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It is unknown when John Webster lived but he worked from 1580 to 1634.
Hes father called John Webster was married 17 years
old Sara Peniall on 18 March 1606 had their first son, born just two months
after the wedding, and the child was baptized as John, at the church of
StDunstan-in-the-West on the 8th May
1606. Appropriations from a neighbor'sTestament indicates that the
playwright John Webster also had
several children.There are allegations that he was part of the
upper middle class.

His most famous work is the white devil and The Duchess of Malfi and is two of
the best master peace in the 1600 sentry. John Webster began to write for the
theater and the Phillip Henslowe, and the first time Webster was mentioned as
a writer was in 1602. Webster͛s first work that we now today originates from
1604 and is an adaptation of John Marston͛s peace ͞The Malcontent͟.

Despite his ability to write comedy, Webster is best known for his tragedies the
white Devil, a retelling of intrique around the beautiful Italian women, Vittoria
Accoramboni, and the events that led to her dramatic death. The play was a
failure when it was set up at the redbull theatre in 1612, because it was too
unusual and intellectual for its audience.

While Webster͛s work was largely overlooked in 1700 - 1800͛s, there are
several modernist critics in the 1900͛s that have shown greater enthusiasm for
The Devil and The Duchess of Malfi, and is now considered to be brilliant works
with poetic quality.


The themes of the play are misuse of power, revenge, the statue of women and
the consequences, when women attempt to assert their authority in a
patriarchal society. The play beg ins as a love story, with a Duchess who is
getting married with a person witch are beneath her class . But unfortunately it
ends up just like a nightmarish tragedy when her two brother exact their
revenge, and destroys themselves in the process.

Webster have several times collaborated with Thomas Middleton and he made
the famous peace ͞Anything for a Quiet life͟, Webster͛s has also made
͞ A cure for Cuckold͟ ( 1624) with William Rowley .