to grant installment in the bill to
customer is made by lower level supervisors according to predefined criteria.

Franchise and Payphone Management and Costumer Information

These two functions involve bill payment and customer account information.
PTCL employees just hit the phone number of customer and all the detail

Management information system of PTCL

regarding billing and accounts appear on the screen. These functions include the
following things
 Costumer Name

 Customer Address


 Payment Code

 Payment Name

 Payment Mode

 Payment Type

Product Information
Product information involves the details about the product, which has been used
by the customer. For example it tells either a customer has used a PTSN or any
other differentiated product. It has tabs of Product code, Product type, Product
Status and Bill Status.

Sales Management
Sales management function of B&CC tells about the daily sales transactions and
track elementary activities and transactions of the organization. It includes sales
dialogs, customer experience about the sales and sales information about walk-
in queries and existing customers.

Order Entry and Order Management

These two functions include the details about new order and any change in
existing packages. Its process depends upon three phases

 Accepting (New Orders or New Package)

Management information system of PTCL

 Handling (Processing)

 Completed (Completion of Process) 2011

Resource Management
Resource Manager involves the computerize tracking of receipts, cash, deposits,
payroll and store information for their materials like cables, telephone sets etc.

Advantages of B&CC

B&CC used for all three levels of Management which made it a sole information
system of the Organization

 Immediately can track the data about the customer, which made billing
and other process quiet easy.

 Describe about the new orders and packages conversation of customer to

their respective department.

Management information system of PTCL

 Purpose of B&CC is to control, monitor and manage the entire PTCL

network and to enhance and optimize Network Management through a
transparent and centralized platform. 2011

 Increase network availability through Enhanced Quality of Service and

centralized performance statistics and reporting mechanism.

 It provides the description about the resource used by organization and

help managers to managing the resources.

Disadvantages of B&CC System

Following are the disadvantages of B&CC, which we have found during our

 Much complicated software for operational level employees because

these employees are not well educated and trained.

 Chances of Identity theft in this system.

 Breakdown of this system can be the breakdown of the whole network of


 Decision-making through this system is slow, which leads to the lack of


 Difficulty for Top Managers to take decision via this system because it is
not easy as compare to ESS or DSS.

Partial Office Automation System

PTCL also implement partial office automation system, which is based on
database. It includes only two following things

 Word Processor

 Desktop Publishing

Office automation systems (OAS) are configurations of networked computer

hardware and software. A variety of office automation systems are now applied

Management information system of PTCL

to business and communication functions that used to be performed manually or

in multiple locations of a company, such as preparing written communications
and strategic planning. In addition to this, functions that once required 2011

coordinating the expertise of outside specialists in typesetting, printing, or

electronic recording can now be integrated into the everyday work of an
organization, saving both time and money .If PTCL implement fully OAS in their
organization then they can improve their performance.

Human Resource Management Information System

PTCL is also focusing on HR Management and Development; PTCL introduced

the “HR online Hiring Management System”. Appropriate changes have been
made in HRM such as to establishment of Human Resource Management
Information System (HRMIS). Recruitment process and system has been
adequately revamped by adopting appropriate HR practices. Professional
development of employees, especially the middle management, is being
ensured. Training courses for employees have been redesigned. A special
emphasis is being laid on the inculcation of sense of responsibility and politeness
in the minds of employees, especially the lower management and staff. Training
institutes of PTCL i.e. Telecom Staff College, Regional Telecom Training Schools
and Divisional telecom Training Centers is also being revamped to cope up with
the changing trends in technical and managerial training. PTCL’s engineers and
professionals are also being continuously sent abroad for various training
courses to keep them abreast with the latest technology and management skills.

Management information system of PTCL



The whole network of PTCL only one software name B&CC (Business &
customer care System) is used and which is cost approximately 3 Arab rupees.
This system is operated at all three levels of PTCL, which are operational, Middle
level, Top Management.

There are number of problems faced by PTCL, which are:-

Wrong Entry It is a common problem faced by PTCL.A Computer Operator

mistakenly enters wrong information about the customer.e.g Customer name
spelling,address etc so it is then corrected manually in B&CC Software.Below is
the picture where computer operator enters data into customer account.

Management information system of PTCL

The wrong data which is mistakenly entered by a computer operator is
manually corrected by him,but i think that there should be a reverse button in
B&CC Software so incase if there is a wrong entry by a computer operator then it
should be undo by just one click in order to save time.

Un-user friendly IS

The Whole B&CC IS & the SAP Database is very un-user

friendly especially for a new user.It takes alot of time for a new user to fully
understand the B&CC software due to which time is wasted & organization faces
difficulties in dealing with the customer.

Below are the pictures of SAP Database & B&CC used by PTCL.

Management information system of PTCL


As the SAP database & the B&CC Software is very expensive & is
already in action throughout the organization so if the new employee comes to 2011
the organization then proper training must be given to him/her by Trainners so
that they can use SAP Database & B&CC Software easily & quickly.

Hardware Problem

It is the major problem in PTCL organization.Some times a

part of hardware malfunctions inside an organization or of the customer, so the
customer faces difficulties in using their service.It is noted & corrected through
Complaint Management Service application. Below is the screen shot of
hardware used by ptcl &Complaint and management information system

Management information system of PTCL



As the organization faces number of hardware problems inside the

organization as well as the hardware of customers,so proper IS must be installed
in order to deal with hardware errors.They simply use Complaint Supervisor
Interface in order to deal with hardware problems which is simply a complaint
section & when the customer complaints about an error so they feed it into the
Complaint Superviser Interface software & then correct it.They must use proper
software for it so that it automatically detects hardware error.

Management Information system can play a vital role in building infrastructure of
telecommunication in Pakistan. There is need to realize the importance of
management information system in mind of PTCL’s employees and to train them
according to emerging technologies in the world. There is need of improvement
like at operational level PTCL is using partially OAS (Office automation system);
the use word processing is in a limit, because PTCL ground level labors are not
educated as well as supervisor level employees. At managers level they have a
system that track all the transaction of the system like fault every supervisor have
an account and they have records so they use this record to remove faults and

Management information system of PTCL

complains. At strategic level Managers should use ESS (Executive Support

System) so that they can plan easily and take decisions